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July 10, 2018

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How hot is it in Dallas? Well, it is July but that’s not the focus. It’s hot in DFW because there’s so much talent in the market. And now another amazing creative is headed to DFW…to NBC there to be exact. What happens in Vegas is not staying there…DAVID ISBELL is  taking leave of his Senior Promo producer slot at Vegas’ KLAS to be part of the Big D media world. He did promo at KSNV as well. He’ll be joining GARY WANN’S team and be reuniting with former KLAS creative alum, former Art Director ASHISH BANTHIA. The IsBell family will love their new city. Thanks to former KLAS CSD HENRY VAZQUEZ for filling us in. How about a Texas-sized Well Dunne! David.

Think About This:  “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James

February 1, 2016

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Let’s start February with an apology going out to KLAS CSD HENRY VAZQUEZ, whose name I have accidently misspelled not once, not twice….yeah, red face on this side of the net. It won’t happen again, which is good because Mr. Vazquez shared a change and deserves all the kudos associated with that.  It’s not really good news for KLAS, but it’s great news for ASHISH BANTHIA, who is headed to Dallas Fort Worth to be Brand Design Manager for NBC’s KXAS. Creative Head Honcho GARY WANN in DFW created the job for the Kolkata, India native, thus proving that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Ashish has an MFA in Computer Arts from Memphis College of Art and got his first TV job in Memphis as a Graphic Designer at WREG, working with LES POLLARD. Next stop for Ashish was the Norfolk market and a Design Director slot at WAVY/WVBT. The one and only LEE MINARD lured him west to KLAS where he’s been highlighting his art to the delight of everyone. Yes, people actually groaned when Ashish announced he’d be leaving – but everyone is happy for him and his fam. Big Well Dunne! Ashish. 

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Best wishes to WSAV’s CSD DAN FLAXER who popped the question this week…and of course the answer was ‘yes!’. Put him on the ‘His Heart is Taken’ list. Savannah is such a romantic town…

Think About This:  “Creativity is intelligence having fun…”  ~ Albert Einstein

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