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February 26, 2010

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Victoria, TX is a very pretty Texas town where living is good and the plethora of shopping offered in  Houston is not that far away. It’s also the location for MARK WATSON’s new job heading up the promotions for ABC affiliate, KAVU. A native of San Diego, Mark moves to Victoria from San Antonio (Ole!) where he was teaching TV production and going to the best Mexican food restaurant in the US – La Fonda on Main. Mr. W has also been busy doing creative work for American Forces Radio and Television Service. KAVU, btw, uses Well Dunne! Talent’s BEN BLANKENSHIP. Well Dunne! Mark.

Think your TV website is the “go to” choice for local news? Think again.

Anybody else find this Bloomberg headline a little, well, in need of rewriting: “Disney Uses Comics, Games To Capture Boys”  ??

Think About This: "But sometimes, unexpectedly, a quiet moment finds us and we drop down intothe life we have beneath all the rushing and the trying and the endless daily details, sinking into the fertile soil of the sometimes neglected inner life, where the seeds of remembering what matters are planted. What comes from that place when we give it half a chance flowers in our lives and the world, creating unexpected changes in the direction of our journey and offering unanticipated blessings to us and those around us." ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer