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May 26, 2010

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Just about a month ago. Super Station Manager, News Director and all round great guy HOLLIS GRIZZARD promoted SERGIO RODRIGUEZ to the Marketing and Promotion Manager slot at El Paso’s KDBC/KTSM, the NBC/CBS combo respectively. Sergio is a Texan, who was born and raised in El Paso and even graduated from UTEP. Before his promotion, he was editing and producing. Know why he’s particularly lucky, other than he doesn’t have to pack and unpack? Because Hollis gets it when it comes to promotion. And he isn’t afraid to do things off the beaten path. Well Dunne! Sergio.

Looking for a job? Here are some good tips on new media usage, specifically Twitter, for you.

Speaking of jobs, this is what is available as of today (that I know of – if you know of more, share)
CSD slots at KMOV in St. Louis, KDVR in Denver, KLRT in Little Rock, WDSU in New Orleans,  WAWS in Jacksonville, and WFTS in Tampa. Promo Manager slots are open in WXLV Winston Salem, NC, KPRC in Houston and KLTV/KTRE in Tyler, TX.

FLASH – Disney is going to sign off SoapNet, and in its place put on Disney Jr for the little tiny kids. Lots of jobs will either be switching all together or the promo folks at SoapNet are on the street…wow. More bad news for LA entertainment jobs.

Baby, check out the rating for Betty White on SNL. Now, ask yourself…why aren’t more Over 40 folks from TV not ON TV?

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May 12, 2010

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Ahhh, this makes one blush. CHUCK SPRUILL got his new job via this very blog. Chuck is going to Belo’s ABC affil in Norfolk, WVEC come June 7. He learned about the opening when he read that CLYDE BECKER was going to The Reelz Channel. The rest, as they say, is the beginning of a new chapter of history. It’s a homecoming for Chuck, actually. He was born in Norfolk and then moved just south to NC. He’ll be closer to his family now, as well as outstanding seafood and lots of bridges. A grad of East Carolina in Greenville, Chuck literally stumbled into the TV studio there and knew instantly he had found his calling. That was 25 years ago, and he still loves the tube. Since leaving WBTW in the fall of 2007, Chuck has run cs3media…creating ads/marketing plans/branding for small businesses and non-profits. Prior to WBTW, Mr. S 5 years as the creative director with a local ad agency, and before that spent 9 years with ABC affiliate WPDE. He’s worked for CBS affil WNCT – his first job in the biz. Well Dunne! Chuck.

BETTY WHITE is the hottest mama out there right now, and well deserved. She rocked SNL and drew in the numbers, leading to the possibility of CAROL BURNETT doing a host turn for them. Loving it. Betty, btw, is guesting on Leno tonight. I hope he asks her what vitamins she’s taking.

Loving the new Snapple spots featuring the trio of Pandas. And the lines! OMG so good!
Sales guy to Pandas: Are you familiar with tea?
Panda: Hello, we’re from China. We know tea.

It’s outta control! And it can ruin your TV viewing experience, no matter what platform you’re choosing.

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April 14, 2010

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PROMAX announced some of the great speakers coming up for the June conference. So glad to see JOHN MILLER of NBC on the list. He’s the most entertaining and interesting presenter. And for those who need an extra reminder, LEE HUNT always blows you away. For the list, click here. http://prod.promaxbda.org/conference/speakers.aspx

Job Alert.  NATPE is looking for a Marketing Assistant. Temp part time… in LA. Info here

Not one of the 88,000 at NAB? Then you missed the session Ad Impressions No Longer Impress. Read about it here.

Hey you graphics and art folks. The Communications Arts Design competition has kicked off. Details here.

We love Betty White. And it’s with great fanfare that Pink’s Hot Dogs, an LA food tradition, is naming a new dog after her when they open their first Valley locale. Read about what makes a Betty dog a Betty dog here.

April 15, take in an empty travel  mug and Starbucks will fill it up – for free! Yep. Cool.

Quick reminder. KATE BACON is the author of the Well Dunne! blog. There’s been some confusion and I want to get you sorted out. Carry on.

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Wednesday February 10, 2010

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Trading tacos for coffee is MATT LAWS, named the new head of creative at Seattle’s KIRO TV. Matt is saying adios to San Antonio, where he had been heading the marketing for Newport’s WOAI, the  NBC affil on the lovely Riverwalk. He heads to the COX  owned CBS affil, which marks the first time Matt has worked with The Eye Net. He’s earned his stripes at WLWT in Cincy, KOCO in Oklahoma City, and WUPW in Toledo. You’ll love working near the water, Matt. He’ll no doubt miss San Antonio’s famous Fiesta, set for April. But his successor will have the best party in the world to look forward to, and great parking to boot. Well Dunne! Matt. Keep in touch.

MTV has a new logo. More flexible is the reason for the change after 28 years. Read all about it here.

Know which of the SuperBowl ads were the most liked? Same as the most recalled.? Check it out. PS – Betty White is the hottest thing in Hollywood. Well Dunne!

Here’s a great story, on a very local level, of how one Toyota dealer is thinking of his clients amidst the huge recall. Marketing is really so simple if you just think about what the client wants.

Today, JOHN FALLON DUNNE would have turned 90. Sure do miss his take on life.

Think About This: "The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?" ~ J. B. Priestley