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April 12, 2017

Apr 11, 2017 by     Comments Off on April 12, 2017    Posted under: Featured

There is nothing better than sharing the excitement and happiness that goes with new jobs, new positions, new family, new towns, new beginnings. And there is nothing that hurts as much as writing about the loss of someone who was gifted with humor, artful talent, music, kindness and energy. Someone who was a friend…who shared the highs and lows of life via the internet and phone calls. Someone who had been counted out more than once, and always arose from the canvas, victorious and wiser to, as the Brits say, carry on. A brave man left us last week. BLAIR PAINE passed away in Nashville, Tennessee and left behind a legion of people who he worked with, helped along, and loved. Family, friends…gathered to say goodbye. Blair was a transplant success story and loved sharing how that process worked, and how he came out to live more days fully. He loved writing and making spots…commercials and promos. He was CSD at WTVQ in Lexington, WSMV in Nashville and WBKO in Bowling Green. He freelanced but always hoped the cruel hiring processes in TV would see all his talent and not his health issues. He struggled because his talents never left him and the hope he could again do what he loved, and take care of things, never really came about. The truth is, we can be kinder. We can be gentler. We can mourn the loss and wish we had done more for this wonderful man. We are, after all, just walking each other home.