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Bob Magruder

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There are people here on the planet that are special, and the fact they touch your life is a miracle, indeed. One of those people was BOB MAGRUDER, who was the best voice you ever heard – and you heard him ALL the time on everything from syndicated TV series to national commercials…even saw him as an MD on the series Dallas. If you lived in Big D, he did a lot of theatre and was marvelous every time. He was also hands down the best boss ever. My second boss and the one that taught me more than how to use the word ‘peruse’, which was one of this favorites. Bob was generous in his patience and understanding. He spent time explaining and teaching, happily. I use what he taught every day. He never said an unkind word or any word to me in an unkind way. I would have done anything for him. We laughed a lot. He always thought my writing a check for twenty-five cents to get off the Tollway (in his Jaguar btw) was too funny. He taught me all about the media brokerage business – how to buy and sell radio and TV stations. He taught me about voice gigs and how to keep him on his busy schedules. He and his beautiful wife Patsy would invite me to their parties, where I met movie stars, oil men, Dallas actors, artists and good ol’ Lake Highlands neighbors. All so glittery and so normal. He was handsome and I was proud he was not only my friend, but a mentor. He believed in me and always encouraged me. His advice was golden – he was right every time. Bob was one of the first people to be part of Well Dunne! and that made me happier than I can express. Bob was a gentleman, a major talent, a loving father, an exciting husband, a caring friend.  It breaks my heart that he has left us.


January 29, 2010

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What great news out of Florida. ROB VENUSTI has the greatest job. He’s Director of Marketing and Creative Services at FOX Sports Florida and Sun Sports. Yeah, that’s perfect…sun, palm trees and sports. He’s in Ft. Lauderdale, but also spends time at the operation in Orlando. Cool. Rob is no stranger to Florida…he spent time as CSD at WBZL (now WSFL) down in Hollywood, FL. He comes to this new gig after being CSD and Brand Marketing at Fox affil KWGN in Denver. Well Dunne! Rob. So glad to hear you’re happy.

YES indeed..that was Well Dunne! Talent’s beloved BOB MAGRUDER on last night’s episode of The Deep End. As usual, he was a pleasure on the eyes and on the ears. No kidding…if you want a voice that exudes TRUST better than anybody else…then you need Bob. Btw, he had a blast working with Billy Zane and the lovely Nicol Ari Parker.

PROMAX Prez JONATHAN BLOCK VORK weighs in on Super Bowl network promos. Click here.

Thank heavens the folks at Bush Beer came to their senses. The Clydesdales WILL be part of their Super Bowl ad plans. And they’re debuting the spot on the Budweiser Facebook page. Give it a look see.

Think About This:   “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” ~  Arthur Schopenhauer (with a big thanks to STAN MELTON JR for pointing out the quote)