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August 1, 2018

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At the behest of the one and only BONNIE BARCLAY, who knows  more about marketing than most of us can ever pick up….a retelling of an event that shaped a great company and should be at the heart of them all:  

My dad told me how to run a company…back when I was a teenager he took me to his office on a Sunday afternoon. He was a partner in a large general contracting firm. The whole back lot was full of massive equipment, and even a paving machine (they owned one of the first in the country). He asked what I saw and I said “your company”.  He put his pipe back in his mouth and said “come inside”. Once there, on the floor where he had the corner office, he asked what I saw again, and I saw desks and offices and typewriters…none of which was the right answer. He said “every chair you see…each one…that’s where people sit. Everything else is just hardware. It’s people that make this work and without them, all you have is a lot of junk nobody knows how to use.”

Well Dunne! John Dunne. So glad you aren’t alive today because what is happening would kill you.

Job Alert – Digital Promo Producer WXIN Indianapolis

Think About This: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”  ~  Steve Jobs

February 17, 2018

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What? A weekend edition of Well Dunne!?  Why not. Because it’s for a great documentary done by a very important man….and its a great way to spend your time. If you can’t catch it, then record it for later. But check out Memphis: Facing the Cross which is the story of Andrew Young’s revisiting Memphis and the Lorraine Motel where he witnessed the assasination of Martin Luther King, Jr…his friend and mentor.  Google Andrew Young if you don’t know who he is. There might be a quiz…

Here’s the cities, stations and times you have to choose from this weekend:

St Louis   KPLR  Saturday Feb 17 at 8pm

New York City  WWOR  Sunday Feb. 18 at 3pm
Milwaukee    WISN  Sunday Feb. 18 at 4pm
Pittsburgh   WTAE  Sunday Feb 18 at 5pm

Shout out to BONNIE BARCLAY and all her good work with Andrew Young’s Foundation.


Valentine’s Day 2018

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Off to the Bay Area…that’s KATHIE SMITH’s plan. She’s going to FOX’s KTVU to head up creative/marketing…so many different titles do they all really mean something different? It’s a VP slot..bravo. Ms. Smith is going to be leaving FOX KTBC in Austin. Yep, everybody’s favorite city Austin, capital of Texas and all-round amazing place to live.  And that’s a VP slot as well. Kathie’s been in Austin quite some time, so she’s no doubt got a lot of packing to do. Let’s all wish her a Well Dunne!

What can one do when one fails to live up to a promise? Humbly apologize and hope that it’s a learning situation. Such is the case with the one and wonderful BONNIE BARCLAY, whose involvement with Andrew Young Foundation’s documentaries had a high note last Friday evening, when their latest doc hit the airwaves in Tampa, Detroit, Mobile, Minneapolis, Macon and Tallahassee. Should have been in last Friday’s post. Totally dropped the ball. Mea culpa. But wait..there’s hope –  in market #1! You New Yorkers can tune in to WWOR this coming Sunday, February 18 at 3pm. The doc is called Facing the Cross. Andrew Young returns to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn. for the first time since witnessing the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Watch. Or record. Quality TV meets history. Rare and worth the time. Well Dunne! Ms. Barclay.

Let’s hear it for GENE ROBINSON who got a promotion recently. He had been Interim Chief Operating Officer for Arizona Public Media in Tucson for the past several months. His usual role was Director of Marketing-Communications and Brand Manager. But he got the official new title (and not doubt duties and compensation) Chief Marketing Officer. Well Dunne! Gene.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing and Audience Development WWBT Richmond

Job Alert – Senior Promo Producer WKMG Orlando

Job Alert – Producer KING Seattle

Think About This: “I will not give up the flowers in my heart just because the world is a hard place. The world is only hard because it needs more flower hearted people.”  ~  Nikita Gill

Copyright © 2018  Kate Bacon/Well Dunne!

August 7, 2017

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It was nearly a year ago that BEN READ was written up as the new CSD at KBJR, the Quincy Newspaper-owned NBC affil in Duluth, Minnesota. And yet…it didn’t hit the blog. No doubt it was before the Word Press classes and all. So let’s play Catchup Monday and give out a shout to Ben, who’s been doing a great job in what might be the coolest place in the US at the moment. Mid to low 70’s this week. Ben brought tons of talent to the job, as well as a stint being Assistant CSD at one time. Sorry for the delay Ben, but please accept a hearty Well Dunne!


What’s with some employers (stations, networks, cable nets, agencies, etc) who are creative in scope…what’s with them asking for a TON of work, input, ideas even scripts (!) as a requisite for getting a job? Do they really want all that FREE creative just handed to them? Can they not read a resume and look at former work to determine whether you are their cup of tea? Should you ‘bend the knee’ and do it then submit an invoice for consulting? Seems to me an entity that does this is NOT one that any real creative would want to work for. If the employer is this insipid as to creative people, imagine how awful it would be to try to deal with them daily. This paragraph is entirely the thoughts of this writer and is not intended to portray any known entity, blah blah blah…


Think About This: Thanks BONNIE BARCLAY of The Branding Iron for this one.  “It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating homegrown tomatoes.”  ~  Lewis Grizzard (a favorite author…and he is sorely missed)


Copyright © 1917 KDBacon/WellDunneTalent

June 15, 2017

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MIKE CUNNINGHAM is now sporting a new title, new duties and yet not having to move one single box…perfection. He’s staying in Memphis where he’s been producing promos for WATN, the Nexstar ABC affil in Elvis’ adopted hometown. Official title is Creative Services Director. The Purdue grad also got a bump in title for his role as Producer for Local Memphis Live. He’s now Executive Producer. Mike has headed up creative concerns before at KCCI in Des Moines where he was CSD and in Tulsa at KTUL and in KGAN in Cedar Rapids where he was Promo Manager. Also on his resume is writer producer slots at KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa and WNDU in South Bend. He’s no doubt going to celebrate the deserved promotion with some fabled Memphis bar-b-q. Well Dunne, Mike!

Job Alert – Promotion Manager FOX59 Indianapolis (work with BOB ST CHARLES – you can’t do better for a boss) Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Assists Creative Services Director with the development of concepts and strategies.
  2. Develop and nurture a strong working relationship with news managers and reporters.
  3. Be a team leader for the on-air promotion writer/producers.
  4. Create and execute a strong log strategy.
  5. Connect with community partners and represent FOX59 with various groups.


Undergraduate degree or equivalent experience. No less than 3 years experience in local television promotion. Previous experience in management helpful. Computer Skills including non-linear editing and traffic systems needed. To apply log onto: http://fox59.com/jobs-at-fox59/ or visit TribuneMedia.com and click on careers.  If you will be at Promax please contact Bob St.Charles, Creative Services Director at bstcharles@FOX59.com.

Think About This: (with a shout out to BONNIE BARCLAY  “Come with me,’ Mom says. To the library. Books and summertime go together.” ~ Lisa Schroeder, from I Heart you, You Haunt Me

June 10, 2015

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He’s a bull dog, a Georgia Bulldog that is. Thus JOSH MOREY has been living and doing very well career-wise in Alabama, which in football lingo isn’t really home turf. But he’s loving it. Josh and family recently celebrated his new job – Marketing Director of Birmingham’s Fox Affil, WBRC. It’s a 92 mile trip northwest from Montgomery, where he had been Marketing Director of WSFA, the NBC affil and Raycom flagship. He honed the promo craft while writing and producing down in Albany, GA for WALB. Know he’s gonna love Birmingham. And Birmingham will fall in love with his lovely family. Well Dunne! Josh!

Job Alert – TV News Graphis Designer WRAL Raleigh (work with SHELLY LESLIE !!)

This from the wonderful and fabulous BONNIE BARCLAY, VP of Marketing for FX Design Group who has been on an adventure with her family around America: In the dark theater, the voice came up before the first frame, with immediate recognition.  Without blinking or stumbling, I knew it as Walter Cronkite.  We were visiting FDR’s Little White House in rural Georgia, and stopped in the theater for the short video that all museums proudly suggest as your first stop.  But through the war footage, the polio footage, the presidential campaign – it was Walter’s voice that not only brought it to life, but lent the austere gravitas that only his voice could.  We could nightly wrap ourselves in that cashmere blanket of a voice and know that we might make sense of the world.  That is the power of just one voice.

Think About This: “It’s but little good you’ll do a-watering the last year’s crops.” ~ George Eliot

Copyright 2015 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


April 28, 2015

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Total fave BONNIE BARLAY has a Shout Out, so listen up: “Working with PAUL MONTGOMERY and SETH KEEVER at RTV6 in Indianapolis was a tremendous opportunity.  Those two are such pros and always have a positive get-it-done attitude.  Also love working with E.W. Scripps Company, where I spent quite a few years myself."


Job Alert – Creative Services Producer/Editor WMSN Madison WI

Bonnes nouvelles!  AXS TV is going to broadcast the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival this weekend! Check out the schedule here. Imagine ~ all the utterly fabulous music without the humidity. 


Think About This: Even a dollar given to the earthquake relief effort makes a difference. You live a very sweet life if you’re reading this…you have a computer, electricity, food, shelter….you are considered very rich by the mass majority of people on the planet. You have a few extra dollars. Bypass your Starbucks and instead do something that will start your day better than any coffee could. “There for the grace of God go I” 

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April 10, 2015

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Heading to NAB next week? If yes, then you need to make sure and stop by to say hi to BONNIE BARCLAY, who sent along this info: real world augmented reality graphics, FX Design Group and HybridTV have them at this year’s NAB.  Without breaking the bank, your graphics department or your hub can easily execute data driven investigations, election coverage, weather trends or special assignment pieces.  If you are not hitting Vegas this year, send your Chief to see what virtual can do for you or email Bonnie at barclay@FXgroup.tv

Former promo pro (KMTV/Omaha and WAFF/Huntsville Director of Marketing) TODD LONG has a new gig incorporating all the best of promo with, you know, like an agency. He’s the Audience Solutions man at Alabama Media Group. Yep, staying in Space City. Well Dunne! Todd.

Well Dunne! Talent’s MARIAN MASSARO is at it – and NYC is loving it. She’ll be live announcing the New York Emmy Awards, set for May 2. All you New Yorkers are in for a treat and if you were at the gala last year, you know how super she is. Well Dunne! and hope to see ya soon Marian! 

Job Alert – VP Brand Marketing Sprout (NBCU) NYC

Job Alert  – writer producers WXYZ Detroit (work for the best aka DAVE BAUMANN)

Did this week just whiz by or what?! Kudos to the community bank that caught the crooks trying to drain a certain bank account that is close to my wallet and heart. Talk about being on top of things – smaller banks are the best. I don’t believe one would get that kind of service with the Too Big To Fail guys. 

Think About This: “Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.”  ~ Christopher Rice

Copyright 2015 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent

February 4, 2015

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Playing catch up since hires during the February book aren’t tres abundant…let’s hear it for KATHARYN DEVILLE who was upped to Corporate Director of Marketing for Raycom. Katharyn is an LSU tiger who earned her degree from LSU in Shreveport. After a first job as a jack-of-all-trades newspaper pro, Katharyn became a News Producer for KSLA in Shreveport then went over to WGNO in New Orleans, still in News where she became an Executive Producer. From there, she went to Big D and WFAA where she grew into a Digital Producer then Digital Marketing and Product Manager. Before making the leap to Raycom corporate, she was Marketing Director at KTBS in, where else, Shreveport. A big Well Dunne! Katharyn.

Former Promo Pro BRAD MOSES has been GM’ing it and has a new station to wrangle. Hope all the folks at KAKE in Wichita welcome him warmly. Well Dunne! Brad.

JOHN RICE at Charlotte’s WBTV is all cool with a new news set. Yeah BONNIE BARCLAY and the talented folks at FX Designs for the new digs. 

Job Alert – Executive Promotions Producer WTXF Philadelphia

Think About This: “Angry is just sad’s bodyguard.”  ~ Liza Palmer


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September 9, 2014

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Midwesterners are just special. Hard working, talented and friendly. Love meeting them and then following their careers. As is the case with KU grad (he’s a Jayhawk) CHRIS FARRIS, who has been growing that talent from the time he left Lawrence, where KU is located, first on the east coast then on the west. Now, Mr. Farris has a new job that will combine the world of tech and the world of creative production…sublime. Chris is the new video producer for BrightTALK, a San Francisco area company that is pretty cool. Chris has his TV stripes, beginning in Topeka at KSNT where he produced commercials and was upped to Commercial Production Manager. Portland, Maine was next where Chris jumped into news promotion. He returned to native Kansas as Director and Producer for Footage Productions in Lawrence before heading east to Baltimore’s WBAL as Sr. Promo Producer then Promotion Manager. NBC in the Bay Area brought him to the City by the Bay as Sr. Producer and he did freelance commercial producing for KTVU. He’ll be a major ‘get’ for BrightTALK and we can’t wait to hear about it. Well Dunne! Chris!

Job Alert – Promo Producer WZTV/WUXP/WNAB Nashville


BONNIE BARCLAY was kind enough to share a cool story about FX DESIGN GROUP’s latest amazing design…in San Francisco. It’s an SF themed posting! Thanks Ms. B…everybody else check it out. Bonnie is a Midwesterner, btw.

Fan of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch? Then you might be interested in the Sherlock app…it’s a game and so much more. Geek out people and enjoy. 

Think About This: “Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put all together that overwhelm the world.”  ~ Desmond Tutu


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August 19, 2014

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The creative process is amazing…and describing it is akin to describing a Monet or Picasso to a blind child. It’s nearly impossible to capture the steps and energy involved in creativity, but you know it when you see it. You actually feel it. And the results speak for themselves. One of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with is TOM ROGERS, who has found a perfect new slot for his gifts – as Commercial Production guy at Gannett’s KSDK in St. Louis. He’ll be working with clients who want high end work and they’ll be getting it from Tom. He’s had a fabulous track record, most recently heading up Promotion at KTVI in The Lou, and he’s turned promos out for KMOV and KDNL all in the Arch City. A big creative Well Dunne! to Tom.


The lovely BONNIE BARCLAY of FX Designs has a great new blog post worth the click.

Job Alert – Writer Producer WSOC Charlotte job 145953

Think About This:  “Nothing hurts a good heart and a kind soul than to live amongst people who can’t understand it.”  ~  Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


June 23, 2014

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Is there a better way to cool off than a nice cold margarita, repleat with salted glass rim and ice cubes? Why no; not pour moi. So for those reading this while taking refuge from the Vegas heat, take note and get your RSVP ready for just such a liquid oasis thanks to the one and only BONNIE BARCLAY and her boss MACK McLAUGHLIN of FX Design Group. Come Wednesday at 6, Mack is mixing up the ‘ritas himself while hosting at The Mirage. Come one come all…but you have to RSVP. Send an email to bbarclay@fxgroup.tv and prove you were raised with manners and elan. That way, they will be expecting you and won’t run out of limes. Oh, and as a special bonus OLIVIER COHEN of Hybrid TV will be mixing Caipirnhas, the Brazilian concoction known as their national cocktail (perhaps in homage to the World Cup?) Have one of both for me and tell them all Well Dunne! 

Speaking of Brazil…Love it! El Rey Network has a soccer/spy thriller series in the works for debut July 15. Called Matador – it has nothing to do with bull fighting. Bet all involved are glued to the World Cup, eh?

Job Alert – Sr. Producer Creative Services KJRH Tulsa

Think About This:  “In he end, only here things matter: how much you loved, how greatly you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”  ~ Buddha

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June 13, 2014

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Friday the 13th with a full moon.  If one were superstitious, this might be a day to pull the covers over one’s head and not even answer the phone. Why not just gaze into the summer night and let the moon spark your imagination. Go make it special. 

Who won what at PROMAX’s NYC confab? North American winners – Well Dunne! to FX Networks for Marketing Team of the Year and Stun Creative for Agency of the Year. Global Excellence award winners – Kudos to Canada’s Bell Media Agency for Marketing Team of the Year and to The Corner London for Agency of the Year. 

Job Alert – Topical Producer KIRO Seattle

Congrats to Jon Fox, winner of the Tom Petty autographer guitar drawing (thanks to Stephen Arnold Music) held in the picture by BONNIE BARCLAY. Well Dunne!

Think About This: “Nothing will stop you from being creative so effectively as the fear of making a mistake.”  ~  John Cleese

Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


June 12, 2014

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 Here’s some odds and ends for today.

Job Alert – Writer producer editor WGNO-TV/ ABC and NOLA 38/CW New Orleans, LA

Big Time Creative Writer/Producer/Editor Wanted In The Big Easy at Tribune!

Are you a gifted storyteller who wants to be part of a city unlike anything else in the country? Does hot gumbo, jazz and eclectic people make you jump around? The Tribune Broadcasting duopoly in New Orleans is on the lookout for a dynamic Writer/Producer/Editor. Not only will you have the lofty task of elevating the station’s reputation for delivering nationally award winning image promos, but you must have the ability to produce compelling long format content supporting its one of a kind News With A Twist news program. Yes, our newscast is set in a funky bar. The ideal candidate must have experience in all aspects of current promo production processes, including shooting, lighting, motion graphics, videography, non-linear editing and post production.  A boutique agency, post-production, broadcast television or cable background is ideal.  Take a sneak peak into what we do https://vimeo.com/97536543

Must Have:

  • Appetite for Cajun food and drinks without those silly little umbrellas
  • Minimum of 2 years Creative Services experience in on-air cable or broadcast environment, boutique agency, or post-production house
  • 2 years’ experience in Adobe Creative Suite (especially After Fx)
  • 2 years’ experience in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere
  • Consistent use DSLR technology and digital video cameras
  • Proficiency with Mac OS and file base management
  • Strong aptitude for new technology, WordPress and social media
  • A sense of humor and authentic, conversational writing style
  • Self-directing, self-motivating attitude, with ability to work in a fast paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Competitive spirit, strong team collaborator and an open mind

Email your resume w/online link to your demo reel* to: jfunk@wgno.com  Jeff Funk Creative Director, WGNO-TV (ABC) / NOLA 38 (CW)


Job Alert – Graphic Artists for Scripps Graphic Hub Tampa FL at WFTS

Think About This:  “In most cases, being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”  ~ Tina Fey

Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent

Bonnie’s cookin’ on Wednesday

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 BONNIE BARCLAY is cookin….sending all kinds of great pix. If you can’t get the pix via your email subscription, just click here and visit the blog site.

First picture is one of my favorite people… LEE HUNT.

June 9, 2014

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A market with three major universities, a handful of impressive colleges, scientists abounding with could-be-life-changing ideas in the Research Triangle, a state capital – all within a short drive to the ocean. Sublimely it’s the Raleigh-Durham market of North Carolina. And it’s the future home for ADAM FRARY who has taken the CSD-Programming position at ABC’s WTVD. He’ll be coming east from Louisville where he’s been Marketing Manager at Raycom’s NBC affil, WAVE, as well as President of the Marketing Advisory Board with Raycom. When he tells you he was raised in the business, Adam means it…his parents in Evansville, Indiana had a production company and he was there all the time from when he turned 4. His good looks (true…even if he blushes) found him in front of the camera anchoring student news reports while also producing commercials. After an internship at CNN, and a degree from Vincennes U, he went to work for Raycom at their stations in Montgomery, AL, Evansville, and the aforementioned L’ville. Dad of three boys, he has a dog named Daisy and is a big fan of Notre Dame football. He’s going to love working with WTVD’s muy-talented producer BRANSON KIMBALL when Adam begins June 23. Well Dunne! Adam.

JEFF PAULUS is making the switch from heading up marketing for the Lima, Ohio stations (WOHL, WLQP and WLIO) and is now producing promos at powerhouse WBNS in Columbus. Excellent and Well Dunne! Jeff.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing WAVE Louisville

WAVE 3 News, the Raycom Media NBC affiliate in Louisville, seeks a strategic, creative and innovative Director of Marketing with image and brand building skills for all screens. Candidate must be a leader, coach, and trainer with a proven track record as a television marketing director. Candidate will work with our news team in creating image and topical promotion and overseeing art and graphics; our digital team in effectively utilizing social media and growing engagement on web and mobile; and our sales team in developing and executing revenue-generating ideas and overseeing commercial production. Candidate must be a strong writer with exceptional interpersonal skills who will be responsible for marketing strategies and brand management, growing audience share on all screens, and handling public relations activities and projects. Candidate will be an effective communicator who will foster a vibrant and positive work environment. Candidate must develop and execute effective on-air and on-line research-based strategic marketing plans, meet deadlines, and have strong attention to detail/good follow-through. Candidate will be responsible for the overall station on-air look, press relations, and community outreach. Candidate must have a solid grasp of budgeting for all aspects of the marketing and creative services team and should be able to edit on computer assisted non-linear editing systems. Candidate will work closely with the General Manager and all station managers. 

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Level Degree. Minimum Experience: 5-7 years of experience of television marketing management. To apply, send resume and links to your work to; https://careers-raycommedia.icims.com . No phone calls please. EOE-M/F/D/V

Some of you might have noticed that the new Well Dunne! Talent and blog website made a premature debut over the weekend. As many of you know, it is not a good idea to allow me to push buttons. Anyway, a new site is about to come around just in time for PROMAX NYC. Speaking of, look for Well Dunne’s HARRY LEGG and PR mogul RAY ECKE as well as the one and only BONNIE BARCLAY who will all be on-hand and contributing to this posting. Smile for pictures and think ‘voice’. Today’s Think is for Ms. Bonnie.


Think About This: “ I had always imagined paradise as a kind of library. ”— Jorge Luis Borges 


Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent



April 18, 2014

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From the ‘Better Late Than Never’ category, we turn our attentions to HEATH OLDHAM, who has been doing creative for Media General’s WSLS, the NBC affiliate in lovely Roanoke, VA. Just how long he’s been Marketing Director …. does it really matter? Of course not. Let’s just leave it that he’s a super guy doing a myriad of creative tasks for them. Heath is an Elon grad (it’s between Greensboro and Chapel Hill…again, gorgeous country and an impressive school) who kicked off his TV career at WLFL/WRDC in Raleigh. After got his feet wet in TV marketing at WCWG as CSD, he took 95 north to Richmond where he helmed creative for WUPV then WTVR. He’s an avid photographer and a ham radio enthusiast to boot. Well Dunne! Heath.

Good bud  and Marketing Manager TONY REED not only got off to a fresh start at Fox affil WXIX in Cincy, but he just got a new set from the fab folks at FX Design Group. Shout out to BONNIE BARCLAY for the info.

Well Dunne! Talent’s MELANIE HAYNES is going to be in the WGN America series SALEM premiering Sunday night. Watch for her (and listen to her super voice). 



Think About This:  Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”   ~  Denis Waitley

Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


August 28, 2013

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As we head into the Labor Day weekend when so many of us will be biking, hiking, swimming, and playing….or watching those who do..it’s good to know that ROBERT GOTTLIEB has added a new title to his already illustrious title at Fox Sports. He’s now Executive VP of Marketing instead of Senior VP of Marketing. The Emerson College and NYU educated marketing honcho has been with Fox for quite some time, including his stint as SVP-Creative Director of Fox Cable Netwoks. Well Dunne! Mr. G.

BONNIE BARCLAY has been busy (please note the rhythmic cadence to that phase). As the marketing guru for the FX Design Group, she was at RTNDA and it seems she was well turned out at the CNN Bowling Party. Check out the picture and see for yourself. Thanks for sharing Ms. Bonnie!  And don’t forget about the great folks at FX…they rock.


Job Alert – Writer producer KMOV St Louis


Job Alert – Creative SErvices Preditor WTVJ Miami

Job Alert – TV Promo Writer Producer at WRAL Raleigh working with the wonderful SHELLY LESLIE. 

Job Alert – Design Director  KTVU-TV (Group 236)  Oakland/San Francisco/San Jose 

KTVU, one of the top television stations in the country is looking for a Design Director.  You’ll lead our award-winning design department in creating work for News, Promotion, Local Programming, Retail and Sales.  You’ll be responsible for maintaining quality and visual continuity of KTVU’s brand both on-air and off.  We’re looking for someone who can be innovative and bring fresh ideas to one of the strongest brands in the country.  Applicant should have excellent communication skills and be able to work collaboratively with others.  Excellent organization skills with the ability to juggle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. 

Applicants should be proficient in After-Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Curious Maps, Deko, 3D programs, set design and non-linear editing systems.  You should have at least five years’ experience in a TV station Design Department with previous supervisory experience.  If you’re looking for the dream job – this is it!  KTVU, Bay Area, award-winning staff and all the tools you need!  For more information on who we are, check us out at www.group236.com

Send your cover letter, resume and reel to:  Jeff Holub  Director of Marketing  KTVU Fox 2, KICU & Group 236  2 Jack London Square  Oakland, CA 94607  jeff.holub@ktvu.com  NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE  KTVU is an equal opportunity employer


Think About This: “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.”  ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

June 27, 2013

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Welcome NICOLE WILLIAMS, the newest member of Sinclair’s creative team at WSYX, the ABC affil in Columbus. She’s the Brand Manager actually and will be handling WTTE/CW Columbus as well. She’s a gator – Florida U grad who has clocked in creatively at WPTV in Palm Beach, WOWK in Huntington WV, as well as WBNS in Columbus. Welcome aboard Nicole…Well Dunne!

Wrapping up in Vegas, where the heat is on in so many ways. Big Well Dunne! to each and every winner, finalist and attendant. The pix is of BONNIE BARCLAY and TERRY KOWALSKI. Thanks to Bonnie for being a great blogger and photog.

Think About This: “Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”  ~ Henry van Dyke

Vegas Check In #3

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Hanging out in the FX Suite is ANGIE RILEY of KLSR Eugene OR, NIKKI HEAVERLY of KJTV Lubbock TX,  BILL CHAPPIE of WITI Milwaukee and TANNER GRIGGS of KJTV Lubbock. Thanks BONNIE BARCLAY.

Vegas Check in #1

Jun 25, 2013 by     Comments Off on Vegas Check in #1    Posted under: Featured

 None other than FRANK RADICE of Definition 6 and BONNIE BARCLAY of FX Design.