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July 31, 2017

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This and That Monday. After a full weekend, of course. Let’s start with…SHERIE SMALL traded OTA for Cable in her new job as Field Marketing Manager at Spectum Reach. She has been Promotion Manager at Meredith’s KCTV in KC….Another OTA trade is BRAD RILEY, who is now a Phoenix pro as Director of Marketing for the Arizona Partnership for Economic Innovation. He has been CSD at Hearst’s KCCI in Des Moines and before that Director of Promotion and Creative Services at Omaha’s WOWT. And lovey SAMANTHA KNOWLTON is now with Pc Promotions in Tulsa. She’s the former CSD at KJRH there and she’s the best. Well Dunne! all of you.


Job Alert – News Promotion Manager KSWB San Diego


Think About This: “How would you live if you felt you could trust life fully? If you believed you were totally protected and secure, that forevermore your life would be filled with love and prosperity? Think of how your fears would dissolve, of how totally accepting of yourself and others you would be—it wouldn’t matter if they met your expectations or not. Think of how you would venture forth knowing you would succeed. Think of how your heart would open, of how free you would feel. How free you would be to love. All of this is the treasure that life offers us. We just lack the consciousness to experience it.”  ~  Susan L. Taylor

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April 15, 2015

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Iowa…the heart of America. The crossroads of political hopefuls and the fine people who grow the food we eat. There’s SO much more to Iowa than just that, but we’ll let the Chamber types fill you in should you seek futher info. Today, we’re honing in on Des Moines, largest city in Iowa and home to Hearst’s KCCI, the CBS affil. The station has welcomed BRAD RILEY as Creative Services Director and he’s been on the job since Monday (this is day #3 for him if you’re reading this on Wednesday). Brad is an Iowan by birth who also studied at Iowa State. While a student, focusing on journalism, Brad visited KCCI – and was impressed. In his timeline, he first went west to Nebraska and interned at WOWT, the Gray Television NBC affil in Omaha, where he was offered a fulltime gig and worked his way into promotion. Now he’s back in his home state, although he’s got some foreign travel on the horizon. His passport is going to get a workout after he settles in and gets his first vacay. He’s joining PETER ZEMANSKY, the very talented #2 at KCCI, so watch for some new hot spots. Well Dunne! Brad.

Job Alert – Director of Promotions and Creative Services WOWT Omaha

Job Alert  – Manager TV Marketing Marvel Television (Disney) Burbank id 256950BR

Think About This: “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.” ~ The Eagles

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