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April 14, 2015

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Ever run into a person who makes your job easier and your spirit lighter? When you do, it’s like getting a beautifully gift wrapped present. BRANDII TOBY-LEON is just such a person, and now we have some amazingly great news about her new direction. She’s been named Director Public Relations at TV One, so she’ll be moving to the DC area since TV One is in Silver Spring. It’s a family move, with her handsome hubby and utterly adorable little girl making the new city a real home. Ms. Brandii had been with Scripps operation in Knoxville, handling press and PR for DIY and HGTV. She moved to Tennessee from NYC where she handled PR for WNYW and WWOR, the Fox operations in NYC. Yes, Ms. Brandii (and that is the correct spelling) is going back to a city she loves. She earned her Masters at American U in DC. Let’s hear it for a very special lady. Well Dunne! my dear.

Job Alert – Specialist On Demand Promotions Comcast Philadelphia ID 101006

Well Dunne! Talent’s JAY SILVERS is out in Vegas at NAB. If you’re there and run into him, remember that it all stays in Vegas.

Think About This:  Keep a journal and every night, ask yourself the following questions: 1-What did I learn today? 2-how do I feel? 3-How did I make others feel? 4-What can I do better tomorrow? 5-What am I grateful for? 6-How much stress did I experience? And 7-What made me smile?

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October 7, 201

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It’s a girl for BRANDII TOBY-LEON, who many of you know from her days doing PR at FOX and the Scripps cable nets out of Knoxville. She and her hubby are over the moon to welcome this long-awaited little doll. Well Dunne! Leons!

Come on everybody, support WRAL’s inimitable SHELLY LESLIE when she rides to beat cancer, covering her legs by writing the names of those who have inspired or gone ahead because of this horrible Big C. She needs a few more dollars to make her goal (by Thursday) so go here and help her out. She’s riding for my brother DENNIS DUNNE, and that alone puts stars in her crown. Lots of smiles coming to her from above.


Speaking of the Raleigh-Durham market, the uber-creative folks over at WNCN (I’m talking about you ROBBY THOMAS) have produced an awesome (and I use the word in its honest meaning not some valley girl slang) PSA about drivers need to brake for school busses. Aptly named #brake4buses, it’s gotten a ton of buzz and a huge Well Dunne! Check it out.


GEOFFREY HOLDER, who had the most mahvelous voice (any of you remember his 7-Up Cola-nut spots?) has passed away. We will miss his sound.

Writers block? No more. There’s an app for that (of course there is) appropriately named Write or Die. It’s rather fun. Give it a go….free trial. 


Think About This: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”  ~ Desmond Tutu

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