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Wednesday April 13, 2011

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The capital of Oklahoma is the new home for BRENT BARROW, now Creative Director at the Sinclair duopoly KOKH/KOCB, the FOX and CW affils respectively. Brent hails from the Land of Lincoln – a Springfield, IL native who drove west on I-40 from his old slot as Director of Creative Services at WICD, the ABC affiliate in Champaign Urbana, IL. Brent has already begun and is exploring OKC. Well Dunne! Brent.

Speaking of Sinclair, here’s a job alert for an Ass’t CSD at their duop in Vegas, KVCW/KVMY the CW and MyTV affils, as the calls suggest.

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July 20, 2010

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How absolutely marvelous is it to live in a town called Champagne? OK, it’s actually spelled Champaign, and it’s in the smack-dab middle of Illinois and home to the University named after the state, not a vineyard or winery. Great name and I wonder if they do, indeed, drink more than the fair portion of champagne there. It’s all a way of introducing AUTUMN DIERKING who moved from Champaign to Springfield to write and produce promos for Sinclair’s WICS. Also joining the team is recent grad JASON BOYER who is the commercial producer for the ABC station in the Land of Lincoln. What a great job right out of college. Well Dunne! to you both and a shout out to CSD BRENT BARROW for the info,.

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