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February 6, 2015

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Now that RACHEL PAPP is back in Palm Beach at NBC affil WPTV and has joined forces with CHRISTINE BARON, the Exec Producer and CSD respectively are the dynamic duo. Boom…order the tee shirts and coffee cups. Christine no sooner unpacked a moving box than the February sweeps started, and Rachel was there to make it happen sans tears or fears. Everybody is happy. When a good thing comes together, it’s a work of art. Well Dunne! Rachel and Christine.

2C Media Creative did a magic filled launch campaign for Nickelodeon’s second season of Every Witch Way, and using the word magic here really means just that – magic. Creative Director and also Director (2D might sum him up) BRIAN ELOE and the team helped intro a new character to the series. 

If you’re in London this month, you’re in for a treatl. HBO is hosting a pop-up restaurant to promote Game of Thrones. The name? All Men Must Dine. Sadly, to get a seat at the table over the 3 day pop-up, one must have entered a contest whose deadline was, alas, yesterday. Let’s lift a goblet anyway and say a toast – Well Dunne! HBO. Tyrion would be so proud.

Think About This: “When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold.They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.”  ~  Billie Mobayed

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September 9, 2013

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CHRIS SLOAN’s 2C Media has named an award-winning talent as their Creative Director. Let’s hear it for BRIAN ELOE, who will be heading to Miami after being Creative Director of Impossible. Brian started as an editor at first Hallmark then Starz and has let his inventive talent grow with each slot and promotion. He’s a rabid hockey fan and will no doubt get a kick out of Well Dunne!’s MITCH PHILLIPS, who lends his big voice to Florida Panthers hockey. Well Dunne! Brian. 

PAUL VINCENT is the latest addition to LARRY KELLOGG’s creative team at NBC’s KRCA in Sacramento. Paul had been over at Salt Lake City’s ABC affiliate, KTVX. Well Dunne! Paul.


Job Alert – KTVU Channel 2 is looking for an experienced Creative Services Writer/Producer.  Great gig – great station – in the Bay Area!  If you can do it all, from topical to image promotion, send your cover letter/resume/reel to:  Jeff Holub  Director of MarketingKTVU Fox 2, TV36 & Group 236   jeff.holub@ktvu.com


Do you know what Persado is? You better, since it might take your job. 


Think About This:  “It’s time business stops confusing efficiency with effectiveness.”  ~ Kate Bacon