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June 17, 2010

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June 28 is the first day on the job on the First Coast for NOAH KOZINKO. He’s been named the Creative Services Director at Newport’s WAWS/FOX and WTEV/CBS in Jacksonville, which is known as Florida’s First Coast. Noah is a Florida guy, having been born in Key West (how cool is that) and calling Dunnellon home. He began his TV career at WOGX in Ocala and earned promo chops at WOFL in Orlando. He’s been at market leader WWL in New Orleans as Promotion Manager. Well Dunne! Noah. You’ll love being back in the sunshine state. Drive down I-10 carefully.

And more good news from the same locale...TJ KING (who you read about here when he took the job in Jax) has been promoted to Promotion Manager. He’s done such a fab job. Well Dunne! TJ.

June 25 is Bring Your Pet To Work Day. WCNC in Charlotte was cool enough to allow dogs and even a cat or two. Anybody else work for a cool operation like that? Hope so.

Naked Pepsi? A week with NO labels or logos or anything at all. That’s what the promise is if Argentina wins the World Cup. This on the heels of the Argentine Coach’s promise to run around Buenos Aries naked if the win comes their way. Don’t you just LOVE south America? Yep, sure do!

Think About This: (now we know where Popeye got it)  "I am what I am, so take me as I am!" ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe