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March 14, 2018

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They’re beefing up the WUSA creative team in the nation’s capital…and the ace in today’s sights is DYLAN WILBUR, newly tapped but on the job Art Director. He’s transitioning from CBS in Minnesota where he was AD under CSD CASEY KESPOHL and Promo Director SCOTT WOOLRIDGE (two heavy talents). The move to DC will reunite Dylan with SKYE BEITLER, newly named Creative Director; the two previously worked together at KTVU in Oakland. Dylan has also worked in Milwaukee for both Hearst and Weigel as well as in Vegas for Journal (now Scripps). Sounds like it’s a gathering of some exciting work in progress….Well Dunne! Dylan!

The gene pool…it’s an amazing fabrication. The way talents and interests and physical features can be passed down…wow. One such example is in Kansas City, where marketing pro DAMON BRYANT has a son who is wildly musical. Give him a listen..buy the music. Love putting the spotlight on new emerging talent – especially ‘in the TV family’ kind. Well Dunne! proud dad and BLAIR BRYANT.

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September 15, 2016

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Artists…just love ‘em. Always the first to spot the most fascinating trends and always the most colorfully decked out. WCCO Creative Director CASEY KESPOHL found a fab guy who he snatched up to be his Art Director in the form of DYLAN WILBUR. Dylan had been Design Director out in Oakland for FOX’s KTVU. I bet Minneapolis’ housing prices will be a welcome sight. Dylan has had titles along the way, all about art, of course. He was Broadcast Designer at WISN in Milwaukee, Senior Broadcast Designer at Journal in Las Vegas and Broadcast Designer for Weigel in Milwaukee. Can’t wait to see his talents on display for the Minneapolis market. Well Dunne! Wilbur.

Job Alert – Director OTT Video Products NBC News Digital NYC  #29677BR

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