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September 9, 2014

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Midwesterners are just special. Hard working, talented and friendly. Love meeting them and then following their careers. As is the case with KU grad (he’s a Jayhawk) CHRIS FARRIS, who has been growing that talent from the time he left Lawrence, where KU is located, first on the east coast then on the west. Now, Mr. Farris has a new job that will combine the world of tech and the world of creative production…sublime. Chris is the new video producer for BrightTALK, a San Francisco area company that is pretty cool. Chris has his TV stripes, beginning in Topeka at KSNT where he produced commercials and was upped to Commercial Production Manager. Portland, Maine was next where Chris jumped into news promotion. He returned to native Kansas as Director and Producer for Footage Productions in Lawrence before heading east to Baltimore’s WBAL as Sr. Promo Producer then Promotion Manager. NBC in the Bay Area brought him to the City by the Bay as Sr. Producer and he did freelance commercial producing for KTVU. He’ll be a major ‘get’ for BrightTALK and we can’t wait to hear about it. Well Dunne! Chris!

Job Alert – Promo Producer WZTV/WUXP/WNAB Nashville


BONNIE BARCLAY was kind enough to share a cool story about FX DESIGN GROUP’s latest amazing design…in San Francisco. It’s an SF themed posting! Thanks Ms. B…everybody else check it out. Bonnie is a Midwesterner, btw.

Fan of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch? Then you might be interested in the Sherlock app…it’s a game and so much more. Geek out people and enjoy. 

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March 12, 2013

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The Bay Area – just thinking about San Francisco and environs is exciting for most people. If you’re CHRIS FARRIS, it’s not only exciting, it’s now home. CHRIS is the new Sr. Writer Producer at NBC Bay Area, working under Brand Manager WES RODDA. In making the move, Chris went from the Atlantic to the Pacific, moving from his slot as Promotion Manager at WBAL in Baltimore. He’s a Kansas grad (a Jayhawk) who has worked his way up in markets like Augusta, Maine and Topeka, Kansas. A California Well Dunne! Chris.

Job Alert – VP On-Air Promotions CBS Television Distribution Santa Monica Job 13862BR

New jobs are so often offered based on the success of the old job. Here’s some great advice on how to make the new job work even better. 



OK, no googling….what five USA TV series are garnering British eyeballs on the other side of the pond? Yeah – who knew.

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March 1, 2012

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Celebrating a promotion in Baltimore is CHIS FARRIS, the new Promotion Director of Hearst’s WBAL. Topeka, Kansas native Chris has been Sr. Writer Producer for CSD STEVE BAMONTI and is already doing Promotion Manager type duties at the NBC affiliate. The KU Jayhawk (that’s Kansas University) worked in Portland, Maine at Hearst’s ABC affil WMTW as well as NBC affil KSNT in Topeka. Well Dunne! Chris.

Job Alert – VP Marketing at WNBC 


Job Alert – Marketing Director for WTLV in Jacksonville

Job Alert – Marketing Manager at Showtime NYC


Ratz – missed Well Dunne! Talent’s MELISSA EDRIS’ birthday. Her voice just keeps getting better and better. 

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March 25, 2010

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You know it’s a weird winter when Portland, ME has less snow than Baltimore, MD. Such is 2010. And yet this fact hasn’t deterred CHRIS FARRIS.  He’s the new Sr. Writer Producer at Hearst’s WBAL TV in Balto. And we know about the reverse snow amounts because Chris makes the journey down I-95 from Hearst’s ABC affil in Portland, WMTW. The Kansas native (yeah Topeka) and Jayhawk (yeah KU) has also worked doing a little commercial production at NBC affil KSNT in Topeka before leaving the cornfields behind and plunging into the more exciting landscape of the promo world. Well Dunne! Chris. Looking forward to hearing and seeing super creative from you.

Atlanta based The Weather Channel Companies has named BOB WALKER to be EVP/Marketing and Cross Platform Development. Bob just moves to another part of the Peachtree city…he has been President and GM at Gannett’s WXIA and WATL. And yes, he has a very exciting background in all phases of TV, including marketing. Well Dunne! Bob.

What’s happened in the biz is what will continue to happen in the biz…consumers are in total control of the product. Read a very insightful interview with research veteran STEVE LEBLANG via CableFax. http://www.cablefax.com/programming/networks/The-Past-is-Prologue_40326.html

Were you a big ROBERT CULP fan? He was always the coolest, smartest and sexiest. So sorry to hear he’s gone.

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