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Thursday March 3, 2011

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The Sportsman Channel has news, and it has nothing to do with the size of the fish at the end of the line. It’s about another line…BEN LINES. He’s the new Vice President of Marketing for the channel, promoted from his Director of Marketing slot. Ben has a real sports marketing background, with gigs at OLN/Versus and World Wrestling Entertainment. He’s also been Director of Marketing for AMC. Well Dunne! Ben.

The Azaleas are already blooming in Tallahassee – a sure sign that Spring is springing. This bright bit of news is relayed by CHUCK LEMON, CSD of WTWC, the NBC affil in Florida’s capital. Another bright bit is that TOBY HOLCOMB is working with Chuck as a creative producer. Toby and Chuck worked together when they were both young pups, making TV for Comcast. Through the wonders of modern technology, they ‘remet’  and now are working together again. In the interim between, Toby lived in Nashville, where he let his musical talent rip. I forgot to ask the Tallahassee native what instrument he plays. My bad. The creative reunion seems to be a very happy event for these two old friends. Well Dunne! Toby.

Former creative pro STEVE THAXTON is the new choice to follow long-time GM BILL FEE into Scripp’s ABC affiliate in Cincinnati, WCPO. With a very strong marketing background at KARE and KUSA, Steve has been heading up the TV efforts as the GM of Gannett’s NBC affil in Portland ME. Portland is a great market, and I know they’ll miss him there. Well Dunne! Steve!

Think About This: “It’s not yesterday’s regrets, nor tomorrow’s challenges that matter, 
only the infinite possibility of today.” ~ Linda Knight