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August 2, 2010

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He didn’t even mention it on Friday, but ARI PITCHENIK’s got himself a new title. His business card now reads Regional Director/Creative and Innovation for Tribune Creative Group East. Much longer title than his old one, which read Creative Services Manager at WPIX, the CW  in NYC.  Ari keeps getting promoted in The Apple since he arrived at the station as a writer producer editor from Sacramento’s FOX affil.   Ari is a University of Miami grad who’s also worked at USA Broadcasting and WPLG, both in south Florida.  Congrats Ari and Well Dunne!

Huge news. JOE STEWART is now  Executive Creative Director and CLAUDIA CHOW is now Creative Director at HUGE. I told you it was huge news. Both promotions deserve a Well Dunne!

With the addition of the ingredient Bacon (shameless plug of sorts), the latest taste tempting treat to entice the tonsils of the In–The-Know crowd is…wait for it…Bacon Moon Pies. Oh no, I think Dr. Weil just fell over. For those who want to throw caution to the wind, nutrition-wise, you can get info here.

Think About This: "You pray by touching the deepest part of you that longs, that needs, that Is.
Let it speak in its own language, more often than not without words."  ~  Emmanuel (as compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton)