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October 6, 2014

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From the "Life After TV"  file…let’s hear it for DALE WYMAN, who headed up creative out in Las Vegas and in Sacramento and Albuquerque. He’s now happily living in the Valley of the Sun, and has snagged a super job – he’s the AZ POST (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board) Digital Media Production Specialist through the Department of Public Safety (DPS). He’ll be shooting and editing all kinds of interesting projects, like training video/PSA’s/etc. He’s been on the job a few weeks and we all are sending him our most enthusiastic and sincere Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Promotions Producer Apple Santa Clara Valley, CA (#36039605)

Job Alert – TV Partner Manager Twitter NYC

Awards submissions for PROMAX Europe are open. Yes, some of you are reading this from across The Pond. Lucky you. Visit PromaxBDA.org for a full list of categories, rules, and entry requirements. You have until December 18. Good luck!

Think About This:  “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  ~ Roald Dahl

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February 20, 2013

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DALE WYMAN, who many of you know from his days doing TV promo, has a new venture and it’s very exciting. He’s launched a new Phoenix based enterprise called Top Prospect Video Productions. Professional college recruitment videos for serious high school athletes. Very cool. Check it all out here www.TopProspectVideos.com Well Dunne! Dale.

Speaking of making a change and loving it, let’s focus on Denver where KATHERINE ROBERTS, who many of you have worked with when she was doing affiliate relations for FOX TV stations, has started a new chapter of her life as an AE at a marketing firm in the Mile High City. A company that is dog friendly. That’s her little bundle of fur in the picture. Katherine worked at KTVU in Oakland but more importantly, is from Webster Groves MO and therefore ranks at the top of the Favorite List! Well Dunne! Katherine.

Job Alert – VP Consumer Marketing History Channel NYC

Job Alert – Manager, Affiliate Relations & Promotion NBC Stamford, CT (for Jerry Springer, etc)

Job Alert – News Promotion Manager KMIZ/KQFX/MyZouTV/Me-TV Columbia, MO/Jeff City market

Think About This: "In every crisis there is a message. Crises are nature’s way of forcing change – breaking down old structures, shaking loose negative habits so that something new and better can take their place.”  ~  Susan L. Taylor


June 29, 2010

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SMU’s JOHN McDONALD has a great new job. Love it when a Mustang does something special. John is the new VP of Marketing at Entertainment Studios Networks and will be based in LA. He comes over from Hallmark where he was Director of Affiliate Marketing. He’s also worked with Director and Producer Peter Segal and Greenhaven Films’ Anger Management and NBC’s Hidden Hills. Well Dunne! John.

Well Dunne! to TONY REED in his new slot as Creative Services Director at Heart’s KOAT in Albuquerque. The Duke City (named after the Duke of Albuquerque) is where he’s been Assistant Creative Services Director and this is a bump up the ladder at the ABC affiliate. He’s taking the place of DALE WYMAN, who is going to leave TV behind. Enjoy that folk art festival in Santa Fe, Tony!

Sure, you’re the coolest one around. But inside, you get jittery when having to make a big, important presentation, right? Got a great little article that will help conquer presentation anxiety. Click here.

Think About This: “The next time you find yourself stuck in a long line at an ATM machine, traffic jam, or supermarket checkout counter, resist your urge to react. Do not get frustrated. Do not become impatient. Do not get angry. The line is there to test you, and to give you an opportunity not to react. But if you do react, the situation controls you. The situation becomes the cause and you the effect.” ~ Yehuda Berg

February 9, 2010

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DALE WYMAN is proof that what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. After a long, long time in Sin City at the NBC affil, and time at the helm of the NBC promotion board as chairman, he’s heading to Albuquerque’s Hearst operation, KOAT. He filled in last November for Hearst in Sacramento, which is home to the former KOAT CSD, LARRY KELLOGG. Small world. Dale et familia will now have front row seats for the annual Balloon Festival. Great news…Well Dunne! Dale.

What about the Super Bowl spots? Creative pro TERRY KOWALSKI rings in from Toledo (ya’ll need to keep Terry on the hiring radar)

TERRY: Overall, the Super Bowl commercials were a disappointment due to a lack of creativity and not pounding home the brand.  One spot in particular that did catch my eye, and will reinforce my choice at the vending machine, was the Snickers spot which stayed on task with recent marketing and made me laugh (memorable moment).  The E-Trade spots with the babies are always fun and you look forward to what the ‘little ones’ are going to say next… even though I still didn’t find it clear as to why I should trade stocks on line with this company.  I was happy to see the Clydesdales again representing Budweiser as they have become a staple for many classic commercials in the big game.  However, the Bud Light spots gave me the feeling only drunken fools drink that product.

There seemed to be nothing new with the GoDaddy.com campaign (recycled creative) and I can’t recall half of the other dot coms that were advertised.  I did find it interesting the promercials that aired, which were a take-off of LOST (ABC) and the use of characters from the Simpsons (FOX), as an interesting way to attract viewers who normally don’t watch these programs.  But, I still am not sure what product they were pitching… was it Coke?

Finally, the biggest let down of all was the spot for Taco Bell where a major teaser campaign was launched and the thought that something big was going to happen on February 7th.  Hats off to the NFL for making the game the best part of the Super Bowl… and don’t forget free Grand Slams at Denny’s on Tuesday (I actually may wait in line).

More tomorrow. Meanwhile, think about this: “Thou Shalt Not Steal” ~ Commandment #8