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Sept 21, 2011

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 Up the ladder he goes. MICHAEL ENGLEMAN has added Executive to his already VP title over at NBC where he was VP Creative and Marketing of Sci Fi Channel. Well, actually, they added another network to his list. Michael’s new title is Executive Vice President Marketing and Global Brand Strategy for SyFy and Chiller. The Tufts grad has been VP Creative at CMT and MTV plus doing his own Exec Producing. Well Dunne! Michael.

Another one getting a boot up the ladder is JENNIFER VORPAGEL, the new Creative Services Producer for CSD DAN SPANGLER at Lin’s FOX affil WLUK in Green Bay. Ms. Jennifer was in the production department and this is a great start to a TV marketing career. Well Dunne! Jennifer.

Apple stock being the highest ever as of close yesterday, perhaps this isn’t the time, but….my recent purchase of a macbook pro was like a hemorrhoid operation….it was expensive and a pain in the, well, you know. This on top of the Final Cut problems and I wonder if Apple is doing more than counting their stockpiled cash. AND now the security problem with that wretched Lion. Jeezzz…

It’s Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week. Not all pets looking for a home are perfect, but they’re still loving and will make your life richer and happier. So give it a thought.

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Tuesday January 4, 2011

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Nothing like going home again. That’s what DAN SPANGLER is doing when he takes over the Marketing Manager slot at FOX affil WLUK in Green Bay January 5. So, depending on when you read this, it is either today or yesterday that Dan began.  He’s been down in Louisville at WBKI, where he was station manager and hosted a show. Did I mention he’s a cutie? Dan was VP of Media Strategies for The WB Television Network and was CSD down in Atlanta at WATL. He has his degree from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, so his WLUK slot is indeed a homecoming. No word on whether he’s a Packers fan (isn’t that a requirement?) since he’s not yet on the job. Well Dunne! Dan.

Check out NAB’s  The Future of TV website. Cool

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