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December 22, 2011

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One of my very favorite favorite’s is heading to LA, so everybody on the coast, get ready to welcome DANIELLE DUDEK. She’s a ball of energy and LA is going to love having her. What’s the lure? Dani is the newest member of the FOX Affiliate team and she gets to work on the lot off Pico, where they must have ordered the yummy security guards from Central Casting. Danielle is going to be leaving behind her Promotion Manager slot at FOX in Austin, but she’s not going to give up her place there. All you SXSW folks – here’s the best spot for you. I’m talking to you JONATHAN at PROMAX. Danielle has worked at WBTV and FOX in Charlotte as well as the WB in Orlando and FOX in Atlanta. Well Dunne! Dani.

They found the right person for the KGO VP of Creative…more details to come.

Job Alert – Expectant daddy ALEX SHAW (it’s a girl!) is in need of a super writer producer editor for all those wonderful creative things done at WMAR. Super slot…go for it.


Have you heard that White Castle is thinking of adding beer and wine to the menu? Now we’re talkin’.

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