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January 15, 2015

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Distance can be nothing or everything, depending on your viewpoint. When you want to be in a place you love, distance is not your friend. And when you have a chance to return to a place that holds a spot in your heart, for whatever reason, it seems like kismet. University of Maine grad DAVE RAWSON is heading north on I-95, eliminating 150 plus miles between Providence and Portland, Rhode Island and Maine respectively. Dave’s been named the new CSD at WGME, Sinclair’s CBS affiliate in Maine’s largest city. He’s been at NBC affiliate WJAR in Providence heading up creative. Before that, he headed up marketing at News 10 in Albany and then hopped over to the gorgeous Burlington, VT market at WFFF’s tri-operation. Portland is one of those fab markets that has more to do than you would imagine. And btw, Dave is looking forward to cornering the lobster roll market, so you might want to order yours now before he makes them hard to find! Travel north safely, Dave, and Well Dunne!  See you in the summer.

Job Alert – Motion Graphic Designer Right This Minute Show Phoenix  (work with CHRIS AYERS!!!)

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January 9, 2013

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A real New Yorker. Born and raised in Manhattan. Even has his degree from NYU. That’s MATT BOLINE who is going to venture forth to Connecticut soon when he takes the Brand Manager job at Hartford’s WVIT. He’s leaving behind his slot at WNBC in, of course, New York. This will be his first time flying creative pilot, and he sounds like he’ll be the best. Well Dunne! Matt.

That’s WJAR’s DAVE RAWSON in the picture today. He’s been uber busy, but we caught up and…I have to correct that he worked at WTEN in Albany, NY, not WALB in Albany, GA. It’s a mistake any overly tired blonde could make. Another Well Dunne! to Dave.

Ironically…Job Alert Creative Services Promotion Producer/Director WTEN Albany


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January 8, 2013

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The holidays were just great, but frankly, they also were a puzzle. Anybody else get confused on what day it was last week? Thank you computer for sorting that out. Mentioning this because there’s a great new creative down East and it’s a tad tardy getting around to him. Let’s hear it for WJAR’s Marketing Director, DAVE RAWSON.  Dave is definitely a New Englander and even has his degree from University of Maine. He’s been CSD at Fox affil WFFF/WVNY in Burlington, VT and was  Promotion Manager at Raycom’s WALB in Albany, New York’s capital. WJAR is Media General’s NBC station in the Providence market. A warm and sincere Well Dunne! Dave.

Job Alert – Sr Art Director QVC Philly

In case you missed it – local affiliates give advantage to broadcast nets. 


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