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July 22, 2010

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Some people are destined to be near great bodies of water. So it seems for DAVE TOWNS, the newest member of Raycom’s NBC affil, WMBF. Located in lovely Myrtle Beach, SC, Dave seems at home and happy near the beach, having spent a lot of this time growing up on the eastern shore of Delaware. Baltimore born, Dave went to school at Salisbury U in Salisbury, Maryland. He’s been wanting to be part of the world of TV since he was a little boy and “a couple of local TV and radio commercials sparked my interest”. He broke into his chosen field via an editing gig at Sinclair’s corporate headquarters in Hunt Valley (again Maryland) and was promoted to Promo Writer and Producer at FOX45 in his hometown of Baltimore. I see a pattern. More seashore for Mr. T in the future. Well Dunne! Dave.  Shout out to CSD KRISTIN HARGIS for the info.

Those talented folks at BIGSMACKtv are busy, busy, busy. They just wrapped promos for the upcoming Science Channel’s new show…the one with the most FAB name yet – Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships. I can hear the testosterone surging in the males amongst you now. Shout out to Sr. Visual Effects Director DAVE ZEEVALK and Sr. Art Director JASON SALO who used photos of the Mojave Desert and a lot of magic to pull it together in short order. Well Dunne! everybody.

Amen to this: Nielsen: Time To Recommit To Boomers

THINK ABOUT THIS: "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." ~ Leo Buscaglia


Memorial Day 2010

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On this Memorial Day, let’s all find a WW2 vet and talk to them. This amazing group of people are getting very old, and their stories need to be shared first hand. God bless them. My Uncle Bud is still with us, and his stories from the Pacific always leave one feeling very humble.

How is WILLIAM CRAIG going to adjust to all the snow that Chicago winters are known for? Easily, since he’s a Chicagoland native and knows how to shovel that white stuff. He’s been down amongst the palms and sand castles of Tampa Bay, working as Promotion Manager at Scripps’ ABC affil WFTS, so he may be a little rusty. But he’s going to adjust easily when he heads back home to take a job at WGN doing that creative thing. Once he settles back in Chi-town, we’ll check in and see if he’s a Cubs fan, etc. Well Dunne! William.

BIGSMACKtv, the Philly based network branding and promotion agency, has found two new folks to help them make great spots. Welcome onboard goes to Sr. Art Director JASON SALO and to Sr. Visual Effects Director DAVE ZEEVALK. Native Clevelander Salo comes from NYC’s UVPhactory while Zeevalk is from Jersey…south Jersey to be precise. He’s been doing Lead CG Artist work at LookFX. Well Dunne! you two.

ANDREW AULT has had a very interesting job…at one time he was head of creative for CAA, the huge agency in LA. Andrew’s moved on since then and just recently was named Executive Creative Director for NBC Universal’s Integrated Sales Marketing  team’s internal creative agency. Cool. And Well Dunne!

How many TV types made the cut on Fast Company list of  the world’s 100 Most Creative Business Leaders? Check it out.

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