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February 24, 2010

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Saturday night’s Writers Guild honors had a Television Graphic Animation categoryh, and the Guild chose the folks at CBS News with Katie Couric for their work on “Hudson Splashdown”. That means DAVID ROSEN and SHANNON TOMA now have a wonderful new item to add to their resumes, as well as a new decorative pieces for their offices. Well Dunne! David and Shannon.

Still working on getting BARRY FITZSIMMONS’ Writers Guild Winner spot up and running here on the site. Too big for Facebook. Well, we’ll see what happens. BRANDON is on it, and he’s amazing.

FX is premiering a new series called Justified. The yummy TIMOTHY OLYPHANT takes the lead based on an Elmore Leonard character. FX called on LA-based The Arsenal for the promo campaign. The Director-Designers of the spot went to the Cher School of names-Onesize, which is the talented duo of KASPER VERWEIJ and ROGIER HENDRICKS. The Arsenal has done some very cool promos for FX’s Nip/Tuck and Dirt, too. Here’s a link to the Justified spot.

Uber super talented JOEY CAMEN (he’s Well Dunne! you know) recently sent this along: "a link to an online interview I did for an English website for Sam and Max. That’s a game I’ve provided voices for, for 2 seasons. It’s pretty cool, they didn’t censor me and I got to use a bunch of nasty British slang that I love.Here’s the link.

The experts have weighed in on the question: Does Google Make Us Stupid?

Think About This: "The outer path we take is public knowledge, but the path with heart is an inner one. The two come together when who we are that is seen in the world coincides with who we deeply are. As we grow wiser, we become aware that the important forks in the road are usually not about choices that will show up on any public record; they are decisions and struggles to do with choosing love or fear; anger or forgiveness; pride or humility. They are soul-shaping choices." ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen