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June 28, 2010

Jun 28, 2010 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized


OK, Frank. You HAVE to send me a business card. The Frank in question is FRANK RADICE and what’s on his new card these days is so cool I would ask him to actually use snail mail to get me a piece of a dead tree. The card reads ‘Expert in Residence’. That’s the new title he has with Definition 6, the New York-Atlanta based marketing firm.  This title rivals that of DENNY FITCH at The Agency, who is President, Odd Days; his partner is President Even Days. Back to Frank, who has a stellar background that includes such titles as EVP of Advertising and Promotion at the NBC Agency  as well as President and Chief Marketing Officer for NATAS. He’s also a journalist and an award-winning one at that. Did I mention his wicked fun sense of humor? Yeah, there’s that. Congrats and Well Dunne! Frank.

What is an expert, someone from Harvard, told you that you could help your health, reduce stress levels AND be a better leader, not to mention human being, with doing just one simple thing during the business day? Would you do it? Of course you would. Then check out what you should be doing about Noon.

Think About This: "All that is required now is that you continue to till the soil of your soul. Just as you would not neglect seeds that you planted with the hope that they will bear vegetables and fruits and flowers, so you must attend to and nourish the garden of your becoming." ~ Jean Houston