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Well Dunne for Friday the 13th, 11-2009

Nov 13, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne for Friday the 13th, 11-2009    Posted under: Uncategorized


It’s a promotion for RICHARD BARRY over at Nickelodeon. His biz card now reads VP/On-Air Creative Director, Nickelodeon International. Isn’t that great to see the word “international” in there. Way cool. Yep, he is now a member of the VP club. Well Dunne! Richard.

Spontaneous,  the NYC based design/visual effects company has added AMY ZALE  as Director of Sales as well as DINO RINALDI as Sales Exec. Dino (love that name) is also wrangling sales for partner company – creative editorial house BlueRock.

What is work now? Certainly a good question. Former CNN Newsie ALISON WOO weighs in on Forbes

ABC + Nine = One big movie musical tie in promotion. Read about it here.

Rupert Murdock is ratting his sword about removing all his content from Google search.

Think About This:
"We take no step unpartnered. We may feel like the fool from the Tarot deck, stepping heedlessly into blank space, but that is not reality. The Great Creator is an artist and he/she/it is an artist in partnership with other artists. The moment we open ourselves to making art, we simultaneously open ourselves to our maker. We are automatically partnered." ~ Julia Cameron