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April 14, 2016

Apr 13, 2016 by     Comments Off on April 14, 2016    Posted under: Featured

Being the ‘new kid at the office’ requires a lot more time and energy than it seems. There’s so many little things that HAVE to be done and then there’s the big overall job needing tackling. Makes it tough to have a moment to breathe, let alone do much more. Busy with his new job, which he began just this Monday, is DON NORMAN, the new Marketing Director of Raycom’s Knoxville FOX affil, WTNZ. Don’s coming from Augusta, GA where the Masters just wrapped the most thrilling if not heartbreaking of finishes. Luckily, there are blooming spring plants all over eastern Tennessee, so Don won’t feel so ‘fish out of water’. More than golf claps for Don and his new slot. Well Dunne!

No less a leading business institution than Wharton doubles down on the wrong-headedness of using layoffs to hit short term goals. Read it and share

Think About This:  (Well Dunne motto, btw) “Accomplishments of others aren’t to the detriment of our own; that we can remain purposeful about our pursuits while rejoicing in those of others; that we can choose to amplify each other’s felicity because there is, after all, enough to go around even in the austerest of circumstances.”  ~ Maria Popova

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