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July 20, 2018

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Ever go through a phase when, after what seems ages, you suddenly find yourself seeing something over and over? Running into people over and over. Such is the case with Missouri. The last week has been a Missouri fest, and that leads us to MIKE LEBOLT, a fine Missouri man who has news to share. Mike hails from Springfield (aka Brad Pitt’s hometown) and went to Missouri State U (which at one time was called Southwest Missouri State) and Mizzou.  Just yesterday he joined Megatrax Music as an Director of Corporate AV – and it’s right up his alley. Mike had been over at FirstCom Music, so he’ll still be based in Dallas. Along the way, Mike has worked at Tiffany’s…which is very interesting imho.  Mike’s a sweetie with the nicest smile. I guess we should sing “Well Dunne! Mike”. Big thanks to CHAD HUFFMAN.

Speaking of favorites, DREW FOWLER falls into that category. Drew has been heading up the creative at Sacramento’s ABC affil KXTV and the work he’s been doing is beyond terrific. Perhaps the very best in the country, and I see a LOT of work. Well, he’s not going to move and leave his swimming pool but he is changing jobs. Friday’s his last day at KXTV and from there he goes over to CBS’ KOVR. Actually, he is returning to KOVR…he was heading up their marketing and promo from ’05 to ’12. Gotta love hearing KOVR recognizes talent. A big Well Dunne! Drew.

Anybody remember who passed out the mushrooms that have made us all crazy? Yes, I’m referencing the abrupt about-face the FCC pulled on Sinclair. Can’t WAIT for all the details to finally be shared. So no…nobody knows anything about Sinclair, Tribune or almost anything from moment to moment. You’re not alone…we’re all just watching the circus of TV ownership.

Think About This:  “Have I gone mad?  I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.” ~  Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

September 27, 2012

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Not only is DREW FOWLER building a new pool in his backyard, he’s got a new job in the same town that nearly finished pool is in. Staying in Sacramento, Drew has made the switch from the CBS owned station, KOVR, to the Gannett ABC station, KXTV where he’s the Director of Marketing and Community Relations. Drew is going to love working with DAVE MONTGOMERY, Promo Manager and former Scripps creative. Drew is a fave, and has the cutest little boy (who is growing up way too fast…). Well Dunne! Drew.

Taking the Creative Director slot at Big2 in Midland, TX is ROBBY PROPP. Big2 from the Big Sky country…and if you’ve ever been in the Permian Basin, you know the sky is indeed big. Gorgeous. Robby was born in Odessa and spent time growing up in Denver. He even knows that the best shrimp tostados are in Midland, TX, despite the fact it’s a few miles from a coast. Well Dunne! Robby.

Job Alert –  Sr. Promo Writer Producer KHOU in Houston

Job Alert – Promo Writer/Producer at FOX in DC

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January 12, 2012

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It was a red letter Thursday for JAY YOVANOVICH. He’s been named Promotion Manager at WRAL in the Raleigh-Durham market.  Yep, THE WRAL. Jay’s exchanging his Sr. Promo Writer Producer title for this new one. Jay’s been at the Capital Broadcasting-owned CBS affil since 2006. Shout out to CSD SHELLY LESLIE for the heads up. Well Dunne! Jay.

And another boost at WRAL comes to former Promo Pro JIM ROTHSCHILD, who is now Station Manager. Jim worked his way up the ladder at KMOV in St. Louis before joining WRAL as Stations Ops Manager. Well Dunne! Jim.

Out west, PAUL KRAMER moves to the Fox station in Sacramento as Creative Services Production Manager. The San Francisco State U grad was at CBS’ KOVR in the Cali capital. Well Dunne! Paul.

Job Alert: Work with DON SMITH and DREW FOWLER! Two faves…you’ll love them. Here’s their ad:

Watch this first:  http://youtu.be/OI3V927T0sw

Want to be a part of the fun?  

KOVR/KMAX is the CBS O&O duopoly in Sacramento, CA.  We made our reputation as a creative, collaborative team who invest in marketing initiatives with strong strategy, audience focus, and high expectations.  Our former team members have gone on to thrive at bigger jobs in bigger markets, but always mention how much they loved the atmosphere here. 

We are looking for a seasoned Creative Promotions Producer to join our talented team. ?Our Producers are integral to the brand and communications messaging. They develop concepts to meet the strategy, and then execute the entire production workflow.

This is an exceptional opportunity is for someone that thrives on conceptualizing, writing, directing, editing, collaborating with other creative people and overseeing the process of their work.  You need to have a exceptional Final Cut skills, and be able to write, conceptualize and shoot.    You also need a killer reel.  

If you are ready to break out of the rut at your current station and join a creative team, work in a great facility and spend your weekends in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, or Napa, we want to hear from you! 

Please visit our website at CBSSacramento.com

Think About This: "This is the first step toward understanding the process of real, lasting change: simply knowing with certainty that you can do whatever you need to do. This understanding has a dual edge: On the one hand it increases your confidence and dignity. On the other hand, it places full responsibility on you if you fail to make the change you set out to make. But this is a good thing, not a guilt trip." ~ Bo Lozoff


October 14, 2011

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What a lucky lady CHRISTINA ROMENTO Is….she gets to work with DON SMITH and DREW FOWLER at Sacramento’s KOVR. Christina is making the switch from being at FOX in Austin (shout out to DANI DUDEK). Christina is a writer producer of the promo variety and has worked at FOX Chicago and FOX Portland as well as KGMB in Hawaii. She’s a Washington State U grad who is going to be much closer to her family in California’s capital. Well Dunne! Christina.

Down Tampa way, CSD DENNIS ELSBURY at ABC affil WFTS has found a new Promotion Manager. He’ll have details next time.

Former ABC Toledo CSD TERRY KOWALSKI is on the lookout for jobs that would bring him further East…closer to his children. New York is the aim. So all you folks about to make a hire…give Terry the first shot.


Anybody want to move to Bhutan? This is the best thing ever – it’s a country where they have not a gross domestic product but a Gross National Happiness Index which measures the population’s well-being, the community ties and environmental harmony. Shangra-La. Who’s with me? 


Think About This: If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  ~ Flavia Weedn, Flavia and the Dream Maker

October 13, 2011

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How busy is the new WTAE Pittsburgh Promotion Manager? SO busy she’s had to postpone one of those great phone conversations full of exciting quotes for this blog. And the reason she’s so busy is that she’s doing two jobs at once. It’s just while they find a new creative to take her old slot. So while TRACY OLIVER, who sounds like a dynamo, toils doing Topicals, we’ll have to just take it from her boss, CSD ED EVEREST, that she’s gotten a well-deserved bump. We’ll check back with Tracy later, but are sending the Hearst CBS PM a big ol’ Well Dunne!

Let’s hear it for DON SMITH. He’s the Promo Manager out at KOVR in Sacramento, working with CSD DREW FOWLER. Don is a major fave and one great guy, who today is celebrating the 4th anniversary of his amazing blog, IDOPROMOZ. Definitely check it out daily. Well Dunne! Don.


Happy birthday to Well Dunne! Talent’s KEVIN MACHADO who’s making LA even hotter than Mother Nature!

Want to help Tracy out? Then let’s get an ace Topical Producer into WTAE. Details follow:

If you have fire in the belly, a monster demo reel and a winning attitude then pack your bags and head to the most livable city in America.

Pittsburgh is vibrant broadcast mecca thriving in culture and opportunity. “The Burgh” has a unique blend of big city living with a hometown heart. The market has over 90 distinct neighborhoods and four distinct seasons to support all lifestyles. The City of Champions has a neighborhood you’ll love calling home!

If you are ready to earn your keep and propel your career in a real market – and we mean REAL competitive market – Pittsburgh is THE place to be! In this city the difference between #1 and #3 can come down to a tenth of a point. We are hunting for a highly competitive producer with the desire to contribute terrific work and execute great ideas.

This is not an entry level position. Experienced applicants should be proven in writing, shooting and editing of original marketing with a focus on primetime news topical promotion. Producing duties will also include station positioning, news image, sports themed and digital platform branding spots. We are looking for someone who can create value and deliver the goods.

This position requires the ability to shoot, experience with ENPS, and proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite 5. Resume’s submitted without demo reels will be used to light the grill at our station tailgate parties. We like to have fun and we have a lot to advance. If you are motivated to succeed and ready to take your life’s work to new levels then Pittsburgh is your next target.

WTAE has an award winning news staff that values talented people and positive attitudes. WTAE is staffed by some of the industry’s most respected and critically acclaimed television news journalists delivering insightful, thought-provoking and essential news coverage to Pittsburgh. Our leadership extends to coverage of local news, weather and sports, on-air, on-line, and on mobile. We report local stories with national impact. This could be a defining moment in your career.

Send cover letter, resume and demo reel to:  WTAE-TV  400 Ardmore Boulevard  Pittsburgh, PA  15221 Applicants must include source of referral  No phone calls, please. WTAE is a Hearst station.

 Think About This:  (This was used by Nelson Mandela in his Inaugural Speech 1994) “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people will feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Enthusiasm is such a powerful state of mind and behavior. I hear that enthusiasm is running over in the new writer producer at CBS’ KOVR in Cali Capital Sacramento. Coming onboard the creative team headed by CSD DREW FOWLER is SHAD SELBY (great name btw) who is making the transition from an ad agency environment to the station-side. Shad, who hates to admit it but his first name is the name of a fish, hails from Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Lake Tahoe. Three fave locales. He was Creative Director at Astone/Crocker/Flanagan and was producer and director for all the TV and radio spots at the Sacto agency. He’s in good hands…when I talked with him, he was getting writing tips from Promotion Manager DON SMITH. Great station you have there, Shad. Well Dunne!

Hurray for JOHN MILLER  of NBC and his new slot. Read about what the NYTimes has to say about it all. Well Dunne! Well Dunne!

Oops…for quite some time now, I’ve listed a CSD open slot at WDSU down in New Orleans. Not true. And it was definitely not what the REAL CSD wanted to see at all. No kidding. Our most sincere apologies to BILLY PILGRIM, who is heading the creative efforts at Hearst-owned NBC affil in the Crescent City. Seems the confusion stemmed from a old web page listing the opening, and WD!TB checks open jobs via the web. Billy, I’ll buy the Hurricane next time I’m in town.

Happy belated birthday to WTVD’s CURTIS MILES! You never look any older. How do you do that?

Think About This:  "So many fail because they don’t get started – they don’t go. They don’t overcome inertia. They don’t begin." ~  W. Clement Stone

August 30, 2010

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The capital of the US is being traded for the entertainment capital of the world. At least that’s what JIM LADAS is going to be doing when he leaves DC and heads to LA. Why is CSD of FOX’s duop in Washington DC heading west? To become VP of Creative Services at KTTV and KCOP, FOX’s flagships over on Bundy. Way cool! Details to come.

A thumbs up and sincere thank-you to Brian Williams and Monday night’s NBC News. The follow-up story on the people of New Orleans exemplified the power of TV news.

From the dynamic duo of  DREW FOWLER and DON SMITH out in Sacramento, who would be SO COOL to work with!

Who are we?? We’re one of most creative shops in the country. You know… the one your CSD shows you spots from, then explains why it’s “great..but will never work in this market.” We’re a real TEAM. Creative and collaborative. We put passion into everything we do, and don’t settle for less than the best promos around.

Who are you? You’re a proven operator with a killer reel and a passion for great work. You can create! Write! Shoot! Produce! Edit! You’re the person that’s known for getting it done… and exceeding expectations. You know how to make zero budget look like a million bucks. And you know how to do it ON strategy and ON deadline.

We shoot everything. Work in HD. We have 4 fully stocked Final Cut Pro suites and use them. We promote 65 hours of news between our two stations, so we do LOTS of high creative on tight deadlines. We’re located in West Sacramento, nestled between two beautiful rivers, and an hour from either San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Napa.
EOE – no phone calls please –
Drew Fowler, CBS13/CW31, Attn: Promotion Predator, 2713 KOVR Drive, West Sacramento, CA 95605

MUST APPLY FOR THIS POSITION ON LINE: http://www.facebook.com/l/9b259C2OgWf-PXmtW3LrzrsnRmQ;www.cbs13.com – “JOBS” link
No paper applications accepted.  Application Deadline: Position open until filled

Having a job in today’s market might be as hard to do as finding one. Especially with the long hours and all. Thank goodness napping is getting the corporate thumbs up!

Think About This:  "Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. It is a choice based on the knowledge that we belong to God and have found in God our refuge and our safety and that nothing, not even death, can take God away from us. Joy is the experience of knowing that you are unconditionally loved and that nothing–sickness, failure, emotional distress, oppression, war, or even death–can take that love away." ~ Henri Nouwen

August 10, 2010

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California’s capital city, Sacramento, has a new person at the creative helm of their ABC affiliate, KXTV. The Gannett-owned operation has named LINDA BAYLEY to the title Director of Creative Services and Marketing. She’s already on the job, and to top it all, she’s no stranger to Sacramento. Linda was VP of Marketing for KCRA and for Kelly News & Entertainment. A professional who has served as a consultant for Frank Magid, Linda most recently was Director of Brand Development and Programming at McGraw Hill’s KMGH in Denver. Her ABC Marketing Advisory Board Chairmanship means she really knows her way around the network she’s working with, too. A big Well Dunne! to you Linda. Congrats.

I DO PROMOZ blog. You all read that, right? Well, you should! And you really need to get to know DON SMITH, author of said blog and a great TV promo pro. He’s in Sacramento, too, at the CBS owned KOVR.

OK, let’s make this whole thing about Sacto by throwing out a Welcome To the World hug to the new addition to KOVR creative topper DREW FOWLER’s family. He’s a dad again and the new young man in the Fowler family is named Patrick. He arrived Friday. What can be happier news? Well Dunne!

Think About This: "Camping is nature’s way of promoting the restaurant & motel business." ~ Dave Barry

June 30, 2010

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Sacramento isn’t that far from San Francisco. A mere 76 miles. So when RYAN LEWIS took his new job doing art for DREW FOWLER at CBS’ KOVR/KMAX in Cali’s capital, his trip wasn’t a cross country affair. If traffic was good, it wasn’t even that long of a drive. Ryan, who is already at the station and doing his artistic thing, had been with SF’s Premier Retail Networks, where he was involved in motion graphics. Ryan’s also been with Attik, the hot, hot, hot creative agency in the city by the bay. Well Dunne! Ryan and thanks for the info Drew. Shout out to KOVR’s promo manager, DON SMITH.

Speaking of Sacramento…My former assistant, MARGARET MOHR, who had been VP of Marketing and Promotion at Gannett’s KXTV has not left marketing behind, but has taken it in a new direction. She’s repotted herself, leaving the ABC affiliate and is now putting together the marketing team for a Sacramento-area publishing company. It’s closer to home and, besides, she’s been doing the CSD thing for the last 10 years. Margaret is a gem and TV will miss her, but going in different directions and saving time on a commute are not to be ignored.  Well Dunne!
Tribune is shaking up the status quo. Part of the new way to do things is to appoint two regional VPs who’ll oversee Creative Services. JOHN ZEIGLER is now a member of the VP club, with his marching orders to oversee the Eastern Region of Trib’s TV stations. His former title was CSD at WPIX in The Big Apple. The Central Region will be overseen by new VP CARRIE KING, who was CSD at WGN in Chicago. Just love her new title: Regional Vice President Innovation & Imagination at Tribune Creative Group.  Why Yes, they have an opening for a VP for the western region, so if you’re interested….Well Dunne! to John and Carrie!

Nobody likes what is so euphemistically referred to as “difficult conversations” at work. Nobody. But they aren’t going away and a good leader owes it to everybody to make these effective. Make these conversations easier by reading the tips in this article.

Think About This:  "Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." ~ Deepak Chopra