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June 7, 2011

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KEITH MORAN has walked across the street in Albany. The former FOX WXXA Promotion Director now has the same title at NBC affiliate WTEN, the Young-owned station in New York’s capital. Well Dunne! Keith. Give me a buzz when you get a minute…need a jpg of you for PROMAX Brief magazine’s Shuffle page.

Starz’ ERIC BECKER is out of pocket this week. Extremely limited phone, email, text…you get the idea. Seems that Harvard is rather strict on keeping one’s attention and Eric is in Cambridge attending CTAM U select leadership program. Very impressive. Eric is Executive Dir of Corporate Communications for Starz and loves Denver. Well Dunne! Eric.

WHO did the breathtakingly amazing spots for FX’s Rescue Me The Final Season? Seriously, let me know so we can direct the spotlight to this major talent.

Think About This: "Most of the time we place our main value on the outer form of a situation. This means that we are really placing value on how well that form can please our egos. Instead, we must value the inner side, which consists of our own growth and awakening, and that of everyone else involved. That is all that matters."  ~ Robert Perry