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October 6, 2010

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Getting a VP added to her title is HEATHER SENST. The good folks at Astral Television Networks in Toronto must like her management and creative strategy moves. She’s an 11 year vet who worked with Time Warner Communications as an on-air producer before joining Astral. She’s already hard at work as a member of the VP club. Well Dunne! Heather.

DIANNE STREYER is adding a fun aspect to her VDO graphics business…t-shirts. TV Tees is what she calls it and they’re exactly that. My fave is the one called Ticker…

Job Alert! You ski lovers and bums out there. Snow’s about to fall and the slopes are about to open in Utah. Great time to check out jobs. Salt Lake City is looking for a great topical writer/producer/editor to handle the 9p/10p newscasts in Utah’s capital. CSD Terry McFarland needs someone who can write great copy and edit on Final Cut Pro…Check out the opening at KTVX.

What a fun way to raise cash for the bone marrow matching program at City of Hope…join in the celebrity skeet shoot this weekend. Who’s taking a bead on fighting cancer? Tom Selleck and Eva Longoria Parker to name but two. Any great shots out there who want to mix, mingle and make a difference?  Well, being in LA is required…

Love the title of the article 5 Lessons You Can Learn from the Facebook Movie

Think About This: “Heaven is here, and it’s available for everybody, but we need to have the eyes to perceive it.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz