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April 3, 2014

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Every now and then, you stumble across something you never knew about a person/friend you felt you knew well. Happened with Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANAMBRIA. (His voice is just marvelous!) His father and uncle were amazing inventors who specialized in the technology that made TV possible. He’s promised to write about it later. When his dad was in WW2, one of the projects he did was set up communications for the Allies in D-Day. Working from England, he was assigned a billeted living quarters and a driver. The driver turned out to be QUEEN ELIZABETH, who at the time was Princess Elizabeth. Wow…amazing. Should I say Well Dunne! Your Royal Highness? Not appropriate, actually.

Job Alert – Promo Coordinator (entry level – topicals) WPRI Providence

Think About This:  “Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.’  Spirit says ‘Find peace and then everything will fall into place.’”  ~ Marianne Williamson

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April 2, 2014

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Moving one’s career ahead is such an exciting endeavour. Yes, everyone everyday moves their career along, taking steps both big and small just by keeping the lights on. Certain forward progress is noted with new cities, new duties, new titles. One young lady moving ahead is now the Assistant Creative Services Director for CSD PAUL MONTGOMERY at Scripps’ ABC affil WRTV in Indianapolis. LINDSAY BLEDSOE is the lady in question and she’s making the move from Indy’s WXIN where she handled topicals. Ms. Lindsay has worked doing promos at WTMJ in Milwaukee and is an Indiana girl, born there and holding a sheepskin from Valpariso U. No doubt we’ll be seeing great things from her. She started Monday and from the sounds of it, will be working days not nights. Well Dunne! Lindsay.

Job Alert – Director of Creative Services WPIX New York City

Love the new Redbox moodmatch colors…helps you find the kind of film you want much faster according to, what else, your mood and assigned color. Great tool for those who don’t live and breathe film.

Think About This:  "What I am in the eyes of most people – a nonentity, an eccentric or an unpleasant person – in short the lowest of the low … even if that were absolutely true, then I should one day like to show what such a nobody has in his heart"  ~ Vincent Van Gogh.

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April 1, 2014 No foolin’

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Living on Tulsa time isn’t just a song sung by Don Williams…it’s what RACHEL PAPP is going to be doing once she settles into the job of Creative Services Director at Scripps’ NBC affiliate KJRH located in the aforementioned T-Town.  It’s her first turn at heading up creative efforts and she’s learned from hands-on experience. Her last slot was at Scripps’ sister station WPTV, NBC in West Palm Beach, FL where she was Sr. Promo Writer Producer having started as writer producer for CSD JAMES MCKAY. Ms. Rachel also worked at Post-Newsweek’s CBS affil WKMG in Orlando where she interned and then took a seat as Senior Sales Assistant. Rachel is going to be in great hands in Tulsa, where her GM is former promo pro DONNA WILSON. Well Dunne! Rachel. (PS – Rachel’s new job broke the nearly all-male streak we had going in March)

Fresh from a panel a SXSW comes more excitement from DAN SILVER who has been tapped VP of Creative for Riptide Music Group out of Culver City. They do music for trailers (most recently Noah and Wolf of Wall Street) and ads and promos, etc. They do all kinds of great music and you should check them out. Well Dunne! Dan.



Job Alert – Writer Producer CNN On-Air Promotions Atlanta Job 139692BR

Think About This: "May I be medicine for those who are sick, a partner for those who are lonely, a bridge for those who need to cross over, and a light for those who are blind."  ~ A prayer of the Bodhisattva

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March 31, 2014

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BRYCE RICHARDS is taking a new career step. The Columbia College of Chicago grad has taken the promo writer producer slot at Fox affil KDVR in The Mile High City, Denver. Bryce is coming over from sister Tribune station WITI in Milwaukee. His new boss, the lovely and talented MAIA BRUSSEAU, is looking forward to his start date in mid April. But wait…there’s more. KDVR will also welcome STEPHEN RYLE as their new commercial producer. Mr. R is coming from Raycom’s CBS affil WTOC in historic Savannah, GA. Stephen starts today (if you read this on Monday).  Thanks MAIA and Well Dunne! Bryce and Stephen.

Job Alert – Marketing Producer WAFF Huntsville

I know a lot of you have pets, so you should know about the latest app from, of all places, The American Red Cross. It’s a 99 cent download app that is perfect pet first aid info, for cats and dogs

Think About This:  “If your compassion doesn’t include yourself, it is incomplete.”  ~ Buddha

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March 28, 2014

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Let’s play a “where is he going” game. He ‘he’ in question is TONY REED, just now departing his slot as Promotion Manager at Hearst’s NBC affil in Orlando, WESH. The moving van comes early next week and he’ll be taking the Marketing Director position at…this is where we play the game. It’s a Midwest market. It’s larger than a bread box and largerer than Nielsen’s #42 market. It’s a FOX affiliate. It’s owned by a wonderful ownership group. The city where he’s going has the nickname Porkopolis (I am not making that up). The city in question does odd things with chile but has the best ice cream in the country (based on several foodie recommendations). Anybody guess  Cincinatti? Yes, Tony is going to Cincinnati where he’ll be wrangling the marketing for Raycom’s WXIX come April 10. Tony is a super guy…a passionate animal lover as well as a vegan, he has worked with Hearst in Albuquerque at KOAT (where he was CSD) and in Portland Maine for WGME and WMTW. Best thing is his sheepskin from University of Missouri in Columbia in Journalism. MissouRAH! Well Dunne! Tony.


Job Alert – Art Director WDSU New Orleans (click for details and work for BILLY PILGRIM!)


Job Alert – Sr. Promotions Producer KNME Albuquerque NM

Job Alert – Director Network Marketing MSG Entertainment NYC #14-5963

You know how you just do NOT want to run into certain people (like an ex…of any kind)…well, you need the app Cloak

Think About This:  "All sins are attempts to fill voids." – Simone Weil

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March 27, 2014

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The Mile High City is where you’ll be finding GARTH FRANKLIN, now that he’s taken the Vice President of Creative Services slot for The Outdoor Channel. Yes, he’s trading Chicago for Denver and leaving Weigel Broadcasting where he was Network Creative Leader for MeTV Network and Movies! Garth’s background includes heading creative at Fox Cable Nets, CBC TV in Toronto and even the Playboy Channel. Plus other juicy film marketing assignments. He’ll be loving Colorado in the spring. Well Dunne! Garth.

KYLE KLEINEKE has left the day-to-day world of affiliate TV behind but is taking all his talent and creativity to the oldest and most respected ad agencies in Louisiana – LeGrand and Associates in Bossier City. He’ll handle their video production while Fox affil KMSS in Shreveport will miss him. Well Dunne! Kyle.


Job Alert – Writer Producer (Topical) KGO San Francisco

Voice talent DENA YASNER’s father passed away last evening, his lovely daughter by his side. Think of her kindly the next few days. 

Think About This: “Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, take another shot.”  ~ Everybody

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March 26, 2014

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This country seems to define itself by what body of water is nearest. The Atlantic means the east coast….the Gulf refers to the southern states which get to have more shrimp than the rest of us…the Mississippi divides us in half…and the Pacific calls out to come across the vast empty west and watch sunsets in the land of opportunity. Heading from the banks of the Mississippi (metaphorically speaking) to the golden west is JOEL FLOWERS, who is embarking on a trek from Sikeston, MO to Thousand Palms, CA, where Mr. Flowers will be hitting the world of TV marketing as a writer producer for CSD KENT KAY at KESQ. The University of Tennessee at Martin grad has been polishing his marketing craft working in radio, where deadlines and marketing messages are the same as TV. In his new job, Joel will be reunited with his old radio on-air co-host, SALLY SAPUTO; the two of them were a hot item and from the sound of things, they will continue to be for News-Press & Gazette Co’s operations. Well Dunne! and safe travels Joel. Don’t fall over when you see the price of petrol in Needles.  

Congrats and Well Dunne! to WKYC’s MICKI BYRNES with her new title VP/Station Manager at  Gannett-owned NBC affil..  She’s a creative – been a marketing pro in Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco as well as most recently VP of Advertising and Promotion in Cleveland.  Always loved her work and working with her on the NBC Promo Board. She also did a campaign that still ranks as one of my favorites ever.


Thoughts and prayers going out to Well Dunne! Talent’s DENA YASNER‘s father recovering from heart surgery. 

Think About This: “Three simple rules in life. 1) If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.  2) If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.  3) If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.”  ~ novelist Nora Roberts

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March 25, 2014

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Charlotte NC is named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the wife of King George III of Great Britain. Yes, it was under his watch that we colonists rather acted up and formed our own country. Anyway, Charlotte is home to the Cox ABC affil WSOC, which is the home of RON DEJOSEPH, the newest member of the TV Promotion Manager club. Starting at ESPN where he edited, he made the switch to WSOC as an editor and then motion graphics guy…working his talent into super spots as producer. Now he’s booted to Promo Manager and he really knows his stuff. Well Dunne! Ron.


Job Alert – Creative Services Director WPLG Miami


Job Alert – Graphic Designer WFOR Miami

Think About This:  “Humans think they are smarter than dolphins because we build cars and buildings and start wars, etc, and all that dolphins do is swim in the water, eat fish and play around. Dolphins believe they are smarter for exactly the same reasons.”  ~ Douglas Adams

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March 24, 2014

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GREG HEPP is heading to Florida. Yep, the Michigan man is going to trade The Great Lakes State for The Sunshine State and begin his new job in about a week. The Michigan State Spartan is departing his writer producer slot at ABC affil WXYZ and checking in as the new writer producer at CBS affil WPEC in West Palm Beach. With a Masters in Broadcast Management from Wayne State U, he’ll no doubt be a fab addition to the creative team from the minute he walks in the door. Well Dunne! Greg.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WTVD Raleigh-Durham

Think About This:  “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”  C. S. Lewis

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March 21, 2014

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One of the very talented creatives out there is now a Promotion Manager! Yes, he got the new title when we were all either shoveling snow or worrying about lack of rain (how you identify will label you a Midwest/East Coast person or a West Coast person respectively). Up at WXYZ in Detroit, at the Scripp-owned ABC affil, AARON LIVERSEDGE has been a stand-out writer producer for CSD DAVE BAUMANN. All Aaron’s stuff is amazing. No doubt hard work has paid off with that new business card. A big Well Dunne! to Aaron. 

Job Alert – Assistant Director PBS KIDS Marketing & Promotion Strategy, Arlington VA (DC)

Job Alert – On-Air Senior Promotion Producer, Middle East Broadcasting Network, Springfield VA (DC) Job code 193

Job Alert – Director of Creative Services, Mun2 LA (Must be bilingual)

Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYE wrote a pretty cool article which appears in the FMQB publication. Click to connect.

Worth the click….Great Communicators Do These 8 Things Always.

Think About This: “When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.”  ~  Haruki Murakami

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March 20, 2014

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Is there a prettier city in the spring than Atlanta? OK, Paris, but I’m talking domestic. Yes, Atlanta and their peachtrees in full bloom win the eyes and hearts of anyone who loves gorgeous. The timing of Atlanta in the spring is going to work out perfectly for DAVID TALLARICO. David is the new Promotion Manager at CBS’ WGCL, or as they brand themselves CBS46 and Peachtree TV (see, Peachtree is big business there). After not just one but two periods at WJAC, the Johnstown PA Sinclair NBC (once as producer and then again as CSD), David will bid adieu to Pennsylvania. He’s a PA boy with a degree from University of Pittsburgh and time as a producer at WPXI in The ‘Burgh. . Best of luck with your new job, David, and you’ll love working with your boss JEFF HOLUB. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – WXYZ Detroit has two (yes 2) open Producer slots. Come work in a dynamic news market for a fabulous company (Scripps) and one of my favorite CSD’s around (DAVE BAUMANN). This is not a paid ad…I mean it when I say it’s a great opportunity.

Well Dunne! Talent’s MELANIE HAYNES isn’t just fab behind the mic (and she is – click her name and give her a listen) but you’ll have the opportunity to see how she shines in front of the cameras as well. She’s just finished shooting an episode of SALEM, a new series for WGN.  Details on when it airs will be made yours in advance so you can set your iCal reminder. Well Dunne! Melanie!

Think About This: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”  ~ thanks to LEE MINARD who posted this on Facebook.

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March 19, 2014

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Love the Brits (and Irish, Scots and Welsh) when they use the word ‘brilliant’. It always makes the description more alive and exciting. So when WHNT’s CSD BECKY SHORES described her new producer/shooter/editor in such a term, I knew it was someone to keep one’s eye upon. Welcome to the world of entertainment marketing SAM LOTT. Ms. Becky found him in her own newsroom where the University of North Alabama grad was doing special projects. He also directed, filmed and edited a music video for indie group The Grenadines – Dejelo Solo. Looking to see what excitement Sam cooks up at the Huntsville CBS affiliate. Well Dunne! Sam.

Job Alert – On-Air Promotion Manager WJAC Johnstown PA

This is worth the click….6 Principles To Guide Your Hiring

Think About This:  “"Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny."   ~  Carl Schurz

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March 18, 2014

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Job Alerts – a whole list because who had time to do much else on St. Pat’s Day.

Creative Services Director @WBAL – Baltimore

Creative Services Director @KMGH – Denver

Creative Services Director @WIAT – Birmingham

Creative Services Director @KSLA – Shreveport

Ass’t Creative Services Director @WESH – Orlando

Ass’t Creative Services Director @WRTV – Indianapolis

On-Air Promotion Manager @WPGH/WPMY – Pittsburgh

Promo Manager @WIS TV – Columbia SC

Promo Manager @KTVT – Dallas

Promo Manager @WNWO – Toledo

Marketing Manager @WXIX – Cincinnati

Marketing Manager @WTEN – Albany

VP Creative Services @Outdoor Channel – Denver

VP Marketing @Nick Niche – NYC

SVP Creative Marketing @MTV360 – NYC

Social Media Manager @WRAL – Raleigh

Think About This:  “We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.”  ~ Richard Curtis for his film About Time

Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


St. Pat’s Day March 17, 2014

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Yes, it’s St. Pat’s Day, Please imbibe accordingly. And should you think that sending green carnations is corny, then you won’t understand why I miss my dad so much, particularly today. 


The smart folks at Seattle’s PBS outlet, KCTS, have wisely named CARLOS ESPINOZA VP Marketing and Communications. He’ll be bringing all his talent and experience to a fabulous operation. Many of you remember him from the time he spent heading up the creative at KOMO and KIRO, the ABC and CBS affiliates respectively. Seattle is an amazing market and he’s a lucky man to be there. He also headed up development for Aloe Entertainment and was CMO at SwordStone Digital Agency. I didn’t ask him if he was one of the Seattle coffee guys…next time. Well Dunne! Carlos.


Job Alert – Writer Producer truTV NYC job14130BR


Job Alert –  Writer Producer Adult Swim Atlanta Job140508BR


Think About This:   The late Irish poet Seaumus Heaney texted his last words, sent to his wife just minutes before he died. The text was Latin: noli timere, which translates to do not be afraid.


Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent



March 14, 2014

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JIM GORMAN’s creative department at NYC’s flagship WABC just announced two exciting happenings. First, KRISTIE GONZALES is going to be taking the Promotion and Digital Brand Manager slot that opened when KAY PONDER announced her retirement. Ms. Kristie will take I-95 north from Raleigh, where she’s been heading up the Creative Services and Programming for WTVD, another ABC property. She’s no stranger to the NE, having worked at WPVI in Philly and WSFN in Fresno. She’ll be starting April 7. Well Dunne! Kristie.

Secondly, promo producer BRANDON NELSON has been promoted to Senior Promotion Producer. He’s a talent that has been on the front line of WABC’s news topical and image efforts, and he’s the go-to guy who knows how to keep the brand happy and on course. Well Dunne! Brandon.

Job Alert – Promotions Coordinator KXAN Austin

Today is Pi Day. Please, no blonde jokes about lemon meringue.

Anybody see the Jack Daniels spot that ties Sinatra and their brand together? It’s good. So good that I’m not even a whiskey drinker and I want to buy it.

Think About This:  “If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone.”  ~ Maxwell Maltz

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March 13, 2014

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The festival is over, but the Sundance Channel, now called SundanceTV (no space between) is making news. This time, it’s a promotion. DREW PISARRA has been upped to VP of Digital Media and Marketing. It’s a new business card from the old one, which was VP Digital Media at AMC. The Hofstra grad is an amazing writer. So much so, he was the Sr. Online Editor of New York Magazine as well as Regional Editor of Citysearch.com. A big Well Dunne! Drew.

Congrats to all the talented folks who are finalists in the Cynopsis Sports Media Awards, including a personal fave BARRY FITZSIMMONS whose creative talents are being utilized by ONE World Sports. The whole list is here, just click.



Think About This:  "We are all contained within our own mental boundaries, each according to our own individual awareness. Many people live bound by the world outside them because they know not of an inside world. In order to bring a sense of stability into their lives, people cling to the outside world to control how they feel. They try to give to themselves a sense of love and well-being, and yet it is largely beyond their control because their love is based outside them." ~  Ron Rathbun

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March 11, 2014

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CARRIE KING knows Chicago. I don’t mean just how to navigate amongst the cities, towns and streets nor do I mean which restaurants have the best of whatever it is your pallet desires. No, I mean Carrie KNOWS Chicago and as much as she know Chicago, she knows how to market even more. Whew…sounds hyperbolic, but it’s just a fact. Carrie is heading up a new entity which will draw on her days as creative at WGN and FOX up in The Windy City. New entity is tagged Creative Forces. In her own words, “Creative Forces is a group of international award-winning visual storytellers who specialize in creating break-through brand strategies that deliver high-profile and extremely profitable market positions.” How cool is that! So, all you corporate, network and cable kids…you need to mentally bookmark Carrie’s endeavor and, ahem….use her! Well Dunne! Carrie.

Job Alert – SVP On-Air Promotion Nickelodeon NYC job 6814

Well Dunne! Talent’s MELANIE HAYNES just got back from a fascinating weekend in Austin. Yes, SXSW was doing it’s massive thing, but Melanie was involved in a SAG Foundation-sponsored workshop. Very cool. And you should give her a listen. 

PROMAX alert – deadline is fast approaching to enter the 2014 PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design North America Awards..it’s March 13. Better get moving! Click here for deets. 


Think About This:  “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”  ~ Paulo Coehlo

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March 10, 2014

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Sometimes the answer to your problem is no farther away than…well than just down the hall. Such was the case when WMAR’s CSD ALEX SHAW went searching for a new creative services writer producer, an item getting to be as scarce as unicorns. Baltimore’s ABC affiliate now has found such a creative and Mr. Shaw is thrilled to tell us about ADAM MIZRAHI, who was freelancing for Alex back in November and is now a bonafide part of the creative team. Great to hear. Adam is a U of Maryland College Park grad who loves film and has worked at Percepto Studios in Charm City, as well as handled freelance projects. Sounds like this is going to be a very good pairing. Well Dunne! Adam!

Job Alert – Graphic Designer KOAA Colorado Springs

Job Alert – VP Public Affairs MTV NYC  #6900

Think About This:  "Many people lose the small joys in the hope for big happiness." – Pearl S. Buck


Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent



March 7, 2014

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New York’s Tribune-owned CW station, WPIX, has tapped DAVID HYMAN to be VP of Creative Services, and he will definitely know his way around not only the job, but the town. He’s been consulting at PIX11, which is what they call themselves, and brings an enormous amount of experience with him. The Syracuse grad has been VP, Creative Director for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams as well as VP Creative Services and Programming at WNBC. The commute isn’t bad at all – sounds like everybody involved is smiling. His first day as an official member of the team is Monday. Well Dunne! David.

Job Alert – Creative Writer Producer WKMG Orlando

WKMG-TV, the Post-Newsweek owned station in sunny Orlando, seeks a motivated, high- energy Creative Writer-Producer to join our award winning Creative Team. Candidate will be responsible for bringing the Local 6 brand to life through compelling writing, superior editing and strategic conceptualization.  The qualified candidate must be able to conceive, write, shoot, edit, and succeed in a high-energy results-oriented media environment.  Ideal candidate will be an innovative thinker and contributor of ideas with the ability to learn from those around them. 

  • Write, produce and edit compelling news image and topical promotions
  • Social media marketing and content development
  • Assist in all areas of station promotions, marketing, commercial production, special projects, community events and more
  • Participate fully in daily news meetings
  • Work well with news producers, photographers and reporters in the field
  • Produce image, web videos, and other promotions as assigned
  • Ability to work flexible hours including nights, weekends, holidays on short notice
  • Reports to Creative Services Director
  • Two years + Television promotion experience 
  • Exceptional knowledge of Premier or Final cut experience and After Effects a plus
  • Willingness to work flexible schedules
  • Both a team player and a solo act rolled into one 
  • Ability to problem-solve, find positive solutions to challenges 
  • Must be well organized and highly motivated 
  • NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE  E-mail or send resume and reel to:  kpeoples@wkmg.com   WKMG –TV   Attn:  Kymberli Peoples -Creative Services Director   4466 JOHN YOUNG PARKWAY   ORLANDO, FL  32804

Note:  All of the essential functions of this position are not necessarily described in this posting.  Any offer of employment is conditional on successful completion of pre-employment drug screen, required reference checks, background checks and educational degree verification. We are an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, matriculation or political affiliation.

Think About This:  “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”  ~ Mother Teresa

Copyright 2014 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


March 6, 2014

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I’ve known MARSHALL HITES for quite some time, and he’s absolutely super. Yes, his name does sound like a Cleveland suburb (a joke that he doesn’t always find as funny as I do) yet he’s absolutely an A-1 guy in every sense of the word. Just yesterday he got a wonderful push up the ladder with Tribune, who named him SVP, Marketing and Creative Services. That title means he’ll be overseeing all 42 of Trib’s stations. Best yet, he gets to stay in LA, which I know makes his wife and son very happy. Mr. H has worked at WKJS in Jacksonville, WFLA in Tampa, KCAL/KCBS in LA and has been helming KTLA’s marketing since 2011. And to think it all started in his hometown of Augusta, GA. A big hug goes along with this Well Dunne! Marshall.

Happy birthday to the best young(ish) Irish-British actor around, SHAUN EVANS. I predict, in time, he will be the kind of classy actor that is spoken of in comparable terms as Olivier and Gielgud. C’ya in London.

Think About This:  “Falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building. Your brain tells you it is not a good idea, but your heart tells you, you can fly.”  ~  Unknown


March 5, 2014

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Nothing sparks up a dreary Monday like happy news, and that is exactly what happened when MELISSA CRAWFORD sent an email about the new Promotion Manager at WNBC. Melissa is the VP of Creative and Marketing at the New York flagship and she is delighted to promote MICKEY ADOLPH into the job…he’s earned it.  She and Mickey have not only worked together at KNBC, where he was writing and producing before his promotion, but at KGO and KNTV, both the ABC and NBC operations in San Francisco. Mickey is a California guy who has made the transition to NYC beautifully (and no doubt with a great coat, muffler and gloves). A very big Well Dunne! Mickey.

Job Alert – Writer/Producer Fox Networks Group,Fox Sports Marketing LA #90064


Job Alert – CSD WBAL Baltimore


Job Alert – Writer Producer Marketing Broadcast Showtime NYC #17805BR

I NEVER tell anybody to do anything, but this is different.  You MUST do this. The article is called “You Can’t Handle the Creative” by Tara Hunt, via LinkedIn and it’s REQUIRED READING. Why do the vast majority of people reject creative ideas? 



Think About This:  “…and what is done in love is well done."  ~  Vincent van Gogh