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May 28, 2013

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KEVIN VICKERS has been promoted to Design Director at FX Design Group, where he had been both a Designer and Sr. Designer. As a matter of fact, he was the driving visionary for Tulsa’s KJRH set, which I know made GM DONNA WILSON, CSD SAMANTHA KNOWLTON and Sr. Promo Producer BRANDT DOTSON happy. Kevin has a degree from the coolest art school – Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. Well Dunne! Kevin.

Also at FX comes word that AL LAGOR is now Managing Director of Motion Design. He has a station background that includes WHDH Boston and loves sports. Well Dunne! Al. 

Job Alert – Creative Services Director KLAS Las Vegas

Job Alert – Digital and Social Media Marketig Specialist NatGeo Channel DC job NAT00000A

Job Alert – Promotions and marketing Specialist NESN Boston

Think About This:  In the seamless stitching together of life, work and art, the thread of divine order is woven.   ~  Sarah Ban Breathnach


May 23, 2013

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JACK PARMETER has passed away. I met Jack back in the LA days and hadn’t crossed paths until several months ago when he sent the most upbeat, charming email. He was looking for a new job and wanted to know what was available. His background was very impressive: He had helped launch the Fox TV Network as Director of On-Air Promotions, handling such shows as The Simpsons and 90210. He worked for Fox as Executive Director of Creative Services and traveled internationally working on original material. He made the switch to CBS where he was first VP of On-Air Promotion then Senior VP of Marketing. He was involved in Parmeter Productions where clients included ABC, Cimarron and Fox. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture, Jack had an artists eye, a brilliant mind, a winning smile. He will be sincerely missed.

BRAD CRUM who worked with Jack, wrote the following in his honor. He has graciously allowed us to share: 

"GUESS WHAT, WE ARE CONNECTED"  I got this email a couple of months ago from an old friend. " Hi there…I’m an ex CBS/FOX promo/marketing guy looking for a full time job (remember me?). I figured I’d start with my Linkedin friends. Guess what? We are connected.
Hope all is well with you.  Best   Jack"

I got back to him but we didn’t get a chance to talk. Now, I hear of his untimely death.
If you’ll allow me, I’ve written something in honor of Jack Parmeter.  But it’s really for all of us in the promo business. Because, as Jack so aptly said,
"Guess what–We are Connected".

To the tune of "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime,"

Once I built a network, from the ground, took it right to the top…
Once I took another, turned it around…Brother, can you spare a job?
Once my work earned jealous stares– lined their pockets with gold
Built a reputation—but hey, who cares?! Tell me am I just too old?

Say, don’t you remember, they called me Jack;
they called me John, Lew & Bob,
Why don’t you remember, I’m your pal? Buddy, can you spare a job?

Which leads to today’s THINK ABOUT THIS:  You get an email…a phone call…a FB message…a tweet…a LinkedIn message from someone in the business.  You know the person, or their work, or you know of them. You know people who know them. The person reaching out doesn’t have a job at the moment, or is looking for a project. Sound familiar? Now to the heart of it….what do you do? The answer…the ONLY answer…is that you do something. You return the email…the call…answer the social media communiqué.  You reach back and in doing so, you make that person feel so much better. Remind them they are not alone. They can be hopeful. In the best possible ways, you can even give them the key to a new job.

Think About This #2:  “If doubt, despair, and denial threaten to dismantle your dreams today, let Love rear up in your defense.”   ~  Sarah Ban Breathnach


May 22, 2013

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Reuniting with a former co-worker is COUNCIL BRADSHAW, who has been named the VP of Creative Services at the soon-to-be FOX duop in Charlotte, WJZY-WMYT. Council at one time was with FOX affil WGHP in the High Point market (up the road from The Queen City) where he worked with the now-GM in Charlotte. What’s he been doing in between all this? He’s been a partner in Greensboro-based DejaView Media. He’s a major-good cameraman. Well Dunne! Council. 

Job Alert – Art Director WRNN Port Chester NY (NYC market)


Think About This: “To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never to forget.”  ~  Arundhati Roy


May 21, 2013

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Change is all around. Always has been, but there are times when it seems to rush ahead more quickly, sweeping us breathlessly along with it. Found out there’s a big change happening out west, where KLAS’ LEE MINARD has announced he’s leaving the station the end of June. He and his lovely wife (and the family cats of course) will be heading to the Arizona desert to enjoy life lived to the max and not to the time clock. Lee’s career is amazing and he’s brought his magic to such places as Food Network and stations across the country. An award-winning pro, it seems his departure from active TV will leave a hollow spot. He loves jazz, photography and art, so he’ll be busy in between sunrise and sunset. A sincere and heartfelt Well Dunne! Lee. 

More change. This coming Friday is going to be extra exciting for Well Dunne!’s RICH VANSLYKE. His daughter Ali is graduating high school. The lovely young lady is going to college and study jazz saxophone performance…making her my favorite Freshman. Well Dunne! VanSlykes.

My wonderful entertainment lawyer reminds me that ya’ll need reminding that all material on this site, including the daily Well Dunne! blog is under copyright and all that it implies. OK, carry on.

Think About This:  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”   ~  Steve Jobs


May 20, 2013

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JOHN KIM is not only an MFA film grad of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, but he’s also the new Creative Services Manager for Nexstar’s WMBD/WYZZ/Bounce Central Illinois operation in Peoria. He knows the promo world pretty well, having worked as Promo Coordinator and writer/producer. He’s done a lot of freelance in NYC for music videos and commercials, as well as been Production Coordinator for Today’s Feature, a boutique ad agency, and Promo Producer for Music Choice. A big Well Dunne! John.

Job Alert – Creative Director On-Air Promotion Bravo  NYC Job 1024BR



Job Alert – Promotion Manager KOFY San Francisco

Job Alert – VP Integrated and Strategic Marketing CBS TV Stations NYC Job 14984BR

No less a business leader than Forbes has an insightful look at how CEO’s are moving from consultants paid hourly to a results-based model. That might be a very good idea for broadcasters to think about….


Think About This:  “One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well, just as one can say comforting things in music.”—Vincent van Gogh


May 16, 2013

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There’s nothing like the flowering dogwoods down south in the spring. Even in a wonky season like this has been, when the trees do their blooming, they make any place seem like a painting. This information is not new to Mississippi native GARY WOLVERTON, who has been one lucky guy – his career has been in places where dogwoods are the norm. And his latest job fits right into the mold – he’s the new Creative Services Director of LIN’s WIAT in Birmingham, home of Southern Living magazine. Gary makes the transition from FOX Carolina in Greenville, upstate South Caroina. Other stops along Gary’s way include WHLT in Hattiesburg and WJTV in Jackson. Well Dunne! Gary.

Author and former Exeter instructor DAN BROWN has some interesting insights into the creative life. 


Think About This: "If we make our goal to live a life of compassion and unconditional love, then the world will indeed become a garden where all kinds of flowers can bloom and grow."  ~  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


May 15, 2013

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The last picture posted of CORY McRAE here on the blog was when he was standing on the Great Wall of China. The real one – not a restaurant. Cory is a well traveled guy and his travels are about to take him from Jackson, Mississippi to Baltimore, Maryland. Charm City is where his next job is – he’s been named Promotion Manager of Hearst’s NBC affil, WBAL.  Cory and his lovely wife will be leaving behind the Mississippi capital where he was CSD of Hearst’s WAPT. Other stops along the promo way for the Montana State U Bozeman grad were FOX affil WDAF in KC and heading up an international production entity in Saipan. THAT is so cool. A big Well Dunne! to Cory. 

Job Alert – Promo Producer KGAN/KFXA Cedar Rapids, IA

Think About This: “Being realistic is the quickest path to mediocrity." ~ Will Smith (the author)


May 14, 2013

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Hubbard’s NBC affiliate in the Duke City, KOB TV, has promoted KEVIN OLMSTEAD to Creative Services Director. He made the trek west to New Mexico from Louisville, KY about two year ago and he was so much closer to his family in El Paso.  And he gets to drive through the most interesting landscape to get to his hometown. Bonus – he drives through Truth or Consequences, NM, a town named after the TV game show. Only in the USA. Well Dunne! Kevin.

Well Dunne! Talent’s KEN BURBANK (whose real name is Ken Eaken) got a wonderful write-up in the Detroit paper…check it out. And of course, check Ken’s voice out as well.


Hey you New Yorkers…if you’re on 6th Avenue between 49th and 50th , get a real live Bluth Frozen Banana at the Bluth Original Frozen Banana Stand. Arrested Development gets a gold star for marketing.

Think About This:  “The most dependable quality in the universe is that of change. A willingness to change eliminates the word failure from our vocabulary.”  ~  Tom Crum


May 13, 2013

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ERIK SNELL is a Sinclair man – they keep promoting him. The Detroit native is now heading the creative team at Sinclair’s WGME in Portland, Maine (an absolutely gorgeous little city) having made the transition from Columbus, Ohio where he was On-Air Promotions Supervisor for Sinclair’s ABC/Fox combo. The Cedarville Univsersity grad began his TV career at Time Warner Cable where he produced commercials. He also was a producer at Dayton’s WKEF/WRGT duop and was Promotion Manager for WICD in Champaign, IL. Time to break out the champagne with a Well Dunne! to Erik.

Job Alert – Multimedia Graphic Designer for Right This Minute Phoenix AZ (work with my fave graphics guy CHRIS AYERS)

Job Alert – Topical producer for WXYZ Detroit (job 6374 – work with the amazing DAVE BAUMANN)

Job Alert – Sr. writer producer for Showtime in NYC job 83543476

Job Alert – Sr w/p for WSLS Roanke VA

Think About This:  “The most important lesson that man can learn from his life is not that there is pain in this world, but that it depends upon him to turn it into good account, that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy.”  ~  Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)


May 9, 2013

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Up Chicago way comes word of two new network managers for Weigel Broadcasting’s operation. GARTH FRANKIN has been named Network Creative Leader for the MeTV Network and Movies!. The UC Santa Barbara grad hails from LA and began his TV promo career at KCAL where he was part of the Lakers Tonight show. His resume includes slots at Fox Cable Nets where he was Creative Director, CBC TV in Toronto, and even the Playboy Channel. He’s most recently been doing his creative thing for Magnolia Pictures. Let’s not forget he ran his own company called 36 Frames. Well Dunne! Garth.

WILLIAM M CRAIG is the Brand Director of Movies! Network coming over from WMAQ, NBC in Chicago where he was a Sr. Producer. He’s a Ball State grad who was lead producer for the Tribune Creative Group Central as well as put in creative efforts for WTSP in Tampa, WGN America and Towers Productions. Well Dunne! William.

Next time someone wants you to make a graphic in blue because they like blue, let them read about the science behind marketing color choices. Click here. 

Think About This:  “I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort—and disappointment and perseverance.”  ~  Vincent van Gogh


May 8, 2013

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Kudos to CORY BAYLE, who is already hard at work as the Promotion Manager at Nexstar’s Amarillo operation, KAMR.  He’s been doing just about all one can do in the line of promotions for KAMR for the last few year, and he has a great eye. Let’s not forget his background in radio, where he was on-air talent and program director for stations in Houston, Corpus and Midland. Well Dunne! Cory.

Job Alert – WMC-TV 5 is looking for a full time Senior Commercial Producer to join our team. Three years experience as a Promotion Producer or Commercial Producer is preferred. Must have professional demeanor and work well with clients, account executives and Marketing staff. Must be able to conceptualize, write, shoot and edit commercials for local direct clients and add to the station’s Marketing effort when needed. Some evening or weekends may be required. Must be flexible and have a great attitude! Advanced knowledge of non-linear editing, Adobe Creative Suites, After Effects, social media and website content creation in a business environment is a plus. If you’re ready to join an award winning creative team, send your resume, references and reel to: Chris Conroy, Director of Marketing, WMC-TV 5, 1960 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104. You can also email to cconroy@wmctv.com. No phone calls please. EOE-M/F/D/V


Think About This: “Be grateful to the man you help, think of him as God. Is it not a great privilege to be allowed to worship God by helping your fellow-man?”  ~  Vivekananda (1863-1902)


May 7, 2013

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Job roundup time. See of any of these are up your alley.

Creative Services Director slots open:

@WFFF – Burlington VT

@KOB – Albuquerque NM

@WUPA – Atlanta

@WPTZ – Burlington, VT

@KFSM – Ft. Smith

@WLTX – Columbia, SC

@WHNS – Greenville, SC


VP Brand Marketing @Comedy Central – NYC

VP Creative Director Brand Advertising @NBC Sports – NYC

Marketing & Promotions Director

@WGXA – Macon GA

@WVNS – Charleston WV

@WFXG – Augusta, GA

@KRIS – Corpus Christi


Assistant Creative Services Director

@WAPT – Jackson, MS

Promotion Manager

@KNBC – Burbank

@WGME – Portland ME

@WBAL – Baltimore

@WCVB – Boston

@WPGH/WPMY – Pittsburgh

@WHBQ – Memphis

@WISN – Milwaukee

Promo Producer (& Editor)

@WPTY/WLMT – Memphis

@KVVU – Las Vegas

@KCRA – Sacramento

@KEYE – Austin

@KDVR – Denver


@WTVJ – Miami

Graphics and Art Designers



Sr. Director of Communications @NBC Sports Group – NYC

Sr. Marketing Manager @Turner Broadcasting – Atlanta

Publicist @ HBO – NYC

Graphic Designer @ Travel Channel – Chevy Chase  MD

Graphic Artist @Scripps Graphics Hub – Tampa

Creative Services Production Director @AMC Networks – NYC

Copywriter @Fox Sports – LA

YES…read about how interruptions zap your brain power. They do…and work spaces today are full of unnecessary interruptions. Read it. 

Think About This: "A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." – William James


May 3, 2013

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Sending out healing thoughts to InVinceable Marketing’s VINCE MANZE who is welcoming a new knee in LA.

Last day for getting pix in for the upcoming edition of PROMAX Brief’s Shuffle page. Yep it’s the one that will be available at the LA Conference and at the Station Summit. Sooooo….those of you who are involved…now is the time.

Milton Berle, TV’s first true star, was known far and wide for his huge…memorabilia collection. Which is now being auctioned off. 


Need a stedicam for your iPhone? Yes, there is one. 


Always good to have fun writing and grammer reminders,  like ‘3 Common Language Mistakes That Drive Me Crazy’.

Think About This:  "Without music and dance, life is a journey through a desert." ~ Pat Conroy

May 1, 2013

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From the ‘better late than never’ file we need to send kudos on two promotions over at CBS Television Distribution. Let’s hear it for SARAH LABRACHE and ANNE de VEGA, both named VP CBS On-Air Promotion. Anne has a station background, having worked as a promo producer at both WCCO in Minneapolis and KCBS in LA. That’s Sarah in the pix for those of you looking at the blog site itself. Great big Well Dunne! to two talented ladies.

Job Alert – Graphic Designer  CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

CBS 11 and TXA 21 are looking for a graphic designer to join our Creative Services team!  Our studios are located in Fort Worth, TX.  The cost of living is low and there is NO STATE INCOME TAX IN TEXAS!

Here’s what you’d be doing….

  • Design and build news graphic requests daily, meeting required deadlines and in an accurate manner.
  • Use Curious Mapping software to create still and animated maps for newscast.
  • Use various software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D and others to design and build requested graphic projects for promotions and client services.  These projects may include 2D and 3D requests.
  • Follow Art Department protocol for archiving and maintaining graphic art systems and storage.
  • Contribute ideas and designs to maintain the overall look of the stations.
  • Other duties as assigned by the On Air Design Manager and VP of Creative Services.

At least 3 years of professional graphic design experience required as well as a related degree in the field.  Please apply online at cbsdfw.com or if the position is not listed yet, please send your resume and reel to dhershey@cbs.com

Job Alert – copywriter Fox Sports LA job FNG0002229


Good Marketing Gone Wrong – Thanks to the folks at Forbes for sending me a $2,000 off coupon for my first chartered Lear Jet flight. Will definitely make me reconsider flying commercial.


Think About This:  “I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success…such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.”  ~ Nikola Tesla


April 26, 2013

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No matter how far he roamed, New Orleans is home, and JOSH MEZA is one happy man. Not just because he’s enjoying the place of his birth, but because he has a new job – he’s the newly named Creative Services Director at WWL, the heritage CBS affil in the Crescent City. He had been Promo Manager there after spending three years up in New York working with BRIAN BLUM at FOX. He’s also worked in Jackson, Mississippi. Great to hear of your new slot, Josh. Well Dunne! 

Job Alert – Graphic Artist for the Scripps Graphics Hub down in Tampa

Think About This: Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself, or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


April 24, 2013

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He’s got the winter wardrobe for it. ERIK CANDIANI is trading Denver for Minneapolis as he takes over as Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Gannett’s NBC affil, KARE in the Twin Cities. He makes the switch from being VP Marketing and Creative Services at Local TV owned Fox affil KDVR in the Mile High city. He’ll be in place up Minneapolis way by May 6. Yes, he’s happy…I turn it over to him to tell you about it. "I was extremely fortunate to have had a supportive General Manager at KDVR who truly believed in — and stood so staunchly behind me. And a Creative Services Management team who were both extremely creative and so very loyal. I sincerely hope they are lucky enough to have the exact same experience I did sometime in their careers." But wait…there’s more.  Yep, there’s the job, the new city, a new place to live… but come the end of June, and Erik and his lovely wife will welcome their third child. Talk about everything being happy and glad. Well Dunne! Erik!


Job Alert – Promotion Manager WISN Milwaukee

FOX DC’s COSMO LOSCO had a big day Tuesday. It was the day the soundtrack to his indie film became available. You gotta check it out. He composed 15 totally awesome Sci-Fi tracks…which qualifies him for the title Super-Creative (like Super-Model, only healthy)

iTunes: http://bit.ly/11yvoWH
Amazon MP3:
Google Play:
Xbox Music:

There seems to be a flood epidemic. MARK DRISCOLL had not one but two before settling down in a great LA place. NICK SANABRIA is still trying to sort out the deluge that took out his studio (he’s still handling his stations – he’s just so versatile) and now I had to waste all day due to water from some dishwasher situation.  Which leads to the next item…


In case you’re thinking of a new breakfast menu, might it be suggested you try Maple Bacon flavored vodka. Yes, it really exists, as does Blueberry Pancake flavored vodka and Glazed Donut flavored. The wonders of modern science never fail to impress. No wonder breakfast can be the most popular meal of the day

Think About This:  “The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.”  ~  Robert Hughes


April 23, 2013

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Job Alert – UX/Designer Discovery Digital Media NYC ID 7354

Think About This: "To imagine that turmoil is in the past and somehow we are now in a more stable time seems to be a psychological need."  – E. Moores, geologist


April 22, 2013 – Earth Day

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Today’s not just Earth Day, it’s also the day CSD MIKE SPIECHA signs on a new look at ABC affiliate KTVX in Salt Lake. Mike and his team have been working like mad and the results will be delightful. Mike’s relatively new to the big creative chair, but he’s been doing marketing for the Nexstar affil quite some time before getting the promotion. Well Dunne! Spike.

Job Alert – KDVR Creative Services Producer / Editor for FOX31 / Colorado’s Own Channel 2 – Denver

FOX31 Denver and Colorado’s Own Channel 2 in Denver, Colorado have an immediate opening for a Creative Services Producer/Editor.

We are seeking a flexible and creative producer who can do it all: write, edit, shoot, direct – in a fast-paced news promotions environment. In this position you’ll work with our talented team of producers and designers to create daily topicals, image promos, special report promos, and everything in between.

Required skills: Strong Writing Skills, Final Cut Pro Studio and Camera skills (Canon 5D & Sony EX3)

Preferred skills: After Effects and Photoshop.

A successful candidate must enjoy working in a collaborative environment, be able to meet tight deadlines, and be willing to work a flexible schedule if/when needed. College degree or equivalent experience is essential. Previous television promotions experience will help you stand out 

Send a resume and non-returnable DVD or link to demo reel:

Maia Brusseau   Promotions Manager   KDVR / KWGN   100 E Speer Blvd   Denver, CO 80203

Maia.brusseau@kdvr.com   NO PHONE CALLS. EOE/M/F/D/V


Think About This: “There are some things in the world we can’t change – gravity, entropy, the speed of light, and our biological nature that requires clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy and biodiversity for our health and well being. Protecting the biosphere should be our highest priority or else we sicken and die. Other things, like capitalism, free enterprise, the economy, currency, the market, are not forces of nature – we invented them. They are not immutable and we can change them. It makes no sense to elevate economics above the biosphere.”  ~  David Suzuki


April 19, 2013

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KDVR has welcomed MIKE JOHNS aboard as a new creative services writer producer. Mike comes to the Mile High City from WTOC, the CBS affil in beautiful Savannah, GA. Best part of the job isn’t going to be the ski opportunities but working with Promotions Manager MAIA BRUSSEAU. Well Dunne! Mike.

Job Alert – Promo Writer/Producer KEYE Austin, TX


Not a happy day for Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA, whose Chicago area studio flooded due to the horrible rains that hit. He’s going to dry out and fix it all up (he can do anything around the house) and not even miss a beat for his voice clients. Chin in Mr. Neeeek.

Think About This:  "When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?" ~Eleanor Roosevelt


April 18, 2013

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From one end of the Mississippi River to the other, that’s the path taken by one MATT DE KEYSER, a native of Waukesha, Wisconsin to be precise. OK, so it’s not exactly the source of the mighty Missisip (which is Lake Itaska in neighboring Minnesota) but it’s close enough for  today’s post. After Matt spent time and kept warm making awesome graphics and animations for Weigel Broadcasting in Milwaukee, including CBS affil WDJT TV 58, he floated down the most awesome river in the US and is now happily enscounced in that most unique of cities, New Orleans. He’s the new Production Manager/Design Director at Hearst’s NBC affil in Nawlins, working under CSD BILLY PILGRIM, who told us “Matt has already had his first taste of crayfish since arriving; and says he is really looking forward to enjoying the music and culture of the crescent city. “ Well Dunne! Matt.

Think About This: “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”  ~ Abraham Lincoln


April 17, 2013

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Lovely Jacksonville, FL is where ERIC PECK  is at home spinning motion graphics magic and editing promotions for the Cox Media Group TV stations along Florida’s First Coast. For those who want more details, that would be Fox affil WAWS and CBS affil WTEV. The duop is new to the Cox family but Eric isn’t new to the stations…at one time he was in charge of all the news editing when they were owned by another broadcast chain. Eric has done some very exciting freelance in addition to his work for Jax’s Dalton Agency, where he helped with The Wounded Warrior Project. Looks like CSD TJ KING got very lucky…as well he should. Well Dunne! Eric

Job Alert – Graphic Designer Travel Channel Chevy Chase, MD job 3646

Job Alert – Promotion Manager WHBQ Memphis

Job Alert – Creative Service Director WUPA Atlanta

Think About This: “It is not how much you do, but how much Love you put into the doing that matters.”  ~  Mother Teresa