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September 26, 2017

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So there you are, sitting on the fender of a water logged Toyota Yaris, in the sun because so many trees were blown down and away. It’s hot…you’re hungry and would give a prize body part to have a Diet Pepsi. With ice….oh yeah, baby. Ice. You wonder how your cousin is – he and his kids live about 50 miles west. There was no answer when you called him, but that was before Maria. Your cell doesn’t work, so maybe he would answer if he could. You hope he’s OK. His family could stay with you, your dad, your mom and the Lopez family. They used to live across the street. Your roof isn’t there any more, but there’s blankets that have finally dried out. It’s hot but they make a passable pillow on the floor. You’re lucky because your mom and dad and you made it through. Your sister had flown to Mexico City and you knew she was going to come through. One day she’ll come back…when they fix the airport; when they fix the road TO the airport. You think it’s ironic that one of the things that made it through the water and wind is the American flag that you had in the storage area above the hallway.

Puerto Rico needs our help. This is what life is like on the island just a little more than 1,000 away and is, let me repeat  IS, part of the US. These are our fellow citizens suffering.  Three media executives have personally launched Operation Puerto Rico Care-Lift, an effort that – as of Monday morning – has already generated more than $30K in cash and supplies, as well as a charter plane generously donated by CargoNationExpress. The effort will involve sending supplies Friday and eventually a “go team” to the island. Behind this boots-on-the-ground mission are Discovery’s LARA RICHARDSON, who grew up in Puerto Rico, and 2C Creative’s CHRIS SLOAN and CARLA KAUFMAN SLOAN, whose non-profit Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation supports many efforts benefitting children and families.  Thank you press release for that info…and now here’s deets:

So come on people…we are SO blessed and lucky, even after our battering at the hands of Mother Nature. Most urgently needed items are Pedialyte, personal care kits (toothpaste, tooth brushes, tampons, soap, shampoo), water purification tablets, diapers, flashlights, small radios (solar/battery operated), small tents, sleeping bags, mosquito repellent/bug spray, canned non-perishable foods, first aid kits, baby formula, gloves, hand sanitizer, trash bags and towels.

Donations Needed By Thursday, September 28, 2017 for Next-Day Departure to Puerto Rico


1.    You can bring supplies to 2C: 12550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 700 North Miami, FL 33181 Attn: Nikki Coloma 305-672-8229

2.    Send supplies to 2C via an e-tailer like Walmart.com or Amazon.com. View a pre-set Amazon Wishlist at this URL. http://a.co/5FrJgbW

3.    Donate Funds to GoFundMe, and Lara, Chris and Carla will purchase supplies: https://www.gofundme.com/operationPRCareLift

Think About This:  “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”  ~  Steve Maraboli

September 22, 2017

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So many slots are finally being filled. So many need to be written about and given the chance for us to share their excitement (and new title). But there are other things afoot in the world and it’s difficult to not focus on the news.

The stories coming from Mexico City…from Florida…from Houston…amazing. Harrowing. Uplifting. When a good friend called to catch up on what has happened (for instance, who knew that the earthquake was responsible for the eruption of the Popocatepetl volcano and that eruption killed 217!) she stood in awe of the young people of the Districto Federal. They formed human chains to uncover those trapped in rubble and street by street, they made a difference. She honestly thought she was going to die.

All this in way of saying that the ‘normal’ way of doing marketing might need to be examined with the eyes of people who have suffered and seen suffering. Experiences – loss – fear – persistence – they all seem to shrink and even denigrate the marketing done for news and entertainment. Just a thought…perhaps it will spark reexaminations and perhaps new directions. How exciting.

Job Alert – Director of Digital KMTV Omaha

Think About This:  “We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward.  In times of tragedy, of war, of necessity, people do amazing things. The human capacity for survival and renewal is awesome.”  ~  Isael Allende

Copyright 2017 Bacon/WellDunne

September 21, 2017

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They’re all safe….the Well Dunne! Talent voices that live and work in Mexico City. LILIANA DE MIGUEL, who not only announces but also translates (take note you NBC folks who have the Spanish side to deal with) had to walk 6 miles home, but her place was OK, if not glass-less. The windows in DF were major victims. CHRIS SMITH had a duble whammy….the quake shook things up but didn’t do major damage in Mexico. However, he lives part time in Houston, and there was flooding. When the quake hit, he reported the very first piece on CNN out of Mexico in English that day… in front of the fallen General Hospital. Both are very grateful. Well Dunne!


Talk about a perfect day. Take picture perfect LA weather…mix in the amazing GEORGIA SCOTT and DENNIS FITCH of The Agency…add a lunch of great food but better conversation and ideas…and that, my friends, is why one of us is very happy.


Think About This:  “Friends … they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.”  ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

September 20, 2017

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Every time one is lucky to stumble upon someone who is delightful, it feels like a present. I mean someone who shares something that makes you go…’whoa…I so get it”. Had that happen with JOHN GILLIAM, who is heading to Palm Beach to be Promo Manager for Sinclair’s WPEC. CSD ALEX SHAW picked John from under the tutelage of CSD PETE FERRARO at  Sinclair’s flagship WBFF in Baltimore.  He’ll be down amongst the palms in early October and will be bringing with him a background that is ideal for a creative – diverse adventures and life experiences. Take note HR folks – creative are not quite like the other little mushrooms that work at a TV station. Creatives draw from their life and outlook to be able to bring forth the ideas that make up their job. John does that and this is what he had to share about himself.. As a kid, I had the world’s coolest older brother. I remember being six or seven and my brother sat me down one Saturday and said, “Let’s build a speaker”. He tried (emphasis on tried) to show me how to construct a speaker from wood, paper, and magnets. I may not have fully understood the concepts he taught me that day, but nevertheless it ignited a spark in me.  He went on to talk about how expression through media was the answer to his inner calling.  One of my first jobs out of high school was teaching kindergarten. Even then I had the urge to produce something media related. In class, my students would put on historical reenactments. We would shoot them with a little Sony Handy Cam and turn them into short documentaries. The kids really enjoyed it and it gave me the opportunity to teach in a way that I loved—through film. When I went back to college, I took a one credit university seminar where we were asked to give a presentation about our first semester college experience. So I took my Handy Cam and made a 10 minute highlight reel about my experiences. At the conclusion of my presentation, my adviser stopped me and asked if I knew there was an entire department at the school dedicated to multi-media production. It had never dawned on me that I could make a living making videos.  John has a Masters degree and kicked off his TV career at KFSM in Fort Smith. A hearty Well Dunne! to a man who values tea parties with his daughter.


Think About This:  “For bees, the flower is the fountain of life.  For flowers, the bee is the messenger of love.”  ~  Kahil Gibran

2017 Copyright

September 19, 2017

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Ah, 30 Rock. Home of NBC and WNBC, the NYC iconic Christmas tree, the winter skating rink and the site where the lobby holds a spot in art history (google Rockefeller, Diego Rivera and Lenin). Love the place. I bet JACK POORMAN loves it as well, especially now that he’s the Manager, News and Digital Promotion at WNBC as of yesterday, if you’re reading this on Tuesday the 19th. Jack’s no stranger to the Peacock Net…he’s been freelancing with MELISSA CRAWFORD’s Creative Team since June. He’s produced and directed a number of outstanding spots for WNBC including our StormRanger launch spots that ran in the Rio Summer Olympics; the TV Everywhere spots that are currently on-air; and he created New York Live’s new brand spots with Sara Gore and Jacque Reid.  Before coming to New York, Jack was the coordinating producer for The Weather Channel’s “AMHQ with Sam Champion.” He also was the production manager for the Visual Effects Society Awards in Los Angeles, as well as, a marketing writer/producer/editor for both Cozi TV and KNBC. Well Dunne! Jack!


Think About This:  “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”   ~  Gloria Steinem

Yes, it’s copyrighted…move along

September 14, 2017

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More and more TV marketing people are taking their talents and decamping the frenzied station-side gigs and finding new ways to make money and still be creative. Yes, it not only can be done, it IS being done. Take LOWELL BRIGGS for instance. Lowell has an amazing and impressive background in TV. He’s been a Video Journalist for CNN, worked in news in Portland, Maine, Boston, Providence and Raleigh before discovering his creative side (which was always there) and moving to marketing for stations in Birmingham, Alabama, Hartford and Fox in Boston. He’s now pivoting and will be Senior Marketing Manage for Avid. And he won’t have to move…they’re in the Boston area. Great to see talent find new ways to bloom. Well Dunne! Lowell.


Job Alert – Commercial Production Manager  WEWS  Cleveland

Job Alert – Supervising Producer/Creative Services KTLA LA


Think About This:  “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”  ~  Alexander Den Heijer

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September 13, 2017

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Anybody remember blow up toys that were punching bags? They looked like a clown, right down to the punchable red rubber nose and when you punched them, they’d rock back and then go forward at an unbelievably fast rate, usually hitting you in the face. Did I mention they were kid size? It seems that life has been that blow up clown in recent weeks. One thing after the other…pow, pow, pow. So if you haven’t yet been written up, take some deep breaths. You will be. Unless the clown bops us in the face again.


Tomorrow more about how Florida is doing…How Houston is doing…and we catch up with a lot that’s been simmering.


The good folks at Stephen Arnold Music wanted me to pass along the fact the WJLA campaign using their Waking Up My Day music (shout out to Promo Manager BONNIE WOOD) is not part of their brand new campaign called Ready. Just know all their music is Well Dunne! (and more).


Think About This:  “How Not to Respond to a Flood” by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson
Don’t respond with theology.
God isn’t angry, and God doesn’t want devastation.
Your sin didn’t cause the flood
that swept away your home, your town.
God doesn’t punish Houston, and
didn’t punish Miami or San Francisco, or New Orleans,
because God isn’t in the storm.
God weeps at our suffering. God loves.

Don’t respond with politics.
Hate government assistance later;
dismantle welfare tomorrow.
This is a time for us all to unite
to offer assistance,
to protect the weak and endangered.
Remember to feed the hungry
and clothe the naked.
The Bible and the government both agree on that.

Don’t respond with gree
Raise prices later,
on something else.
Not on housing or food, or medicine.
Not when people are soaked, tired, and terrified.
Do you rob the poor to line your pockets?
God cherishes the poor and the needy.

Don’t close your doors.
The point of your great big building is the people it can shelter.
You can always redo the floors
or get another carpet.
The time to shelter the homeless is now.
God wants to send an Ark.
Be that Ark.

As you treat the least of them …

Respond with compassion,
Respond with deeds of kindness,
Respond with open hands,
Respond with love,

… so shall you be treated.

Copyright © 2017 KDBacon/WellDunneTalent

September 12, 2017

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As was the case with the amazing TV people in Houston, the Florida TV pros stepped up and did epic work covering Irma. They still are. The internet allows us to see their news on-air, which is a modern miracle imo. The Florida, Georgia, South Carolina markets all shone. So many stories…so many deserving our attention and applause. So let’s start and keep adding to the honor role. And interest role, since we’re starting with blatant WDT promotion.


Well Dunne! Talent’s DARYN JOHNSON is a TV director for Fox’s WTVT in Tampa and was making it all happen on the air while sleeping in an office at the station on West Kennedy. Well Dunne! Talent’s SEAN CALDWELL headed to Atlanta and Irma followed him up I-75. An Atlanta resident already, RICH VANSLYKE read copy for Florida markets while preparing to have the hurricane mess with his town. Big-voiced MITCH PHILLIPS kept his sense of humor from the Fort Lauderdale area. All are safe.


In Jacksonville, WJXT’s Meteorologist JOHN GAUGHAN (pronounced Gone) did an A+ job on Irma in the Jax market. Promo that man with “GAUGHAN WITH THE WIND”. (Sorry SHERRY CARPENTER…had to use that.)


Creative “architect” STAN MELTON heads up DC’s ABC affil WJLA…and he recently teamed up with STEPHEN ARNOLD and his music, using the SAM cut “Waking Up My Day” for the station’s American Idol Front of the Line contest. The cut is part of the new “Ready” promo package. Well Dunne! Stan Stephen and CHAD COOK, VP of Creative for SAM.


Think About This:  What if I told you that 10 years from now, your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you’d be happy. So, why are you so afraid of change?”  ~  Karen Salmansohn


Copyright © 2017 KDBacon/WellDunneTalent

September 11, 2017

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Here it is September 11th again. We’ve got an ongoing deadly hurricane going on in the south, fires out west, flooding in the desert (Palm Springs), Texans cleaning up, and a lot of professionals doing their all to get vital information to people and tell the myriad of stories involved. In TV, in medicine, in utilities, in fire and police… amazing people doing a job that defines the best in humanity in both grand and mundane ways.

September 11th 2001 was not just an attack, but a milestone for most of us. In these sixteen years since the towers fell and we let fear be part of our daily thought process, we have learned so much… how to persevere…how to keep going…how to remember those around us and offer helping hands…how to dust ourselves off and move forward no matter what…how to find what our souls demand and follow that…how to make changes and be brave…how to eliminate the non-essential things from life…how to stand up against nature’s worst and men’s most evil. And we’re here. Still here. Making our way on step at a time.

Here’s to you all. A heartfelt Well Dunne!

Tomorrow we’ll talk of TV and jobs and people again. Thanks for your time. Namaste.

Think About This:  “Courage is looking fear in the eye and saying, “Get the hell out of my way. I have things to do.”  ~  Unknown

Copyright © 2017 KD Bacon/Well Dunne Talent

September 8, 2017

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With all eyes on Florida and Irma, it seems a little shallow to talk about people with new jobs in TV marketing. But in reality, it’s not. A job is crucial…even though one is cautioned not to let it be part of ‘who you are – it is. A good job can make life better. A bad job can make even the happiest individual miserable. So while we watch the hurricane and send wishes and prayers to all the Floridians…to the friends and colleagues who are helping by broadcasting much needed information…we’ll carry on. Turn the spotlight on those whose smiles and hopes are fresh and whose future is rainbow hued.


KENNY LAWRENCE is now President and GM of Nexstar’s WJHL, in Johnson City, Tennessee. At one time, he was a marketing pro with CBS TV Distribution and at CBS Atlanta. He announced that he’s hired STEVEN WALLACE as his new CSD, so one surmises Steve must have a killer reel and all. Mr. W will be coming to WJHL from ABC affil WTVQ in lovely Lexington, Kentucky. Steven got his promo chops at WFAA in Big D…one of the best. He’s done work with agencies, etc. Well Dunne! Steven. Thanks Kenny.


Job Alert – Supervising Producer Creative Services KTLA LA


Zello is an app that let’s you use your cell as a walkie-talkie. It was indispensible during Harvey in Houston so you Florida peeps might want to consider downloading it now. Well Dunne! Talent’s MITCH PHILLIPS, who is in the Fort Lauderdale area, is mpvoice for those who want to connect.


Going to be a long weekend…no matter where you are. Fires all over the west…dust storm in Phoenix, Houston still reeling, and there are 2 Atlantic Ocean hurricanes. God bless each and every…xo


Think About This:  And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through – how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”  ~ Haruki Murakami

Copyright © 2017 KDBacon/WellDunneTalent

September 6, 2017

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40 years. Some of you aren’t even that old. But 40 years is how long MARK OLIVER worked in Wausau, Wisconsin at ABC affil WAOW. Note the past tense, because last Friday was his last day. Mark had been Marketing and Promotion Manager.  Imagine retiring. Ah…retiring. Like working for yourself without the guilt and no need to keep answering your cell. So let’s have a big Well Dunne! for him on his amazing stay at the Quincy Media station. Tomorrow, we focus on the lovely lady who has taken his place.


Job Alert – Broadcast Designer WPVI Philadelphia

Job Alert – Director of Social Media and Content FX Los Angeles #FNG0006851


Florida people…helpful hint. Fill ziplock bags with water and throw them in the freezer. They’ll keep food colder longer when power goes and you can use the clean water if needs must. And anybody using the word ‘irmageddon’ in relation to this hurricane, whether for promo, news or to assuage your GM or ND…you will be hunted down and made to pay.


Think About This:  A leader is someone who steps back from the entire system and tries to build a more collaborative, more innovative system that will work over the long term.”  ~  Robert Reich

Copyright © 2017 KDBacon/WellDunneTalent

September 5, 2017

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Did you spend Labor Day putting away summer clothes…or vowing to buckle down and help the children do their best in school this year…or did you help neighbors stack their household goods in their front yard…or help those in shelters as they tried to find their way to a different life? Perhaps you prayed for rain in Burbank and prayed for no rain via Irma in Florida. The last week has seemed like a year’s worth of events…of disbelief, of empathetic suffering, of unsure futures and anger at it all. Or did it leave you with that numbness that comes with overload? Whatever this last week brought you, perhaps it let you understand the deep kindness and care that is at your core…at all our cores.


Cincinnati is where JEFF PAULUS now calls home, and he’s using his creative talents for the folks at FOX affil WXIX in the city where they claim the best ice cream in the country. Jeff is a man who knows how to do so many things, which means he’ll be having fun in promotion. He’s handled promo and even run the department in Lima, Ohio at WLIO…and the man knows how to punch a newscast. Do we say that now…punch a newscast? Or is that like tape..we know what it means but it isn’t really what happens. Perhaps it needs to be changed to ‘did you get those pixels’ instead of tape. Jeff wrote and produced for legendary WBNS in Columbus. Glad to see his gifts being put to good use. Well Dunne! Jeff.


Are you an ambitious young promo pro who wants to run their own department but needs some solid work on their reel and a mentor that will guide? BTW, this is one amazing mentor. There’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a non-crazy station in the upper Midwest where you would not only be appreciated, but groomed to be an excellent CSD. Contact me for details.


Saw the most interesting promo on Free Form…a promo that is a text on screen. With their target demo, it seems a terrific idea. Well Dunne! Free Form.


Think About This:  “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  ~  Joseph Campbell


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August 29, 2017

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There is absolutely no reason to be miserable in your job. Life is too short – things change in an instant. If you aren’t appreciated – if you feel ill Sunday evening because you have to get up on Monday morning, then CHANGE IT. Maybe one of these is for you.

Let’s start with the wonderful SHERRY CARPENTER, who has a rare opening at #1 rated WJXT in Jacksonville. TOPICAL PRODUCER.  #1 rated WJXT, the Graham Media Group-owned station in Jacksonville, one of Florida’s best kept secrets, seeks a motivated, high-energy Creative Services Topical Writer-Producer to join our award winning team.  Candidate will be responsible for bringing our brand to life through compelling writing, break through editing and strategic concepts.  The qualified candidate must be able to conceive, write, edit and succeed in a fast paced, results-oriented media environment.  Ideal candidate will be an innovative thinker and a self-motivator with the ability to contribute ideas and learn from those around them. More here.


VP Creative & Programming

WLS – Chicago



WYMT – Hazard KY

KMBC – Kansas City

KTNV – Las Vegas

KDAF – Kansas City

WAVE – Louisville

WRAL – Raleigh

KDAF – Dallas


WSVN – Miami


Marketing Director

WECT – Wilmington NC

WAVE – Louisville

KSDK – St Louis

WUSA – Washington DC


Assistant Creative Services Director

WLKY – Louisville

KSBW – Salinas


Promo Manager

KIVI – Boise

WPEC – Palm Beach


News Promo Manager

KSWB – San Diego


Digital Manager

KMTV – Omaha


Think About This:  “A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.”  ~  Paulo Coelho

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August 28, 2017

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The word devastating is defined as destroyed or ruined. The pictures from Texas are riveting and unbelievable. Devastating is the right word to describe it. The miracle of live broadcasts from the stations there allows us all to see the power of television; the bravery and grit of those who are not just getting a paycheck and showing up but are following their need to be of service. Making a difference, informing those in need, serving as the source of what can be lifesaving information. There just aren’t enough adjectives for the efforts put out by all these people, working together. KHOU, which sits nearly on top of Buffalo Bayou, flooded then had to evacuate, so TEGNA sister station WFAA in Dallas is broadcasting for them. : KPRC, KHOU, KRIV, KTRK…all amazing. Flooding waters may go down, but the damage done lingers in insidious ways. We count our blessings and we reach out to help.


One of the good guys in the biz is CHRIS SLOAN. His 2C Media is matching donations to the Red Cross made by his staff, clients, freelancers, vendors and alumni. Well Dunne, Chris.


Think About This:  “I loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”  ~  Galileo


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August 24, 2017

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CSD JAMES GRIFFEL just loves living in Palm Beach. And why wouldn’t he? Palm trees, white sand beaches, his family is happy and now, he has a new Promotion Manager, so it’s all very good. Welcome (back) to Florida STEVE TUBBS. He worked early in his career in Panama Beach up in the Pahandle after getting his degree from the University of Colorado and breaking into the TV biz in Dodge City, Kansas at KBSD as a Photog. The TV promo game took him to Spartanburg (WSPA) and Phoenix (KTVK) Root Sports in Denver, and to Colorado Springs. He comes to Scripps’ WPTV in the Palm Beaches from Scripps sister station in Boise, Idaho, KIVI. Everybody seems very happy. The way it should be. Well Dunne! Steve.


Job Alert – Dayside Promo Producer WTIC Hartford

Link    You get to work with HENRY VAZQUEZ…that would be great!

Think About This:  “Don’t become preoccupied with your chlid’s academic ability, but instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone.  Teach them to be kind. Teach them to offer help. Teach them to be a friend to the lonely. Teach them to encourage others. Teach them to think about other people. Teach them to share. Teach them to look for the good. THIS Is how they will change the world.”  ~ somewhere on the internet

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August 22, 2017

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SAMANTHA KNOWLTON, who sat in the CSD chair for Scripps’ KJRH in Tulsa, wants you all to think of her next time you order chotskes. Whether you are ordering for your market, your region or nationally, she will take SUCH good care of you. She’s been working with PC-Promotions and she knows the budet, time, and quality pressures involved. Hit her up at Samantha.Knowlton@pc-Promotions.com and she’ll do you right. Well Dunne! Samantha.

Info Moment. So, let’s say you live in a state where marijuana is legal, either recreationally or medically. You want to take a job in a state where it’s still a major no-no in any form. A drug test is requested. What do you do? Well, ya gotta clean up because nationally it’s still not bueno. It might swing that way, but currently, it’s not happening. So, to recap…if you’re in a state where it’s good but wanting to work in a state where it isn’t, behave appropriately. Even with a doctor’s note…

Job Alert – Senior Marketing Producer/Editor Newsy Chicago

Think About This:  “In separateness lies the world’s great misery; in compassion lies the world’s true strength.”  ~  Buddha

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August 16, 2017

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The yin and yang of life…balance always seeking to right itself. Up-down. High-low. Hot-cold. One talented writer producer is doing the yin and yang to perfection, and it’s a wonderful thing. KRISTEN TWELE is heading to Orlando where she’ll be adding her talent to the creative services pool headed by CSD KYM PEOPLES at WKMG, the Graham CBS in the Big O. That’s the hot part. The cold part is Denver, where she has been promoting at KDVR, the Fox affil. The Memphis bred Kristen has worked in the south before – at Fox affil WBRC in Birmingham. She interned at WMC in her hometown. Best of luck to Kristen on her new adventure. Let’s all give her a Well Dunne!


STEPHEN ARNOLD not only has the best hair in the business (he’s been told that in person – he shyly smiles…) but now the music man working with his CSD CHAD COOK has a new campaign called Ready. Pictures are worth a thousand words….check it out yourself.


Tuesday was a great day for KTVU’s ERIK CANDIANI. He loves films…loves writing even more. And Tuesday his screenplay Tribal got not one but two kudos…it was just named a Quarterfinalist in the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay contest and a Semifinalist in the PAGE Awards. Well Dunne! Erik. You can ask him about the script…it sounds very exciting. And we thought Tuesday was only exciting because of the tacos…


Think About This: “A well developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.”  ~  William Arthur Ward


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August 15, 2017

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Death is a part of life. We all know that. But when someone dies…the feelings we experience are as different as our fingerprints – all the same but all different. In the last few days, the Pearly Gates have swung wide open, as my cousin used to say. On Monday, the lovely SYDNEY RUBIN lost her dad, who passed away in Florida. Ms. Syd has been flying from Seattle, where she works for Tribune’s Q13, to south Florida to do her best to sort out all the is involved with aging parents. Kudos to the fine folks at Tribune (yes, talking about you GM PAM PEARSON and CSD BRENT AYRES) for being supportive and understanding. Please include Syd, her mom and sister and her father in your thoughts.

Think About This: ““I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”   ~ Umberto Eco from Foucault’s Pendulum

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August 14, 2017

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Monday morning. Wouldn’t you have loved to have slept in? Or gone to a favorite coffee shop and sit while savoring your latte? Maybe you would have wanted to do yoga…or a thousand other possibilities that only you control. Well, that’s what STU BROWER is doing this morning…because Friday was his last day at ABC. He’s retired, and the TV biz has had to say goodbye to one of the really great guys. After 36 years, Stu and his mega-watt smile isn’t going to be in the office. Yes, 36 years of great ideas, great people skills and great mentoring. He’s leaving behind big shoes and a title that reads Vice President On-Air Promotion at ABC Television. Anybody who’s ever worked for Stu will miss him…from coast to coast. Retirement is just another chapter and we’ll all be sending our energy to make his chapter the best ever! Well Dunne! Stu.

Please send your comforting thoughts to Well Dunne! Talent’s JEFF O’NEIL, whose father passed away Sunday morning. God bless the O’Neil family.

Job Alert – Marketing Director WAVE Louisville

WAVE 3 News, the Raycom Media NBC affiliate in Louisville, seeks a strategic, creative, and innovative Marketing Director with brand building skills for all screens. Candidate will effectively utilize social media and grow engagement on web and mobile, communicate with exceptional interpersonal skills, create image and topical promotion, develop and execute revenue-generating projects, and develop strong relationships and outreach in the community.

Candidate will be a leader, coach, and trainer with a proven track record for growing audiences on all screens, strong attention to detail, and effectively executing research-based action plans and budgets.

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Level Degree. Minimum Experience: 5-7 years of experience of television marketing management. Qualified applicants complete online application and attach resume with cover letter.  No phone calls please. EOE-M/F/D/V  https://careers-raycommedia.icims.com/jobs/7118/marketing-director/job

Job Alert – WECT Wilmington NC

Marketing Director This is a rare opportunity for the right marketing professional…a rewarding job, an exciting work environment and a wonderful place to live.   WECT-TV (NBC), the Raycom Media station in Wilmington, North Carolina is looking for a talented Marketing Director to lead our marketing efforts as well as those for Fox Wilmington, our sister station.

We are seeking a hands-on Marketing Director to lead a dedicated team to plan and execute the stations’ multi-platform marketing strategies, award-worthy commercial production and community relations activities.  This individual is expected to have excellent leadership, organizational, strategic and communications skills.

This is a senior leadership position that collaborates with other department leaders to effectively implement content and revenue initiatives across the stations’ broadcast and digital platforms.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Film/Video or other related field preferred.  Must demonstrate an understanding of research and an advanced knowledge of digital and broadcast marketing and video production. Qualified applicants, please apply online and attach resume with cover letter, and a link to supporting material.  No phone calls please.  EOE-M/F/D/V  https://careers-raycommedia.icims.com/jobs/7141/marketing-director/job

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August 11, 2017

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Can you believe how long some of these slots have been open? See if something is what you’re looking for:

Creative Services Director

WSVN – Miami

WRAL – Raleigh

WJHL – Johnson City

KDAF – Dallas

KGRV – Harlingen

KAKE – Wichita

KMGH – Denver


Director of Marketing

KSDK – St. Louis


Promotion Director

WFRV – Green Bay

Promotion Manager

WPEC – Palm Beach

WXIN – Indianapolis

KIVI – Boise

Assistant CSD

WLKY – Louisville

KFDX – Wichita Falls

WXII – Winston-Salem

Creative Services Supervisor

WKBT – LaCrosse

News Promotion Manager

KSWB – San Diego


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August 10, 2017

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Just because one isn’t involved in TV marketing daily doesn’t mean their talents go to waste. Take KATHRYN BURROW COLLETT, who tore things up when she headed the creative marketing for KTVI and KPLR in St. Louis. (Pause a moment to say Rah!) She’s an author now having written Phoebe’s Journey, available via Amazon as an eBook. If you want the paperback, got to wait a bit. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WSYX/WTTE/WWHO Columbus, Ohio

Job Alert – Creative Services Director KDAF Dallas

What a response to the graph on Monday about creative ‘try out’ assignments. So, with that in mind, passing along some of the input from you: 1-Do GM’s ask possible News Directors to produce a half hour newscast? 2-Do GM’s ask possible Engineers to rewire or design a new electrical grid? 3-Do GM’s ask possible Business Managers to do an end of year audit? Yeah…no. No they do not. When does a job interview become a request for a whole marketing plan? For  free. SOooo – why are creative professionals asked to do a ‘try out’ assignment? You know you can respectfully decline.

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