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August 26, 2016

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“Five Minutes With” Friday again…today we talk to BARRY FITZSIMMONS, an author, writer, producer, editor, creator, strategist, brainstormer, storyteller, podcaster and marketing man with a very exciting track record. Companies he’s worked with include ESPN, MLB Network, Studio City, NBC, CNBC …. you get the idea. His two books are Promo Cowboy and Life Askew

So you’re the Promo Cowboy. What is a promo cowboy?  A “promo cowboy” is a person who is devoted to a career in TV promotion, branding, marketing and/or content creation, and finds himself (or herself) skipping often from job to job, or town to town, in order to make a living at it. There are hundreds of us in New York alone. Maybe thousands. And when you count the cowboys in all 50 states, plus Canada… well, that’s a movement.

I gotta make one thing clear, though – despite the fact that my Twitter handle is @promocowboy, I am not the original Promo Cowboy. That was Greg Trimble, a fellow New York freelancer I’d known back in the 90s, who had this vibe, this persona, sort of like a cowboy. I think many of us cultivate a sort of persona, especially in New York, where it’s more challenging to stand out – it’s part of the reinvention process when you go from job to job and climb the ladder… every character in my novel, Promo Cowboy, shares this trait. 

Anyway, Greg was a hell of a guy, and he died of a terrible, debilitating illness. Promo Cowboy, the novel, is an attempt to commemorate Greg, and to document our end of the industry. I mean, there have been some really important, dramatic and funny stories told about TV news, chiefly on film (Network, Broadcast News, Groundhog Day, Anchor Man), but Promo Cowboy may be the first to focus on TV marketing & promotion – plus, it has a serial killer, so… Yeah, my little TV-industry expose morphed into a crime drama (sequels are in the works!) as well as a podcast about working in TV marketing and promos. Makes total sense, right?


Best part of being your own boss….  It’s more about control than freedom. I often say that the idea of being your own boss is more alluring than the actual practice. I’m independent by nature, and I enjoy the freedom of being a cowboy, but that freedom is elusive, and illusive. I have a family to feed and a home to pay for. The truth is, as Promo Cowboy says, you gotta hustle and never stop. Here it is, the last days of summer, and I’d sure like a day at the beach, only I got clients to look after! Still, as a freelance promo producer in New York, you’re going to make more money than the guys on staff – a lot more, depending on how you position yourself.

My first big break was:    Freshly graduated from BU’s film school, I am offered a position as Office PA on ABC’s Spenser: For Hire, filmed on location in Boston. I work 15-hour days, make coffee, make copies, answer phones, open and close the place (FILO). I make $50 a day and love it. Soon, I am on location with the crew and work even longer days, most of them outdoors, at wintery New England locations, freezing my ass off. I make $75 a day and love it.

Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak:  Walk away. Bring a pad or use the voice record app and have a stream-of-consciousness conversation with yourself about the message you’re trying to get across, why it matters. Study the masters. Watch a classic film. Pray for clarity. If you’re the creative director, gather the team in front of a white board. Make the quietest person in the room say what he or she thinks – they always have something good to contribute.

Best quick office-type energy boost is:   Eat an apple. Drink some coffee. Tea works too. Get outside. Take purposeful, copious breaths of oxygenated air, in through the nose – machine rooms are also great for that, the air is ionized

Tech you use most in your job that you never thought you’d use:  Before 2005 or so, I never expected I’d become an editor. Now I use Final Cut Express to cut my podcast. Best hundred bucks I ever spent. I love losing track of time when I’m editing something I believe in, where I’m the client, when I’m chasing a vision and getting closer with each keystroke. It’s sort of like writing a novel. It feels more like sex than work.

Latest campaign or spot you worked on and for whom:  “Unstoppable,” Major League Baseball’s Postseason campaign for 2016, which has just begun running cross-channel on Fox, ESPN, TNT, MLB Network, etc. The campaign was designed by the great group at Oishii. Baseball fans will, I hope, come to love Sia’s latest single, which is the base track.

Favorite commercial or promo of all time:   Hmmm… Guess I gotta go with Apple’s 1984 ad. I remember where I was when it aired, watching the Super Bowl in the common room at my dorm, a brownstone on Bay State Road in Boston. Changed the world, that ad did.

You made the switch from affiliate marketing to more…how did you do that?    Sheer will, a few lucky breaks, maybe a little talent. That first gig on Spenser: For Hire lasted three years, and on hiatus I worked on commercials and features like Field of Dreams and Prancer, but I didn’t have the stomach for the film business. I started in on my first novel, Life Askew, and moved to Manhattan, and dreamed of living the writer’s life. Then, somehow, I landed a job writing and producing promos for Chris Spencer at The Comedy Channel (the network we now know as Comedy Central), then HBO & Cinemax. From there I moved into local and then network TV promos. 

The thing is, all my jobs have been short-lived. I’ve never had a serious gig last longer than three years. I’ve jumped from cable nets to local stations, big networks and back, all in Greater New York City (aside from extended freelance stints in Philly for KYW, and Bristol for ESPN, and by then I’d moved my family to Connecticut). I have spent two separate three-year stints working for Frank Radice and Bill Hartnett at NBC News Marketing, and I would have chained myself to the radiator if it meant I could stay. Seriously, there is no more exciting place to work than 30 Rock – that building has a pulse to it. I was just there for a couple weeks, helping my friends at MSNBC during the conventions. Anyway, it feels like I’ve worked everywhere in this town, but there are still a few mountains to climb. Hello, Viacom? 

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?  I’m so boring… Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, ESPN, HuffPo, Netflix (to update my watch list). The internet is more a tool than a toy for me.

Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”?   Jesus Christ Himself

Mark Your Calendars and hats off to Raycom who is bringing attention to the devastating floods that have inundated Louisiana. No, a flood just doesn’t ‘go away’…the heartbreak lingers and the losses are incalculable. September 5, Labour Day, all Raycom stations and Bounce TV affiliates will broadcast a live concert hosted by Harry Connick, Jr and Randy Jackson featuring a dozen artists performing at Baton Rouge’s River Center Theatre. Called Louisiana Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Relief, it’s slated to run from 8/7 to 10/9 (Eastern and Central) and help out our brothers and sisters whose lives have been so horribly impacted. Well Dunne! to all the Raycom people at each of their stations and thanks LEC COBLE for the info. 

Think About This:  “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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December 10, 2013

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FRANK RADICE is such an interesting and talented man. Formerly of NBC, he’s now consulting the new El Rey Network. Well Dunne! Frank.

JOHN LANSING, former President of Scripps Network has transitioned over to run CTAM, and there’s going to be some amazing changes there. The Mark Awards are a thing of the past. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

Great phoner with NATPE Pres (and former station GM) ROD PERTH. Miami is heating up in more ways than one. There’s going to be a big push with Marketing CMO’s as speakers. Very cool move on their part. Think about hitting it up.


New York duopoly WNYW-FOX 5 / WWOR-My 9 is looking for a social media savvy Promotion Producer to join our very social media focused Creative Services team.

From tweets to topicals…from posts to promos, you’ll create content for on-air and online.

We’re looking for someone who can write, produce and edit high quality news and programming promos in a fast paced environment.

The ideal candidate will be “plugged into what’s trending” and apply that knowledge to promotion projects for the stations. 

We’re seeking a positive team player who’s an energetic self starter and is able to handle multiple projects at once under tight deadlines.

Must have a minimum of 3 years of prior television experience in promotion. Excellent creative writing and strong non-linear editing skills required. Strong understanding of various social media platforms a must. Degree in communications or related field preferred. 

Please send resume and link to reel or DVD to: WNYW, HUMAN RESOURCES DEPT/PP, 205 EAST 67th STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10065. EOE.  Or e-mail to: myjobs@foxtv.com

Think About This:  “"How many times have we called on God and then ignored the opportunities he sent? Maybe we didn’t recognize them because they didn’t take the form we expected. Spiritual surrender requires faith, but it also requires paying attention to opportunities and taking action. We need to look to God for guidance, to keep us on the right course, but we can’t expect God to kick-start us every morning and deliver breakfast in bed."  ~ Kathy Cordova


Vegas Check in #1

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 None other than FRANK RADICE of Definition 6 and BONNIE BARCLAY of FX Design. 

January 5, 2012

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Definition 6 has news. They’re the cool-o Atlanta & NYC marketing agency and they have two new hires to crow about. MARIBETH PHILLIPS is now the Executive Producer and JOHN SEXTON is the new Interactive Creative Director. They’re both gonna office in The Apple. Maribeth comes over from Imaginary Forces where she was Managing Director and EP. Before that she was with Lee Hunt, then it became Razorfish. The William and Mary grad has also studied at Parsons School of Design and she’s done work for a whole lot of networks, cable nets, etc. John has been freelancing at the top agencies, working for clients like  Nissan, FedEx and more. He’s also been VP Interactive Creative Director and VP Associate Creative Director at Grey Healthcare and Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness. He’s got a sheepskin from Columbia College in Chicago. Well Dunne! Maribeth and John. Give my regards to FRANK RADICE.

It’s the same only way different….that’s probably how ADAM STOTSKY is explaining his new role at G4. Last August, Adam departed his slot as President of Marketing at NBC Entertainment out in LA. Just today, he was tapped to be General Manager of G4, NBCU’s video game-centric media outlet. The West Virginia U grad has held executive marketing slots at Discovery and SyFy, where he was EVP Global Brand Strategy and Market Development back when it was called SciFi. Well Dunne! Adam.

During the holiday break, Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA blew some candles out on his latest birthday cake….and  RICH VANSLYKE was all over TV with his new spots for Ethan Allen. Just love my guys (and girls).

Winston Churchill’s oratory talent can help you market. Yes it can. 

What’s on the horizon in the ad world? Take a look into the crystal ball thanks to the WSJ. 


Think About This: “The world can’t end (in 2012), because Marty McFly took the Delorean to 2015!!” ~ Well Dunne! Talent’s KELLY PIDGEON


Wednesday February 16, 2011

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Definition 6, that cool marketing company where FRANK RADICE is  Expert in Residence (such a title!) is now home to RACHEL CONFORTI, just named Senior Marketing Communications Manager. The State University of NY Binghampton alum makes the switch from Marcomm Manager at Tremor Media. Rachel has also worked at CBS. Well Dunne! Ms. Conforti.

Job Alert: CBS On-Air Promotion over on Beverly needs a Promo Preditor. If you can write, produce and edit on Avid, have net, cable or trailer experience, this is the gig for you. Snail mail your resume and reel to Suite 8 Attn VP of Production.

Talk about product integration in a TV format.
Muy bueno,  Kmart.

And throw the creative team an extra treat for the super spots done for Subaru during the Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show program on USA Network. Take a gander.

Think About This: "In this time of whole-system transition we can no longer afford to live as half-light versions of ourselves. The complexity of our time requires a greater and wiser use of our capacities, a rich playing of the instrument we have been given. The world can thrive only if we can grow. The possible society can become a reality only if we learn to be the possible humans we are meant to be."  ~ Jean Houston


June 28, 2010

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OK, Frank. You HAVE to send me a business card. The Frank in question is FRANK RADICE and what’s on his new card these days is so cool I would ask him to actually use snail mail to get me a piece of a dead tree. The card reads ‘Expert in Residence’. That’s the new title he has with Definition 6, the New York-Atlanta based marketing firm.  This title rivals that of DENNY FITCH at The Agency, who is President, Odd Days; his partner is President Even Days. Back to Frank, who has a stellar background that includes such titles as EVP of Advertising and Promotion at the NBC Agency  as well as President and Chief Marketing Officer for NATAS. He’s also a journalist and an award-winning one at that. Did I mention his wicked fun sense of humor? Yeah, there’s that. Congrats and Well Dunne! Frank.

What is an expert, someone from Harvard, told you that you could help your health, reduce stress levels AND be a better leader, not to mention human being, with doing just one simple thing during the business day? Would you do it? Of course you would. Then check out what you should be doing about Noon.

Think About This: "All that is required now is that you continue to till the soil of your soul. Just as you would not neglect seeds that you planted with the hope that they will bear vegetables and fruits and flowers, so you must attend to and nourish the garden of your becoming." ~ Jean Houston