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October 27, 2016

Oct 26, 2016 by     Comments Off on October 27, 2016    Posted under: Featured

Today, we talk politics. STOP…do not go avert your eyes or hit Delete…this is about politics and it’s all interesting, and not in the ‘politics kind of way’ you’re used to this election season. First, let’s shine a light on Raycom Media who has wrangled (and that is meant in the most cowboy of ways) the six (count ‘em six) Senate candidates in Louisiana and gotten their promise to show up in one place (Dillard University in The Big Easy) on November 2 from 7 to 8 pm Central. What will ensue will be a debate and can be viewed on WAFB, WVUE, KPLC, KSLA, KALB CW/Alexandria and C-Span plus streamed. Well Dunne! Raycom.

Next, we move to the best political commercial seen this season (and, frankly the best for LOTS of political seasons.)  The story behind it is the stuff of Hollywood writers’ dreams. Austin-ites know about Gerald Daugherty and his wife. The spot is here. So what agency put this gem together? What NYC or LA director made this a masterpiece? The answer is a lesson. Enter KC Strategies, the literal Austin mom and pop shop run by CHAD CROW and his wife. They do political campaigns and have known the Daugherty’s for over 15 years. When Chad proposed doing something other than the same ol’ same ol’, the reaction from his clients was a definite no. But Chad persuaded them, first by assuring them if they didn’t like it, it would never see the light of day. No voters would ever see this different idea. If they kinda liked it when done, but weren’t crazy happy, it would go up on the website and let it just live in cyberspace. Reluctantly, the Daugherty’s agreed, but were VERY uncomfortable during production. After all, a production is a very messy affair, and their house was the set. The production team was…wait for it…in-house. Director Steve Mims and the crew have been working with Chad for quite some time. They put the spot together in record time (or in the amount of time a TV promo person would take) and up it went on the net. Enter the Austin newspaper, and their story. Enter Star Trek’s George Takei who posted it on Facebook and his million and a half plus followers super-charged getting eyeballs to the spot. Chad said the secret to the spot was that the Daugherty’s trusted him and that they had a long relationship. Amen. Today, the TODAY Show featured them. Since this is the last campaign Gerald is going to run, he’s going out with a bang and the hope that Trump doesn’t poison the voting pool against sane Republicans. As Gerald himself describes Austin: “a blueberry in a bowl of strawberries.” Chad was very reluctant to talk about KC Strategies role…he wants all the attention to be on his client. This is a super guy…and he talked because you’re all pros and this is a professional to professional story. Big fan of Chad and KC Strategy. Let’s give the wonderful creative a huge Well Dunne! and let’s point out how an in-house effort can run the table from the pros from Dover. 

Think About This: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.”  ~ Henry Ford

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