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November 1, 2012

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Lots of good news coming out of Knoxville, TN and Scripps Networks Interactive, which is the official title of the cool cable entities like HGTV, DIY, etc. Not one, not two but SIX promotions to share. Let’s start with ANNE WILKERSON’s new title, Production Manager for HGTV. TODD TROOP is now Creative Director/Design for HGTV. Great pair. PETER MOORE’s new biz card will read VP of Creative Projects for the Home Category. We have two Executive Producers at both HGTV and DIY. Let’s hear it for GEORGELLE COLE and SANTOS LOPEZ. And last but not least at all is LESLEY SCHOCH who is now a full fledged Writer Producer for DIY. All this great news deserves a half dozen Well Dunne!s for the talented bunch.

Job Alert – Director of Brand Marketing for WWE in Stamford, CT.

Job Alert – Promo Producer at WVIT in Hartford, CT

Think About This: "The experience of life that you’re creating is largely determined by your beliefs and attitudes. Your beliefs and attitudes are enormously powerful in the life you’re living. Not only do these beliefs and attitudes continue to determine your inner experience of life, but they are also creative blueprints. They are blueprints, through which and by which a power greater than you, creates the outer events in your experience and tendencies in your life path. We call this power the law of mind or the creative mind principle."  ~  Dr. Roger Teel