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January 26, 2016

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What are the odds of finding a super producer…quickly? Vegas odds were with HENRY VASQUEZ, CSD of KLAS in the very town giving out betting advice. Henry found DAVID ISBEL and immediately put him to work as Senior Producer at the Nexstar operation. David’s got a lot going for him, besides writing, producing and editing. He speaks fluent Estonian and his last name, spelled IsBel (yes, both the I and B are capitalized) is French Basque. Tres international. Mr. I hails from Portland and grew up watching KPDX, becoming a huge fan of Rambling Rod. Who is Rambling Rod you ask? He’s the very person on which The Simpsons’ Matt Groenig based Krusty the Klown. (Remember that – you never know when you might want to be on Jeopardy.) The Colorado Tech grad has worked in Palm Springs as well as KTNV and KSNV in Vegas. Besides a great boss, great new job, David has a 6 month old with the most electric name – Harlow. He replaces GREG SLEEPER who’s Sr. Producer for WCVB in Boston. Must check in with Greg to see what he thought of that blizzard. A big Well Dunne! to David! 

Job Alert – Senior Writer Producer KKTV Fox  O&O Los Angeles

Still waiting for CBSSports.com PR to respond to the question I sent about the end of that Broncos/Pats game. I guess the snow is the excuse. Will keep you posted. 

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Update….August 31, 2015

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My bad….I said GREG SLEEPER was going to Boston. That’s correct. That he was going to WCVB. Again, correct. Working with wonderful RUSS NELLIGAN. Yep, that’s right on target correct. BUT (and one would say about the Kardashian camp, that’s a Big But) the title is wrong. He’s joining the creative team in Boston as a Senior Writer Producer. Please direct all ire, corrections and communications expressing that mistake my way, and not to Russ. He’s got a lot to do as it is. Sorry one and all. Now carry on.

August 31, 2015

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Gonna be sending GREG SLEEPER a warm muffler to use come January. He’s heading to Boston to work with CSD RUSS NELLIGAN at ABC affil WCVB; official title Assistant Creative Services Director. It will definitely be a change from Las Vegas, where he’s been kickin’ it as Senior Writer Producer at KLAS under tres cool CSD HENRY VAZQUEZ. Greg is going to enjoy the east coast, having spent most of his career out west. He’s a Navy vet who went to University of Utah and got his first job in TV at Park City Television producing Olympic spots before doing news promo for Salt Lake City’s KSTU. He has been a promo producer for American Forces Network in Riverside, CA and was a field producer for Davis Epps Media. Safe travels to Boston, Greg. You’ll arrive just in time to plan a trip to see all the fall colored leaves in New Hampshire. A very big Well Dunne! 

Job Alert – Sr Writer Producer KLAS Las Vegas

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