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June 17, 2016

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Kudos to the planning folks at PROMAX on the NY Conference. Seriously, it was clockwork. Ideas + perfect scheduling + excellent coffee = major hit. Especially fun was the SyFy futures area, where watching a 3-D printer at work was fascinating. All who did the virtual reality high wire walk loved it as well.

LEE HUNT, who looks a great deal like GRIFFIN DUNNE (!), told an SRO ballroom crowd about his latest Best Practices 2016. Netflix and the way they keep our eyeballs glued to their service was part of the presentation about why viewers really have stopped watching TV as we know it and are taking control of their viewing. So how can a marketer have impact on this disruptive movement? Lee had insight into what types of spots and promos work and don’t work, as well as how to improve commitment to shows via use of marketing tools. Don’t believe that once the show airs, the marketing for that show ends. Research proves it no longer works that way – viewers need post-show marketing pushes to commit to watching, and the post-debut spots are more effective than ever. Lee’s complete presentation is available here. Yes, it’s Must Download TV. And Lee has called for a moratorium on the word Disruptive.

They could have used a room twice the size for Going Off The Grid: TV Branding in a Future Without Channels. HBO’s SABRINA CALUORI (title: SVP Digital Media & Marketing) was charming and insightful sharing the growth of HBO’s digital performance. Facebook’s GWEN THROCKMORTON (title: Head of Industry, US Entertainment, Global Sales, Facebook) was roughly insistent (Only decaf for you from now on, Gwen) that innovative creative is obsolete and even showed a powerpoint slide of a tombstone. Hmm. Nobody else at the Conference held that view. Bottom line is that all new platforms call for creative to match each one. NO tombstones in the future of creative marketers and lots of new options.

New Technology of Storytelling was a major iPhone gold star, with panelists who have produced amazing shows and films using what is possibly in your possession right now. Sharing techniques and war stories from shoots they experienced, WFAA’s MIKE CASTELLUCCI and FILIPE DEANDRADE and a Photog/Director known as JOEY L made the audience want to immediately start their own iPhone productions. It was a highly entertaining session.

BEN SILVERMAN in a Keynote was very clear in differentiating how each platform is different but content always remains the reason for engagement. Content is king…some things never change. Ben’s Propagate Content, where he’s Co-CEO, has shows on traditional nets, streaming and OTTs. 

More tomorrow.

Winners were announced. Were there any surprises. See for yourself.



Think About This: “You can fail at what you don’t want to do, so may as well get on with what you want to do."  ~ John Taylor (thanks STEVE HOUCK)

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October 22, 2015

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‘Luck is what happens with preparation meets opportunity.’ Yeah, you’ve seen that on some poster near the HR department. But it’s true. And JEFF AIELLO is living proof. He’s a promo pro who’s written, produced and managed at such great stations as WFAA in Dallas, KPIX in SF, FOX in Dallas, WBTV in Charlotte and was CSD at Disney’s KFSN in Fresno. That Disney connection morphed into him producing a show on the Live Well Network. Yes, making the show was even more fun than promoting them. When Live Well said adieu, his prodco had decided to push their documentary side in addition to their commercial and industrial work. Through a series of events, Jeff met a man who had purchased a photo at a central Cali sale and the picture was of…Billy the Kid. Yes, you’ve seen that story all over media. At one time, it was out trending Lamar Odam, baseball, and football on social sites. Wow. And you might have seen the doc, Billy the Kid New Evidence, on National Geographic Channel. Yes, the one narrated by Kevin Costner. Telling the story of how to prove a photo was a real one takes real talent. Jeff loved the production and, as that first sentence asserts, has led to his next project, which you’ll find out about as soon as all the ducks are in a row. In the meantime, check out the show – available online. And send Jeff a huge, Wild West Well Dunne! So proud of him! 

For all you Simpson’s fans out there, here’s the opportunity of a lifetime – the auction of Sam Simon’s personal collection from the series. Thanks to Sothebys, you can own any number of the most wonderful art work, items or cels. Starts October 22 and details are here.

Wish the NY Television Festival was on this year’s itinerary. They kicked it off with a wonderful Manhattan Special Event, which no doubt made the Tribune folks very happy. Great show which you should be catching. Look for GRIFFIN DUNNE. Shameless family plug.


Think About This: "You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: "Did he have passion?".  ~  from the movie Serendipity written by Marc Klein

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