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August 24, 2010

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JEFF AIELLO has blasted through the marketing ranks and is now a show runner – and writer and producer and editor – for a series that’s landed his show on air in Top 10 markets. How cool is that!  Jeff has been CSD at Disney’s Fresno operation KFSN, and has worked at KTVK in Phoenix and WBTV in Charlotte, all in the creative services area of things. For the last six months +, he’s been doing KFSN’s CSD duties plus the show and now, he’s going to have a moment to breathe and focus on MOTION. That’s the name of the show – MOTION – and it’s all about the love of being outdoors. Outdoor activity is Jeff’s passion, so the show is one big win-win situation. This is part of Disney’s HD efforts, christened Live Well, Jeff has been traveling to make the show in such spots as Hawaii, NC’s Outer Banks as well as Alaska. Well Dunne! Jeff.

And  yes, the CSD slot at KFSN is open. As is the Program slot at Live Well.

Kudos to ABC for putting the pilot to No Ordinary Family on their website. Great marketing move to tempt the eyeballs in advance of the debut. However, the peek was limited to the first 50,000 and by the time I got around to it yesterday, I believe it was all gone. Shame…since I adore star Michael Chiklis.

Tennis fans – the US OPEN is on the horizon. Next Monday they start swinging in earnest. Tennis pro and commentator GUY DAVID has a blog you should check out. Guy Talks Tennis gives you the pro’s inside view of the action. And yes, all you at The Tennis Channel and ESPN2 should scoop him up – he’s a dynamite writer. The Aussie hails from Adelaide and has a degree in communications from Charleston Southern in the good ol’ USA.

Think About This: “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability”  ~ Sam Keen