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March 27, 2017

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 Topographically, the US is incredibly diverse. From the deserts of the Southwest to forests of the Pacific Northwest….the grassy plains of the Midwest to the Southeast lowlands and the vibe of the east coast – it’s all different and exciting. Creative people love making the switch from one place to another, and HENRY VASQUEZ  is one such soul. He’ll be heading back to the east coast, where the New Yorker calls home, as the new Vice President Director of Brand and Digital Development at Tribune’s WTIC, the CBS affiliate in Hartford.  Henry is going to cash in his chips, so to speak, as CSD of Nexstar’s KLAS in Las Vegas. For the last several years, Henry and his lovely wife have been bi-coastal and they’re looking forward to more time together.  Henry actually began his career at Tribune as Creative Services Assistant in NYC at WPIX. Down in Philly he was Promo Manager for WCAU as well as promo producer for KYW, WPVI and WCAU. Yep he ran the Philly promo table. Mr. V has an MBA and now a very impressive new business card. Hope he plays a hot slot before heading out…he’s on a great streak. Well Dunne! Henry.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director KLAS Las Vegas

Job Alert – Senior Promo Producer WRC Washington DC job 32972BR

Job Alert – Digital Director WEWS Cleveland

Job Alert – Creative Services Associate Producer WFTX Ft Myers, FL

Think About This: “Shallow men believe in luck and circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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January 26, 2016

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What are the odds of finding a super producer…quickly? Vegas odds were with HENRY VASQUEZ, CSD of KLAS in the very town giving out betting advice. Henry found DAVID ISBEL and immediately put him to work as Senior Producer at the Nexstar operation. David’s got a lot going for him, besides writing, producing and editing. He speaks fluent Estonian and his last name, spelled IsBel (yes, both the I and B are capitalized) is French Basque. Tres international. Mr. I hails from Portland and grew up watching KPDX, becoming a huge fan of Rambling Rod. Who is Rambling Rod you ask? He’s the very person on which The Simpsons’ Matt Groenig based Krusty the Klown. (Remember that – you never know when you might want to be on Jeopardy.) The Colorado Tech grad has worked in Palm Springs as well as KTNV and KSNV in Vegas. Besides a great boss, great new job, David has a 6 month old with the most electric name – Harlow. He replaces GREG SLEEPER who’s Sr. Producer for WCVB in Boston. Must check in with Greg to see what he thought of that blizzard. A big Well Dunne! to David! 

Job Alert – Senior Writer Producer KKTV Fox  O&O Los Angeles

Still waiting for CBSSports.com PR to respond to the question I sent about the end of that Broncos/Pats game. I guess the snow is the excuse. Will keep you posted. 

Think About This: "You can make a difference! You may be only one person, but one is all it takes to bring change. We call this the Power of One. When you have zeros you have nothing, but when you put the number one before the zeros, you have millions and billions. It is always the inspiration of one person that starts great movements of change in this world, whether these changes are social, political, or spiritual."  ~  Chrissie Blaze & Gary Blaze

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November 20, 2015

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“I was only there such a short time when the call came.” This is how the conversation with GABE LUNA began. Gabe is a major favorite (thank you LAUREL PORTIE) and a totally creative ‘One To Watch’ who is the new Promotion Manager of Scripps’ KGUN in Tucson. The call he refers to is one from his father, who had gotten the green light for a double lung transplant. Of course Gabe had to be there, so into the car he jumped and drove I-10 to San Antonio, no doubt in record time. His boss at KGUN, ANDY SCHWABE, and the rest of the management team was supportive, even with the November ratings book workload. Now THAT, people, is a good operation. Andy is a leader who described his new hire this way: “He’s going to bring fresh creativity and energy to our already fantastic group of talented marketing professionals." Papa Luna is slowly recovering, and if you have any extra good thoughts you might want to send them his way. Gabe is back in Arizona, hard at work at KGUN and has a plateful of blessings for which to be thankful next Thursday. Gabe is a San Antonio guy who attended SAC (San Antonio College, which is nearly next to the best restaurant in town) and worked as Production Director of the Trinity Broadcasting Network before jumping into promo work at Sinclair’s operation in the Alamo City. He also honed his promo chops in Seattle. Get Well to Gabe’s dad and Well Dunne! to Gabe. 

Sending condolences to KLAS CSD HENRY VASQUEZ who lost his mother this week. 

If you’re into Art (as many of you are) you should check out The Art of More on Crackle.com. It’s not only a fun watch, it’s on a free site. You’re welcome.

Think About This:  “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  ~ Aristotle

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November 10, 2015

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Whenever there’s news out of ABC Network, it almost seems as if the news is done in alphabetical order. It isn’t of course, but the news today is from ABC. A promotion. JOHN ROUSE is now Executive Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Marketing of the alphabet net. Formerly the Senior VP, the USC grad started at KNBC doing sales and joined Disney after being an AE for MGM/UE. Lots of initials. Great guy. Sing along to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club farewell song: Now it’s time to say Well Dunne to John at ABC. E-V-P…A-B-C…R-o-u-s-e.”

Job Alert – KLAS, in Vegas (located just off The Strip – really…talk about location!) has a wonderful CSD. HENRY VASQUEZ. He’s on the hunt for a Senior Writer Producer and you actually need to consider what an opportunity that is. As they say on Game of Thrones….winter is coming. Is there a better place for wintering than Vegas? Or more fun than KLAS? 

Wednesday is Veteran’s Day, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the Valley of the Sun, be sure to check out Well Dunne! Talent’s DENA YASNER who is announcing the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. It starts at 11 on North Central at Montebello then turns on Camelback east to 7th then south to Indian School. Come on out and show these men and women you are grateful for their service. And say hi to Dena…she’s a doll.

Know about an app that takes the solitary undertaking of watching TV (specifically Netflix) and turns it into an online social game? Well, check out plot guru. And then make it into a local thing for your market.

Think About This:  “Love is never defeated, and I could add, the history of Ireland proves it.”  ~  Pope John Paul II

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July 15, 2013

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HENRY  VAZQUEZ  is going to trade the main line for the strip. He’s the new Creative Services Director at KLAS in Vegas, baby, and he’s coming from the ever so proper Philadelphia where he’s been Promotion Manager, News and On-Air at NBC’s WCAU. He won’t start until August, so he’ll get to drive west, which is a very cool adventure.  In addition to WCAU, where he began as a Senior Promo Producer before being tapped for PM, Henry has worked at both WPVI ABC in Philly as well as WKYW CBS plus up in the NYC market he did promo for WPIX. A man after my own heart, he was a Writers Guild intern at Paramount Studios. A huge Well Dunne!  Henry. Look for a surprise awaiting you at your new office. 

Job Alert – Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications Fox Sports Florida Ft. Lauderdale  Job FNG0002586

Successful viral campaigns and ‘buzz’ aren’t just the result of creativity and hard work. Nope. They’re actually a brain function that we all share. Fascinating article. Click here.


Especially for you voice folks, take a look at this super video from voice man PAUL KINNEY out of Sacramento.



Think About This:  “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”   ~ Mary Engelbreit