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August 5, 2016

Aug 4, 2016 by     Comments Off on August 5, 2016    Posted under: Featured

"Five Minutes With" Friday is here again. Summer flies by, doesn’t it…Today we get to spent time with MAX HOLLAND, the Senior Sound Designer/Audio Engineer for HOBO Audio in NYC. Hobo is a growing, well respected post house all about sound (pay attention ya’ll…sound makes all those visuals really work). They love to say “Make yourself at HOBO”. They’ve done some amazing Olympics promos, and with the Opening Ceremonies tonight (if you’re reading this Friday) its timely. Max, take it away:

You’re working on Olympic promos for NBC Sports. Which ones?  I am helping with their big push to the Olympics so there are almost too many to count, but some of the stand outs of the past few months have been: Anticipation, Sacrifice and Perfection. All of those spots are little vignettes that were shot with the athletes of Team USA showing the different aspects and emotions of preparing for competition at the highest level.

Got a favorite sport you will follow during Olympics? I am partial to swimming. My sister was on the swim team in high school so I spent a lot of time at the meets so I have a special connection to it.

Favorite SFX to add to spots? I don’t really have a favorite style of sound effect, in fact I am just as likely to add some sound design as I am to not. Whatever speaks to me about the piece I am working with is what determines the direction of the sound design, sometime I don’t add a thing because it would only be distracting.

Best way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak?  Not sure there is one! Maybe its listening to music while getting set up in the morning. I truly listen to anything and everything I can get my hands on, Spotify has certainly helped with that obsession. Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, EDM or Country are all in regular rotation in the studio when I am not working.

Best quick office-type energy boost is?  I am Coca Cola addict. Sometimes for fun the staff here hides it from me around the studio kitchen.

Best new tech innovation for sound is?  So hard to pin down, I am excited for all the technology surrounding immersive sound tech like Dolby Atmos, game audio and VR headset 3D Audio.

Favorite commercial or promo of all time?   Wow that’s tough. I am a big movie trailer guy personally, pretty much everything around the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” campaign was perfect for me in terms of big budget move stuff, or the “The Wolf of Wall Street” trailer that used that Kanye West song. I generally tend to enjoy the quieter commercials with very minimal or no sound at all. Go figure.

My first big break was…?   My first big break was when someone realized it was cheaper to hire the assistant engineer to record the VO for a TV show then bringing in a freelancer! Its all been uphill from there!

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?  Ten minutes is a long time in internet time. I visit Reddit a lot.

If I hadn’t been a sound designer, then I would have been…?  Not entirely sure. I actually got a job at my first studio at 19, so I didn’t explore anything else. I love what I do now, so hopefully I’ll never have to figure out what else I even can do.

Think About This:  "For the most part, most people often choose comfort—the familiar, the time-honored, the well-worn but well-known. After a lifetime of choosing between comfort and risk, we are left with the life we currently have." ~ John-Roger and Peter McWilliams

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