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Solving NBC’s programming woes

Jan 12, 2010 by     Comments Off on Solving NBC’s programming woes    Posted under: Uncategorized


Yep, this is off the norm here. But I know how to solve the NBC problem, firing Zucker aside. Here’s what to do: Give the last hour of prime back to the affiliates, who can then do what we have discussed for years – earlier local newscasts. An HOUR of late local news from NBC affiliates will clean up and knock off the FOX local news hours at this time. Yep, it will. Sorry FOX. THEN put Jay on for half an hour at 11/10, where he’ll be alternative programming to other local newscasts and a refreshing change of pace from canned shows at this hour. THEN leave Conan and the Tonight Show alone at the historic time. Voila…all are happy. NBC becomes a leader in broadcasting once again. Jay AND Conan are happy and the lawyers can stop billing those high fees. Last but not least, we have happy viewers. And isn’t that the point. As the cool kids say…discuss.