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June 23, 2014

Jun 22, 2014 by     Comments Off on June 23, 2014    Posted under: Featured

Is there a better way to cool off than a nice cold margarita, repleat with salted glass rim and ice cubes? Why no; not pour moi. So for those reading this while taking refuge from the Vegas heat, take note and get your RSVP ready for just such a liquid oasis thanks to the one and only BONNIE BARCLAY and her boss MACK McLAUGHLIN of FX Design Group. Come Wednesday at 6, Mack is mixing up the ‘ritas himself while hosting at The Mirage. Come one come all…but you have to RSVP. Send an email to bbarclay@fxgroup.tv and prove you were raised with manners and elan. That way, they will be expecting you and won’t run out of limes. Oh, and as a special bonus OLIVIER COHEN of Hybrid TV will be mixing Caipirnhas, the Brazilian concoction known as their national cocktail (perhaps in homage to the World Cup?) Have one of both for me and tell them all Well Dunne! 

Speaking of Brazil…Love it! El Rey Network has a soccer/spy thriller series in the works for debut July 15. Called Matador – it has nothing to do with bull fighting. Bet all involved are glued to the World Cup, eh?

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