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July 12, 2012

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WBTV CSD JOHN RICE is riding to raise funds for cancer again this year. He’s dedicated and this event is his third year (I’m pretty sure…could be 4th).  Check out John’s page – and if you have a few extra dollars that need a good place to go…well….

ANN EPSTEIN is the newest member of BE the Creative Source, JEFF BOORTZ’s NYC-based design focused company. Well Dunne! 

Clockwork VFX used The Force to introduce a new toy line that was on The Hub as webisodes. Very cool. Well Dunne! to the Dubai-based creatives and JASON TOMLINS, the Clockworks founder.

Talk about thinking outside the box (or coffin) check out the Walking Dead Escape, a hands-on (or actually you want to NOT have hands on you) experience at Comic Con. It’s not cheap to dodge real dead zombies ($75) but for $15 you can watch. All info is here.  Everything but the AMC logo….hmmmm….

NOBODY is more of a fan of JON HAMM’s looks than this writer. He’s even from St. Louis, which is more bonus points to add to that chiseled chin. However, those who hire him to do voiceover only really need to think again. His VO work is just barely adequate. The opinions expressed are mine and this is my blog, so deal with it. Kisses anyway, Jon.


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