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November 5, 2010

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43 years is a long time in anybody’s book. But when you’re having fun, it really does fly. 43 is the number of years that WLUK-TV’s PAT KROHLOW has been in the TV biz. Come January 1, he’s retiring. In a business where retirement is rather nebulous, we should all be happy for Pat. What’s on his plate? A move to the Florida beaches? No…Pat and his wife are both winter people who adore snowmobiling and ice fishing, so January will be the ideal time for him to have extra time to devote to fun. Like all imaginative people, Pat is open to some creative project work. He’s going to help his GM JAY ZOLLAR find the next CSD, so dial him and before you talk about the job, tell him Congrats! A big Well Dunne! to you Pat.

OPRAH has just about everything. No wait…NOW she does with the introduction of her own plane. Read about the United Airlines Oprah plane. Quelle promotion – c’est fantastique.

OMG, this is such a GREAT little checklist – a must-read. Top 10 Stupid Marketing Tricks. Don’t let the title put you off and nobody will point any fingers….

Biggest brand blunders
…and BP didn’t come in #1.

Think About This: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali