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April 27, 2018

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New Orleans is a one-of-a-kind place. Unlike any other place on the planet, New Orleans has a beauty, a pace and a presence that is its own. From the beignets to the Mardi Gras parades, NOLA is an experience, not a location. No wonder JOE CADWELL jumped at the chance to stay instead of taking his considerable video talents elsewhere. The Metarie man is the newest addition to the creative team at WGNO, the Tribune ABC affiliate. CSD JEFF FUNK saw the talent and has given Joe his first TV job, which he’s already tackled successfully. Joe’s background has been with agencies and doing video for any number of NO entities. The best part was he never gets lost. He knows his way around the Crescent City – and he knows how to pronounce all the names. It’s a NOLA thing those names. Nonetheless, make the new guy feel at home with a big Well Dunne! Joe.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing Jewelry Television Knoxville

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January 12, 2015

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Now and then, you stumble upon someone who sounds like so much fun…has so much talent…and as an added bonus, has a sarcastically humorous view of life…well, you’re just glad they have a super job in TV marketing. Plus, it appears it would be fun to go party and have a blast with them. New Orleans is the scene of the person we’re spotlighting, and the city itself seems to breed such interesting people, which is why WGNO CSD JEFF FUNK, who himself knows the value of laissez les bon temps roulez, has found someone to be a promo writer producer by day for his Tribune owned station. All in time for Mardi Gras, too. Welcome SHENA MULLINS to the world of entertainment promotion. She’s got a Masters from University of NO Grad School and has been part of an impressive laundry list of productions in the film world. A real go-getter, she’s bringing her enthusiasm and film background to her new job. There’s a definite chance of fireworks. Beignets all around this Monday in honor of Ms. Shena. Well Dunne! 


Job Alert – CSD WLAX/WEUX La Crosse WI


Job Alert – Art Director KENS San Antonio

My feelings exactly about why meetings are the most heinous waste of time: 

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October 7, 2013

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Today is the first day ERIN MARTIN is spending as Promotion Manager at Scripps’ WXYZ in Detroit. Ms. Erin is a Southfield, MI native (google map it) and her hire has made her new boss, CSD DAVE BAUMANN, a very happy man. The impressive Ms. Martin is coming from CBS affil WKMG in Orlando where she had the PM title. Erin has graced the promo efforts of WFTV in Orlando and started her broadcast adventure in the news departments of WOFL in O’Town and WWMT in one of my favorite places, Kalamazoo. Very Well Dunne! Erin. 

Sending healing and laughter (which is the best medicine) to Well Dunne!’s NICK SANABRIA, who is recovering from getting some knee work done. His voice is 1000% so that’s a good thing. You all do know he’s the creative behind the hilarious, but NSFW, Horserace, right? 

Job Alert – Preditor for Promos Comcast SportsNet Houston

Job AlertAre you a gifted artist who wants to be part of a city unlike anything else in the country?  The Tribune Broadcasting TV station in New Orleans is looking for a night side Graphic Designer (1:30-10:30P) with cutting edge skills in graphic design. The Graphic Designer is responsible for developing, designing and producing high quality news graphics for WGNO-TV’s newscasts (News With A Twist, News At 10PM) as well as providing graphic support to Sales and Promotions departments. 






  • To not take life so seriously.  It’s a Nawlins thing!
  • To produce high quality graphics that successfully communicate the message desired by the News and/or Creative Services Departments.
  • To develop concepts, ideas and execute final artwork and animation for news, promotion and programming.
  • To have user/playback knowledge of all crucial systems used in the graphics area including Macs, and programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D and knowledge of tickers.
  • To maintain quality control checks, including but not limited to, spelling, organization of information, clear and easy to understand presentation of the graphics.
  • Must communicate well, and develop a good working relationship with afternoon and night side news producers and reporters in order to assess their needs and deliver what is expected.
  • Help develop the design and coordination of pre-production and/or animation; make suggestions, provide sources and digital files, consult with director (if needed) before production, and ensure that the finished work is delivered to the final destination.
  • To communicate with the creative team, and all station employees in a professional and positive manner.
  • To exhibit a positive attitude towards work and company policies, and at all times, encourages a positive and cooperative work environment.

Required Skills:




  • Ability to find and consume the best food on this planet.
  • Minimum 2 years Creative Services experience in a design environment, boutique, post-production house.
  • Advanced knowledge of Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. VizRT and Final Cut Pro experience preferred but not required.
  • Proficiency with Mac OS and Windows.
  • All aspects of promo production, including motion graphics, animation and non-linear editing.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter and a link to your portfolio to Jeff Funk, jfunk@wgno.com, #1 Galleria Blvd., Ste. 850, Metairie, LA 70001, fax (504)569-0952.  EOE.


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May 30, 2012

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New Orleans’ WGNO has a new promo producer/writer/editor and his name is JARED BURNS. Thought you’d enjoy hearing his take on his new slot:  “My name is Jared Burns and I’ve come to New Orleans, LA from across the state.  Moving up to a market size of 53 here at WGNO is a big step up from KPLC, market 176, in Lake Charles, LA, but I’m enjoying all the new sights and opportunities. Going from a commercial producer position in Lake Charles to a promotions producer here in New Orleans is definitely a challenge and a change of pace, workflow, and responsibilities. However, I’m definitely glad that I made the move; I’ve learned a lot and gotten my hands on great new equipment all within the first month.  I definitely consider this to be positive career move and am looking forward to learning so much more in this position.” Well Dunne! Jared and thanks to his CSD JEFF FUNK.

Today’s picture is not of New Orleans or Jared Burns, but it is a cute one that encompasses two fun favorites. That’s WHEC’s new creative guru STEVE PATRICK reading STEPHEN ARNOLD’s very cool read, The Story of Six Strings. 

Job Alert – Art Director at KPHO in Phoenix. 

Job Alert – Topical writer producer for Right This Minute national show. Phoenix locale. Magic Dust Television is the place.

Think About This: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime."  ~  Mark Twain


April 10, 2012

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How can one find a great creative promo producer?  Just the other day, DON SMITH of the Idopromoz site (and Promo Manager at KOVR) posted about the many, many openings for writers and producers. They’re getting to be scarce – very scarce – and the competition to hire them is strong. Even in an economy that tilts the balance toward employers, producers are in the drivers seat due to supply and demand. Here are some steps to make finding that perfect person a reality.


Think about what you want and then, think about what you need. Everybody wants a young Spielberg, but be reasonable. You might have to walk down your original specifics, especially if the producer slot opening will have a station-wide impact. Be specific and upfront. The candidates read job descriptions closely. An accurate picture of what you need will attract people who can do the job you describe.

“Target your most pressing need,” advises WNCN Creative Services Director STEVE PATRICK.  “Right off the bat, narrow your search to the candidates who can fill that need.  Then hire the one with the best attitude. Attitude trumps all.” 


Ask fellow promo people if they know of anyone available. Your buddy in Fresno might have heard about someone that would be ideal for your opening on the east coast. Email and then phone (yes, the phone). It would be great if the right candidate just showed up on your doorstep in response to ads, but take a more proactive stance. Producers are hard to find and a little work will pay off in the end.


LinkedIn is perhaps the best social network site for finding a pro. If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet, you’re missing out.

JEFF FUNK, Creative Director, Innovation and Imagination at WGNO and NOLA38 states, “In this stage of the game, if you aren’t on LinkedIn, it’s a red flag to me. Like life, everything evolves. The marriage of social media and traditional media is the perfect example. LinkedIn is not only the largest electronic rolodex online, but also a valuable source of opportunity and creativity. Active participation in sites like LinkedIn and Slideshare not only highlights one’s ability to network on different levels regardless of industry, but it showcases one’s ability to actively push their own personal brands forward. There’s something to be said for engagers!”


Producers know other producers. Ask your team if they can help. See NETWORK above.


“Grow your own,” advises 602 Communications’ GREG DERKOWSKI, himself a former CSD who has found himself in need of creative talent. “When you have someone on staff who you know — their work ethic, attitude, ambition, attendance, curiosity to learn more and contribute more — and that person shows a sincere interest in getting in the promotion game and has a good foundation to build on, that may be the way to go. Plenty of stations are doing this. And it’s a great reward for employees and it speaks well of your company when you promote from within.”

Corporate matching funds might be available to train your nearly-perfect pick. Or offer to pick up the tab for outside classes.  


 “If you find someone good, and train them to be just the way you want, then don’t let them go anywhere. Sign them to a personal services contract so that all that time, training and mentoring doesn’t go across the street and work against you.”


Media savvy students are everywhere. Check out the colleges, universities, art schools, and performing arts academies in the area. What can begin as an enthusiastic intern can turn into an amazing find.


HR people are as busy as promo people, so don’t expect them to focus on your opening alone. Every ownership group has their own procedures, so work with HR to help move the process along. Suggest to them a simple software program generating an email thanking candidates for contacting you (which should be mandatory). Your IT guy can make it happen for you. 


By and large, communication is not happening in the communication business when it comes to the hiring process. Producers, communicators at heart, feel rejected if their emails, submissions or phone calls aren’t acknowledged. Take a moment and, let’s reiterate, at the least, send a return email thanking them for sending their info. It doesn’t take much time and makes a world of difference to the candidates. 


Several CSD’s are still smarting from going through the hiring process and losing their choice at the last minute – the choice took another job. Don’t let things drag out. Clear the hurdles and make sure your paperwork is all done before you even run an ad. 


July 27, 2011

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You can take a person out of N’awlins, but you can’t take N’awlins out of a person. So true. America’s southern gem has called one of her own home, prying him away from the magnolias of Atlanta. JEFF FUNK is the new Creative Services Director of Tribune’s WGNO in The Crescent City. He’s been Assistant Creative Services Director at Hearst’s WDSU, so he’ll be hitting the ground running. While in Atlanta, Jeff was a creative writer producer for Turner’s Peachtree TV. He’s no stranger there, either, having served as Production Manager at CNN. Definitely Brand Dynamite, which is the name of his freelance endeavor. Will have to ask him which is his favorite NO dining establishments…there are so many.

You think your commute is bad….sitting in your AC’d car and all? Really? Take a look at what Mental Floss calls the 7 Craziest Roads in the World.


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