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June 6, 2012

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Sports and weather…intertwined, always with us…pretty much spectator sports and very popular TV subjects. All this based on JENNIFER ANDERSON GRAGG, who is switching from VP/Brand Strategy at Turner Sports to VP/Brand Strategy and Marketing at The Weather Channel Companies, TWCC as they call themselves. And she doesn’t even have to leave Atlanta. Ms. Jennifer is a James Madison U grad from up Virginia way who has been doing marketing magic for Turner in one form or another…at one time Director of Entertainment Marketing for Turner Network Television and VP Property Development at Turner Sports Marketing and Programming. Love to see a female in the sports marketing ranks, especially leading the way. Over at TWCC she’ll be working with KEITH PARDY, the recently named CMO. Well Dunne! Jennifer.


In today’s crazy world of TV marketing, staying at a station for 25 years seems like a fairy tale. But it DOES happen and on June 2, it happened to the one and only SHELLY SMITH LESLIE, who heads up the creative forces at legendary WRAL in Raleigh. Yep, she’s been at WRAL since 1987, where she began as a sports intern while a student at UNC-Chapel Hill. A huge Well Dunne! to her and to her next 25 years with Capital Broadcasting.

CHARLIE SHEEN is going to PROMAX. Really, he is. Let’s face it – the man knows how to create a personal brand. And that is one of the discussion topics he’ll be sharing in LA at the PROMAX 2012 Conference June 12-14. Well Dunne! T

Job Alert – WPHL in Philly needs a promo writer/producer/editor

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