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Monday January 24, 2011

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JESSICA STOWELL has had quite a year…and it’s all good. She’s now JESSICA HENDRICKS having married the most handsome man earlier in 2010. So in addition to a wonderful private life, her career just took an exciting turn with a brand new job. She’s departing her News Promotion Manager position at CBS in Boston, WBZ for those into call letters. Where’s she going? To Digitas, the huge agency that has offices all over the world, including Boston. Her new title is Associate Director of Marketing. Such lovely news for such a lovely lady. Well Dunne! Jessica.

Which, of course, means that her old slot of News Promo Manager is open. Job Alert. Let the resumes begin.  Also Chicago’s WBBM is looking for a promo producer/editor.

Also a shout out to VERONICA MARCH who tipped us all off to a good job up North at KSTP, where they’re looking for a Promo Coordinator.

Sending good thoughts to Well Dunne! Talent’s MARK DRISCOLL’s mom, who is having a hip replacement today. 

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~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin