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March 6, 2012

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Need to find out how to say “got a promotion” in Hawaiian. Because that’s what MELISSA MAPES would hear. The New KITI Creative Services Manager at Hearst’s Hawaiian station was a promo writer producer before getting the new title. She’s a Hawaiian girl hailing from the lovely windward side of Oahu, Kaneohe. They have one amazing malasada wagon over there…you need to check them out. Well Dunne! Melissa. 

What with all the horrible severe weather happening nearby, no wonder JIM FARINACCI hasn’t been able to chat. Plus his new job – he’s been promoted to Promotion Manager at FOX affil WXIX in Cincinnati. Jim is working with a super CSD, KEVIN GORYL. No doubt Jim will check in when the weather settles down. Nonetheless, it’s a hearty Well Dunne! Jim.

Job Alert – Sr. Director of Marketing ESPN #29843BR Job 

Job Alert – Sr. Brand Manager On-line entertainment Sony Online Entertainment in San Diego

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June 15, 2010

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The Queen City, aka Cincinnati, is just cooking along…especially at the Raycom FOX affiliate. CSD KEVIN GORYL has hired not one but two new creatives. Coming home from Cleveland is native son JIM FARINACCI, who’s producing and coordinating for the creative efforts. He’s been in the TV biz about 10 years and loves it. He and wife Kate are settling in. Producing for the sales folks is JASON BAGLEY, who is making the switch from News Production. He’ll be doing his creative thing alongside KAREN SMITH. Watch out and Well Dunne!

WONYA LUCAS is at it again…another fab promotion. This is a biggie…she’s been named executive vice president and chief operating officer for Discovery Channel and Science Channel. No doubt it’s her extensive marketing background they love so much…that and her go-get-‘em energy. Well Dunne! Wonya.

Congrats to DONNA WOLFE on her new position – VP of Production at NYC based Fuse. She has a background at MTV International and VH1. Coolness.

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