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March 16, 2016

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Trading gorgeous Colorado for the Grand Canyon State is EBONYE DELANEY, headed to Scripps’ ABC KNXV, aka abc15, and their super CSD JIM HART. Ebonye will be handling promos, including topicals, and she’ll be a wonderful addition to the creative team. The University of North Texas grad is a do-it-all lady who knows how to punch a newscast and has, as Director at  KYTX in Tyler and then again in the Rose City at Raycom’s KLTV. She was promoted to News Ops Manager there, where the Promo folks spotted an asset and she was intrigued with the marketing aspect. From Texas she went to KOAA in Colorado Springs where then-CSD SYDNEY RUBIN had her doing promos when not directing the news itself. Now she’s ‘leaving the dark side’ and going full promo. Gonna love The Valley of the Sun. Well Dunne! Ebonye.

Job Alert – Creative Director, On-Air Promotions Oxygen NYC

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February 3, 2014

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Sometimes, one can find themselves in a familiar spot, but realize they have grown from the time they left until the time they returned. When JIM HART looks back at the adventures he’s had since he left being CSD at Scripps’ KNXV in Phoenix, he’ll have a lot to ponder. Today (Monday) marks his return to the ABC affil as head of marketing, and he has put a lot of mileage on his life’s odometer. He’s been consulting the marketing efforts of one of Scripps’ syndicated shows and launched it. That alone would be enough, but no…Jim went to exploring in Europe where he walked The Camino in Spain. If you don’t know what that is, look it up and you’ll agree it’s an amazing journey on many levels. So glad to see Jim back in the Valley of the Sun and happy. Well Dunne! Mr. Hart.

Remember when watching the Super Bowl was a one-screen event and you had to wait to see not only who won the game but wait to view all the cool adverts in it? Today’s multi-screen world has given a lot of pre-play to the $4 million ads as well as all kinds of buzz. More bang for the buck. In pre-game coverage, it seems that touching the heart spots are back – perhaps one will be akin to the famous Mean Joe Green spot that always lands in the Top Commerials of All Time list.

It’s been a tough week for a lot of you…the gates to the  Rainbow Bridge section of heaven have swung open. Sadly, CHARLIE VAN DYKE, ANDREA LAIGN, and Well Dunne’s MIKE BRATTON have all lost their dogs. Sending all of you condolences. 

Job Alert – Writer Producer WXYZ Detroit

Job Alert – Writer Producer WMAZ Macon GA

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August 15, 2013

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No picture today. Sorry about yesterday’s wonky post…changing hosts and it was just one of the glitches. Working it all out…will be done soon. Thank goodness it’s summer and the livin’ is easy…just hang in there and a better Well Dunne! will emerge in no time at all.

Former KNXV promo pro JIM HART is spending the summer in Europe, and is walking the El Camino in Spain. What an adventure. Man knows how to take a vacation. 

Job Alert – Work with the amazing SHELLY LESLIE at legendary WRAL in the Raleigh market who is looking for a writer producer. I’ll have the official listing tomorrow….computer just won’t cut and paste it. It’s a GREAT opportunity.

Think About This: “An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire existence.”  ~ Honore De Balzac

July 9, 2012

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It’s a promotion, and a super one, for MICHELLE O’CONNOR up Milwaukee way. The hometown lady has been named Design Director at Hearst’s WISN, the ABC affiliate. The talented graphic artist has been an important contributor to the creative efforts ever since she started as an intern..27 years ago. That personifies commitment and an operation that values great talent. Michelle is working with CSD LAUREN RIDGLEY and her GM is former promo pro JAN WADE.  A super size Well Dunne! Michelle.

Moving in the monsoon season is really easier than it sounds, since monsoons in the deserts come and go quickly. Packing and unpacking is LINDA BAYLEY, who’s taking JIM HART’s former slot at Scripps’ ABC affil KNXV in Phoenix and heading up the creative department. She worked for a very long time pre-Hearst at KCRA in Sacto after graduating from University of Nebraska in Kearney. Add time with Magid and at Denver’s KMGH and then her latest CSD post at Gannett in the Cali capital.

Job Alert – Editor (Avid) at Discovery Job ID 6188

Job Alert – Manager of Interactive Design for ABC National TV Sales in NYC. Job 47596BR

Job Alert –  Producer / Editor at WHEC in Rochester. Here’s the deal:

WHEC-TV is seeking a creative leader with bold fresh ideas.  We need you to help guide our team with exceptional creative concepts and unique copy writing skills. Bring your talent and strategic thinking to help build a powerful brand while creating some of the industry’s coolest spots.   The ideal candidate will have a minimum of three years marketing and/or promotion experience.  Proficient in non-linear editing and shooting is a must.  Experience with graphics, visual effects, and Adobe creative programs, is a plus. Rochester, NY has it all and lands on every top ten list for best places to live.  Come find out why. 
Please go to
www.whec.com to see a detailed description of the Creative Services Producer/Editor opening.

Do we love the title:  Leadership Stupidity Has High Costs?  

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September 22, 2011

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 First week on the job is always fun – meeting new people, learning new things, finding out where the bathroom is.  Such is the week for SEAN GUILLORY, who is writing and producing for creative services at Scripp’s ABC affil in Phoenix, KNXV. Sean is at home in the desert, coming to the Valley of the Sun from Las Vegas, where he was doing promo for JIM KOONCE at the ABC affil there, KTNV. Sean’s new boss in Phoenix is CSD JIM HART, who gets a big thanks for keeping us in the loop.  Well Dunne! Sean.

STEVE KOONCE, former promo pro and son of the aforementioned CSD JIM KOONCE of KTNV in Vegas, has a new venture. Check out his company by clicking here.

Job Alert – WDIV in Detroit is still on the hunt for a super creative who writes, produces and generally makes people watch. Respond accordingly.

Think About This “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~ Andy Warhol


June 22, 2011

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When CSD JIM HART at ABC15 in Phoenix called with the news that his Topical Producer GREG HARMON was leaving, there was sadness in his voice. But also Jim knew it was the right time for the creative bird to fly the nest and couldn’t be happier with the news. Greg is finishing up in the Valley of the Sun today so he can start next Monday with CSD MATT LAWS (who is Matt Laws IV…very cool) at KIRO in Seattle. Yes, the Arizona native and his wife are moving to the Pacific Northwest and are looking forward to getting tired of the rain. It will be a new experience. Greg and Mrs. Greg have family up in the NW, so he’s actually catching up with them. He calls Tucson his  hometown. Happy and safe travels, Greg. And when you have a moment between writing and producing spots  in the Emerald City (Seattle’s nickname…Google says so), go check out the original Starbucks and tell us what you think. Well Dunne! Greg.

Jim is looking for a kick-it producer, so consider this a job alert!

All you NYC  PROMAXERS be on the lookout for RAY ECKE, the coolest writer and PR man around. He’s Well Dunne!’s stringer for the conference and will be sharing his insights, sightings and pix with us. Sure you’ll find Ray to be Well Dunne!

Lovin’ Boston’s WCVB’s new local programming, and it is NOT news. Shout out to RUSS NELLIGAN just for the fun of it. 

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March 25, 2011

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Talk about One To Watch…put NOELLE KEARNS on that list. She’s the newest member of JIM HART’S Creative crew at Scripps’ ABC affil KNXV in Phoenix. Noelle began on Monday and is calling The Valley of the Sun home,  leaving behind the still wintry weather on the East Coast. She’s as native to Philadelphia as a cheese steak. Noelle began at WPVI in Philly, working her way up from Intern to part-time Associate Promo Producer. Her teachers on this journey? One uber-talented MIKE MONSELL, VP and Creative Honcho at ABC’s station in the City of Brotherly Love. And the other was effervescent KRISTIE GONZALES, now CSD at ABC in Fresno – but when taking Noelle under her wing, Kristie was crafting promos at WPVI. Noelle has a degree from Temple and I hope she gets as big a kick out of the saguaro cactus as I do!  Big Well Dunne! Noelle.

Demographics are dead. So says CBS Research Guru DAVID POLTRACK, and he’s truly the best research person around. The end of the 18-49 demo.

What a wonderful promotion The History Channel has. Check out the National Civil War Student Challenge. You can play without officially competing since its pretty sure none of you are still in high school. Just how well versed you are in Civil War history?

The Mercury Radio Awards are calling for submissions for their 2011 Awards. If you have radio spots or a campaign, you’ll want to get the info here. Pondering why entry fees for ALL competitions have skyrocked…seriously. Wow.

Yesterday, I made a mistake and need to fix it right now. STEPHEN ARNOLD is how you spell STEPHEN’s name. With a Ph…not a v. He’s already forgiven me and I won’t make that mistake again. So all you in search of great music, you know how to correctly spell his name!

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Well Dunne for Monday, November 16, 2009

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OMG (as the kids say) the coolest promo was on the air in Phoenix this last week. So cool one of the newspapers wrote about it (Click here) and it just has to be shared. The creative services department of Scripps ABC affil KNXV under leadership of JIM HART aired this kick-it spot during, what else, V. Loving it and it cut through the clutter. Wahoo! Well Dunne! all involved.  Trying to post it here… oh Brandon…Brandon!

Are you call letters worthy of keeping as a brand? How about your online branding? Read the B&C article.

Imagine this: training a great staff then letting them do the job. Wow…what a concept. Works for Ritz Carlton. I know it would work for you. Yes, you should pass it along.

Know what Sezmi is? It’s called a Cable Killer.

Hyundai is going to buy 5 Super Bowl spots. That’s a lot of cash. Read about their plans here,

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