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April 2, 2018

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Some birthdays are more memorable than others. This particular birthday for JIM KOONCE is memorable is that he’s alive and well, which was utterly challenged when he was involved in a head-on car crash on the eve of his cake-with-candles day. He walked away in one piece and will no doubt remember this birthday for more than presents and a number. Jim is Promotion and Production Manager at Apple Valley’s KAPP-KVEW in Kennewick, WA. He’s made his mark serving on ABC promo boards as well as heading up creative at KTNV in Las Vegas KGUN in Tucson, KXLY in Spokane, KCPQ in Seattle and KVOS in Bellingham. He even spent time in Alaska as owner and GM of KVOK in Kodiak. Talk about adventure…that might be his middle name. Happy Birthday and Well Dunne! Jim.

In the South, they have this wonderful thing called Easter Monday. It extends Easter one more day and you don’t have to work. Hope you are observing it…Well Dunne! is.

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August 19, 2015

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BOB ST CHARLES is a cool boss, super creative and a patient man. He’s the CSD at Tribune’s WXIN/WTTV combo in Indianapolis. That’s FOX and CBS. He’s been searching for the perfect Promotion Manager for the FOX side, WXIN…and he’s finally found her. AMY PRIBYL starts September 14. She’s coming to Indy from Vegas, where she was Senior Promo Marketing Director at Scripps’ KTNV working with JIM KOONCE. Her Indy job will be the first time she’s worked east of the Mississippi. The University of Montana grad started her TV career at Kansas City’s KSHB before moving to Portland (Oregon of course, not Maine) and doing promo producing at KGW. From there she moved north to KIRO in Seattle where she was Sr. Promo Producer. Her new office will find her sitting across from CBS4 Promo Manager KATIE WARTHAN. A big Well Dunne! to the Indy crew and welcome to Amy.

Job Alert – Marketing Director WVEC Norfolk


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May 28, 2014

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Former promo pro STEVE KOONCE, author of the definitive book on Idaho beer, got married, which means Vegas CSD JIM KOONCE has a new daughter in law. I bet all the folks at KNTV have already gotten to see pix of the happy newlyweds. Well Dunne! Koonces.

How cool is this – you can watch a well directed Peabody Awards special on PIVOT this Sunday at 9E/8C. Hosted by the one and only IRA GLASS, I was lucky to get to preview it and it’s just wonderful. Do it….just do it.

Job Alert – Marketing Manager, Sports Venues NBCU NYC #15927BR

Job Alert  – Marketing Coordinator TVGN Playa Vista 

Job Alert  – VP Creative (On-Air) BET Network  NYC

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May 14, 2014

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ALEX VISHNIAKOFF is not only great behind a mic (give him a listen) but he’s great in front of the camera, too. He just wrapped a part in Untold Mysteries of the ER. Yes, that’s AV next to Dr. Slay in the picture. Well Dunne! 

No doubt you’ve heard about the craziness at WMAR, Scripps’ ABC outlet in Baltimore. Mental illness + a stolen dump truck is a terrible combination. Glad to report the creative folks there under ALEXANDER SHAW are all OK. Well Dunne! Balto law enforcement.

Some people like beer and some people write about beer…which is how one can describe former Promo man (and son of Promo fixture) STEVE KOONCE, son of KTNV’s JIM KOONCE. Steve is the proud author of Idaho Beer: From Grain to Glass in the Gem State.  Isn’t Father’s Day coming up?

Job Alert – VP, Creaive On-Air WE tv NYC

Your driving speed is of more importance to just the cop with a radar gun. Your billboard message changes with your mph… 

Think About This: “Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.”  ~ The Peter Principle

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January 25, 2012

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Even those non-weather-heads amongst us have heard what a tough winter they’ve had so far in Alaska. Snow so deep people get out of their houses via upstairs windows.  Yeah, really. So, with that in mind, it makes perfect sense that KENT KAY would choose this very moment to decamp The Last Frontier and land in the gorgeous Palm Springs desert. Sure, he’s been up at WITI in Milwaukee but its none too warm there.  Let’s hear it for Kent, who is now Creative Services Director of KESQ, KDFX and KSWQ, the ABC, FOX and CW affiliates in Palm Springs. Kent, who grew up in Alaska, hasn’t always been living there. He’s been freelancing as well as having been Executive Producer Client Services and Local Programming at Belo’s CBS affil KHOU in Houston. Shout out to wonderful DALE LOCKETT. Kent has also been a promo producer and commercial producer in Vegas at ABC KTNV in Vegas. Shout out to JIM KOONCE. Kent is an amazing photographer and will no doubt find ways to show off the Palm Springs area that will beg for framing, as well as draw eyeballs to his stations. Well Dunne! Kent.

Everybody recognizes “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” from Lost in Space. Sadly, the voice actor responsible for making this phrase part of America’s pop culture lexicon has died. 85 year old Dick Tufeld passed away in Hollywood Tueday. 


Job Alert! – CSD at WPEC in West Palm Beach.


Job Alert!– new TV channel signing on needs an experienced CSD. Sports Tour in Stamford, CT.

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Thursday September 29, 2011

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 It’s the perfect situation. Getting a great new job, more money and NOT having to shove your stuff into boxes while looking for a new place to live. That’s the situation for Central Florida’s STEVE RIFKIN, who has been promoted by the Hearst folks and is now the Creative Services Director at NBC affiliate WESH in Orlando. Steve has been at the CW there, WKCF, so he’s on top of the market, etc. The upper NY state native is an Indiana State U grad who has worked at Meredith’s WNEM in Michigan and CBS in Knoxville (where he became a Tennessee Vols football fan). Yep, he sounds just thrilled by the new slot and that, as they say, is a very good thing. Well Dunne! Steve.

Heading to Vegas is KEVIN O’NEAL and family. Kevin is the newly named Sr. Writer Producer for CSD JIM KOONCE at  ABC affil KNTV in Las Vegas. He’s making the switch from being CSD at FOX28 (WSJV for those into calls) in South Bend, Indiana. Mr Kevin has also managed the creative efforts of the CBS/FOX duop KMEG/KPTH Sioux City, Iowa and CBS affil KRCG in Columbia, MO.  Yes, he’s never had a job in the lovely Southwest, but he did study at University of Houston, which Texans say is in the Southwest but really isn’t, since their humidity is rather, well, high. Know Kevin will love desert living. He’ll be there about mid-October. Great big Well Dunne! Kevin.

OH RATZ…I made a mistake. You know yesterday when I told you about NICK ALLARD looking for a newscast director for KCCI in Des Moines? Well, it’s a CBS affil. Yep, Columbia Broadcasting System station. Part of the Eye network.  Not affiliated with any other network. So keep saying KCCI is CBS…KCCI is CBS…KCCI is CBS….carry on.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager needed at WNCN in Raleigh. STEVE PATRICK is the man making the choice….

Job Alert – Promotion Manager at WESH. I bet you figured that out by the story on Steve, eh?

Job Alert – Promo Producer needed at FOX Austin, KTBC.

Wish I had thought of this…http://baconery.com/

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September 22, 2011

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 First week on the job is always fun – meeting new people, learning new things, finding out where the bathroom is.  Such is the week for SEAN GUILLORY, who is writing and producing for creative services at Scripp’s ABC affil in Phoenix, KNXV. Sean is at home in the desert, coming to the Valley of the Sun from Las Vegas, where he was doing promo for JIM KOONCE at the ABC affil there, KTNV. Sean’s new boss in Phoenix is CSD JIM HART, who gets a big thanks for keeping us in the loop.  Well Dunne! Sean.

STEVE KOONCE, former promo pro and son of the aforementioned CSD JIM KOONCE of KTNV in Vegas, has a new venture. Check out his company by clicking here.

Job Alert – WDIV in Detroit is still on the hunt for a super creative who writes, produces and generally makes people watch. Respond accordingly.

Think About This “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~ Andy Warhol


June 9, 2011

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Bidding adieu to ABC in the Bay Area is MISSY CRAWFORD.  Her Creative Services Director slot is already listed on the KGO site (Job Alert!) and rumor has it that she’s headed down the peninsula to NBC’s KNTV to do promo. But it’s only a rumor…haven’t been able to hook up with Missy yet. Perhaps a temporary Well Dunne! is best in this case but it’s still sincere and excited…

The gorgeous picture is from Brazil, where Well Dunne! Talent’s DENA YASNER was spending some quality time. This is the view from her balcony, which is very different from her Scottsdale view. She’s now back and ready to give your projects that special sumin’ sumin’.

All you PROMAXers assembled in Vegas. Don’t forget to meet up with KNTV’s JIM KOONCE, who is adding a title to his CSD one…he’s stringing for this very blog. His snaps will be posted when they arrive. Have a blast and good luck in the casinos.

Think About This: “Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.” ~ Langston Hughes

June 6, 2011

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Promo magic. It’s what everybody does, right? True. But out in California, one promo pro really DOES magic. JIM GRAVINA is, by day, the CSD at NBC affil KSEE in Fresno. But by night, he turns into a magician. One that not only does his own card tricks but has a fascinating side business that helps other magicians and their branding. Check out the website
motionmagician.com  Jim and his magic are headed to Vegas for the PROMAX station summit, so keep your eye out for him and enjoy his slight of hand. He’s been perfecting this for 15 years and I would definitely want to sit next to him at the Black Jack tables. Standing out in Vegas takes someone extra special, and Mr. G is it. Click here a preview

Speaking of PROMAX in Vegas, be on the lookout for Sin City’s own JIM KOONCE. He’s the CSD at ABC affil KNTV out there. He’ll be in and out of the gathering plus he’ll be armed with a camera to take pictures for this very blog. Say ‘cheese’ and check back to see what comes through. Well Dunne! ya’ll.

Tomorrow we have news from the Bay Area and upstate NY…don’t miss it.

BONNIE BARCLAY sent along this posting for a Digital Marketing Director at Chyron.  And the best part is you’d have Bonnie herself as a boss. Doesn’t get better than that.
Chyron is looking for a Digital Marketing Director with a strong understanding of the television broadcast industry and can translate that into effective advertising strategies and marketing campaigns.
Responsibilities will include the following:
♣    Create multi-media projects and assets to promote product, brand, web, digital and video.
♣    Ensure strong collaboration with International sales teams, customers and dealers.  
♣    Oversee website and various social media venues.
♣    Responsible for media buying, including radio, outdoor and online creative.
♣    Develop effective process for production, budgeting and financial controls for all projects, building a strong foundation for today’s needs, but able to expand for controlled growth.
♣    Manage internal and external advertising and image assets.
♣    Keep up-to-date on new products, promotional and launch activities, the industry and business environment, and company focus in order to write customer communications materials such as newsletters, brochures, direct mail, web content, press releases and articles that are effective, accurate, and compelling.
♣    Ability to travel both domestic and internationally is required.
Required Knowledge and Experience:
♣    BA/BS degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing or related field.
♣    5-7 years experience in a similar role.
♣    Outstanding creative and innovation skills and an entrepreneurial personality.
♣    Multi Media skills desired including html, CS5, Writing, Producing, Editing and creating concepts in support of marketing goals and objectives.
♣    Successful track record for managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns.
♣    Must be a creative problem-solver with strong organizational skills.  
♣    An experienced and multi-tasking manager/communicator who is skilled in building consensus and creating teamwork.
♣    Must understand company business strategies and the role product marketing and media branding play within that structure.
Desirable Skills
♣    Experience with Chyron in a broadcast atmosphere.
♣    Television Experience or TV Technology experience is a plus.
Why work for Chyron?
In our organization, you will work for the industry leader, in a growing market place with the smartest minds in the business. If you consider yourself a thought leader and want to be a part of the company who is delivering solutions for successful businesses today, we invite you to take the next step in your career and join us in leading the future by applying online today www.chyron.com     
Plus we have an excellent benefits package including:
•    3 weeks vacation (4 weeks after 5 years)
•    12 Company paid holidays including 3 floating holidays
•    10 sick days per year (they don’t expire)
•    Medical/Prescription & Dental coverage
•    Flex Spending (dependent care and health care)
•    Wellness Benefits (including health club membership reimbursement)
•    Life Insurance
•    Long Term Disability
•    AFLAC Cancer, Accident & Sickness Plans
•    401(k) Plan with company match
•    Long Term Incentive Plan (stock options)

Job Alert: Executive Creative Director wanted at Discovery Channel

Job Alert: CSD wanted at Gas Station TV. Interesting way to use talents but not be station-side.

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