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February 17, 2015

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Kalamazoo is one of the best names of a city anywhere…it just rocks. Love Kalamazoo – in the summer. Why mention Kalamazoo, other than in a drinking game sort of way (3 so far…) is that JOE OBAN is taking leave of Kalamazoo (4) and heading to Indianapolis’ WISH TV where he’s producing creative for the LIN Television Media General station. Joe had been at WWMT, the Sinclair CBS in Kalamazoo (5) where he filled all kinds of station needs, which means he worked his way up from the beginning. A grad of Western Michigan U in Kalamazoo (6) he’s interned for several video and film companies. A most enthusiastic Well Dunne! Joe. And for those playing a drinking game…6 should put a smile on your face. Enjoy the day.

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer/Shooter WRTV Indianapolis

The Producer/Creative Services is responsible for writing and producing on-air promotions, proof of performance, and station sponsorship spots. 1. Write and produce Tv, Radio, cable, print, digital and social materials to promote WRTV and HTSN.  2. Write and produce other non-promotion projects such as PSA’s, commercials, sales and station presentation materials. 3. Work to improve station image in the community through on-air and location promotion. 4. Using Final Cut Pro, edit syndicated promos, and other promos as assigned.  5. Perform other duties as assigned by the Creative Service Director and Assistant Creative Service Director.

College degree in communications, journalism, English, Marketing or applicable field with a minimum of 2-4 years of television experience including promoting or producing a local newscast.

Valid Drivers license and proof of insurance.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Must possess fundamental computer skills (Word/Excel) and type well. Must understand basic TV production skills such as scripting, composition, logging, field and studio production and post production.  Must be able to lift objects up to 50 pounds. Please send / attach sample reel (online or DVD) to http://www.scripps.com/careers – Rec # 10024 will take interested parties directly to the application.


Job Alert – Promotions Producer/Editor WANT/WLMT/WJKT Memphis


With the unbelievably horrid weather down east, it seems almost cruel to compliment CBS’ WBZ on the many viewer photos they have posted on their site. The pix of snow, kids, birds, dogs and for some odd reason bar-b-q grills laden with snow really tells the story. 

Think About This: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”  ~ Harry Truman


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