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March 1, 2018

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Thursday is getting a “This and That” treatment today. Just a lot of things happening and no time to talk and verify new jobs landed, like the two at Q13 (FOX in Seattle…that info is for tomorrow). So here’s a few items, a job and something for your heart…

Have you ever heard “the gates are wide open”? In an Irish household, the phrase was used when more than one person passed away in a short amount of time. At the moment, the gates are w-i-d-e  open and St. Peter must have gone high tech to process all the souls. Nexstar in Rochester’s ED CRONY has the greatest family. Send them your best thoughts and comfort…his two daughters and his lovely wife have lost their grandmother and mother. Well Dunne! Talent’s JOEY V’s father passed away earlier in the week on the west coast. And TIM SANDERS of WTWO lost his grandmother Wednesday.

Former Promo Pro MARTY SCHLESINGER, who now is the bicycle king of San Antonio (my title, not his…he’s too cool for that moniker) is on the mend from a health scare. But all is well and his sense of humor is totally mended.

Holy cow…a newly placed head of marketing – one with no TV experience – actually asked her staff what a Topical was. Yep, that sure did happen. OMG. I’ll never tell where.

This weekend, AMANDA FORD of WPTV in Palm Beach is getting married…as is former promo pro LAUREL PORTIE (The List, KTVT)  who ‘s tying the knot in Malibu. Happiness.

Job Alert – Retail / Promotions Producer KCPQ/KZJO/KRCW Seattle

Job Alert – Marketing Director WKYC Cleveland

Think About This:  “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”  ~  Mary Anne Radmacher

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March 12, 2012

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Kent State grad TORIN SCOTT is the new Sr. Marketing Producer at Media General’s NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio. They call it NBC4 and the calls are WCMH.  Torin (which is a fab name) has a solid production background, having done creative magic for such entities as Ohio HD Video, INLine Productions and Cintas. Shout out to CSD JANA BUCKEY for the info. Well Dunne! Torin.

Job Alert – WESH in palm-studded Orlando is in need of a hot Topical producer. Super CSD and Promo Manager is a perk.

Job Alert – Graphic Artist at KOLD Tuscon

Job Alert – commercial Producer at KOLD Tuscon

Job Alert – Marketing Producer at KOLD Tuscon

Job Alert – Creative Director Food Network/Cooking Channel. NYC

Friday was a busy birthday day…Well Dunne! Talent’s JOEY V  blew out candles on his cake.

Think About This:  "… Do not be discouraged because the "means whereby" to bring about the accomplishment of your dreams may not be apparent. In other words, you do not have to know how this will happen. You only have to know that it will happen."  ~ Jack Boland


March 9, 2010

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Who’s the new Director of Communications for all things local in The Big Apple for NBC? None other than DAWN ROWAN, who is already hard at work. She’s taking the place of ANNA CARBONELL, who retired. The Barnard grad has recently been a consultant at the NYC offices of Dallas-based SPM Communications. Well Dunne! Dawn.

Sign of the changing times: American Women in Radio & Television (AWRT) has changed their name to Alliance for Women in Media. First name change since its founding in 1951. AWM, which I assume will be the new moniker, uses education, advocacy and outreach to promote women in all media.

Sing along…Happy birthday to JOEY V from SF, one of Well Dunne! Talent’s great voices. Here’s to a great year!

Think About This: "And how you ask are we to walk the spiritual path? We answer: Say little; love much; give all; judge no-one; aspire to all that is pure and good-and keep on keeping on." ~ White Eagle